Olympics, basketball: United States-France in the final. Ko Donsic’s Slovenia in the semifinals

The Transalpines defeated Lucar Slovenia (triple double) and advanced to the final against Durant and his teammates, having already lost their debut, who had eliminated Australia.

The final of the Olympic basketball tournament will be between the United States and France on Saturday at 4:30 in Italy. The match for bronze, Slovenia-Australia, will be played again in Italy on Saturday at 1 p.m. Here’s how the semifinals went.

USA-Australia 97-78
A diesel. The team took some time to fuel the USA, then detached Australia and earned a place in the final, where everyone expected it. Destroyer Kevin Durant, unveiled with 23 points, is as valuable as ever behind him Jrue Holiday: Pop has asked the new NBA champion overtime since he landed in Tokyo the morning before the opening match and Holiday has always been present. Also good in the second half was Devin Booker, who signed for the tournament’s best game with 20 points, and Drymond Green, the defender. Australia, who were aiming for gold, unexpectedly rediscovered, were disappointed after the first half where they seemed to be able to run Popovic’s side: when the team picked up USA USA, the Boomers did not go straight. They will play for bronze at 1pm Italian time on Saturday and a chance to win their first medal in a major international tournament: it will still be historic.

The match

Australia, more comfortable at the start, were able to put the U.S. defense in trouble and escape 41-26 in the second quarter. The pop team fought from the arc (2/13 in the first half), but were able to find themselves before the break, reaching a gap of 45-42 with 16-4 open runs. Against Spain, another recovery story: Team USA increased the lap in defense, thanks to the great work of the holiday, and Durant continued to rage after 18 points in the first half on the attack. Australia can’t stand the impact: they score just 10 points in the third quarter, when Team USA dominated and closed at 74-55, converting in the last 10 ‘waste time.

America:Durant 23, Booker 20, Holiday 11, Middleton 11.

Australia:Mills 15, Exam 14, Landel 11

Luka Donsick made history: the third player to win an Olympic triple double, such as Belv in 1976 and LeBron James in 2012. It was not enough. The U.S. team will have to challenge France for the gold, who will win at the last second, a block from Nick Batum that will keep Slovenia from returning. This is the incredible conclusion of a spectacular semi-final, when something very big is at stake and, above all, is illuminated by the champion Lucerne games. He has 16 points, 10 rebounds and 18 assists. Slovenia have reaffirmed that they are not just Donetsk: Tobei (23 points and 7 rebounds) were great in the battle under the basket, Blazic, Cancar and Prepelic all finished in double figures. Going to play for gold was not enough. France brought in the experience of Nando de Colo (25 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists), Evan Fournier’s Scratch (23 points), and Rudy Gobert’s body (16 rebounds). He will play for gold, he lost in the first match of the Olympics against that team. And it promises war.

The match

Slovenia started strong, Donsik pulled 25-17, but France closed the hole before the first-quarter siren and equalized with first-half X-Factor Timothy Luwau-Cabarot with 10 points early in the second. The match became a spectacular front and back: Slovenia finished 44-42 ahead of 20, but took control of the match 12-3, driven by France de Colo (12 points in the third quarter) and then extended to 2 ‘from the third siren. 69-59 with Heurtel at 25. The last quarter began with France leading 71-65: Luca churning magic in the form of assists and Slovenia, in the middle of a run, caught the equalizer at 78. The final is a great one in front and back, illuminated by Donnique’s help and attack by Fornier. Luwau-Cabarrot makes 90-85 from three, including 56 “on the clock, but Slovenia holds 4 points in a row and returns to contact with 33” for the game. Donsick catches his 10th rebound to start a counter attack, but Batum blocks Prepelic’s effort. And France goes to the final.

France: De Colo 25, Fournier 23, Luwawu-Cabarrot 15

Slovenia: Tobey 23, Prepelic 17, Doncic 16

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