Pets: Their presence is good for health

To keep A pet at home It could be one DogsA Cats Or even a RabbitsSeveral seem to be involved Benefits for human health, Paying attention to them and treating them as family members affects the mental and physical well-being of adults and children.

The resulting benefits From living with a Pets These are not limited to mere appearances, but have been translated into more concrete and measurable aspects. To communicate With a four-legged friend It raises the level of oxytocin in the blood, strengthens the immune system and makes children more responsible and more communicative.

Pets and oxytocin

Known as the “love hormone”Oxytocin It lowers blood pressure and heart rate, reduces the tendency to aggressive behavior, feelings of fear and depression. This hormone affects Mental well-being, Promoting calm and improving our relationships with others and the environment. In addition, oxytocin affects pain tolerance, improves it and regulates cortisol levels, also known as “stress hormones”.

The effects of cats and dogs on children

Even the youngest members of the family benefit from this coexistence. Constant interaction with a pet means that the child must learn to relate to it properly, to develop a protective and respectful attitude towards other animals. Even childhood communication skills are improved by interacting with a pet. In order to express himself through his new friend, the child is encouraged to express himself through words and gestures.

Dogs and cats improve immunity

Contrary to some old beliefs, spending childhood with a petStrengthens the immune system. Antibodies are responsible Both in the fight against the common germs of infectious diseases and in the response to substances commonly associated with allergies. In this case, the risk of developing asthma is reduced.

What are the benefits of having a dog at home?

Pets choice Of course this is an aspect that should be carefully evaluated, these puppies have to adapt to certain factors, such as the availability of space, the time to be able to dedicate to the new occupant of the house and the large number of families. An equally important issue is the level of concern for empathy.

Although all species of animals in the home provide additional value to their owners’ lives, they are often the first Like Dogs. Without a doubt, the dog breed stands apart for the special connection it manages to establish with humans.An integral part of friendship and loyalty, Each species will then have its own unique nature and the destination can be chosen according to the family context.

What is involved in keeping pets at home?

A huge mistake, and still frequent, The adoption of a pet that consists in devaluing the pledge Being a living creature, even four-legged friends have very specific needs that must be respected and reassured.

In this regard, r Ethics Committee Amberto Veronica Foundation Explained in detail Declog of responsibility for protection of pets by owners or keepers. This document contains some points, which can be summarized as follows: Ensure the necessary nutrition and space for the animal; Do not abandon it for any reason; Choose to adopt abandoned animals; Adequately inform the animal about its requirements before adoption and if so, a Find out about sick animals, their needs and related burdens. In the care of sick animals, Pay special attention to his mental and physical well-being in the short and long termAs well as the healthy condition of the surrounding environment.

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