So a cat comes out of its cage to comfort the frightened dog in the hospital

Ginger biscuits were in a manhole after a big storm, completely wet and in trouble. Fortunately this 8-10 week old cat was found and taken to Greenside Animal Hospital where he was initially kept in solitary confinement to see if he had any health problems.

“Ginger is shy but very affectionate and prefers attention. Once she overcomes the initial fear of contacting our team that cares for her,” said Dr. Jubert Viljoin, owner of Greenside Animals, and Dr. Suzette Grube, of The Dodo. He was a little wary of the people until they entered the isolation ward, so he was happy to come out of his shell and communicate. ‘

Luckily for Ginger, Ann had an isolation ward of her own until she showed up. This little dog lived a misguided life and hid in a bush at a sports club. It was covered with fleas and ticks and was very weak. A coach from the club took him to the hospital and everyone immediately noticed that he was very ill. So he has also been kept in the isolation ward.

Usually, dogs and cats are kept in separate places at Greenside Animal Hospital, but the isolation ward is a special case. Ann and Ginger were all over the cage room. There was no way to communicate with them, or so the staff thought. Apparently, though, Ginger had other plans.

One day, the staff walked into the isolation ward and they had a big surprise: Ginger was not in her cage, in fact, she was trapped in Ann’s cage.

“We have underestimated the ability of the kitten to sway through the door where it was kept,” said Willzone and Greub. Since the dog is so weak, we never considered it a risk for kittens, but when we saw them together for the first time, we were worried because some dogs do not respond well to cats and vice versa.

But those fears quickly faded when they saw how kind Ann Ginger was and how much they loved each other. The couple seemed to calm each other down, and although the staff tried to separate them again, it didn’t work. Ann and Ginger decided they would all be together, and that’s what happened.

Now, Ann and Ginger share a full-time cage and can’t be happier. Ann was very weak when she first came to the hospital, but having Ginger by her side seemed to help her recover and give her strength. It gives her something to focus on and care for, and it gives the cat a sense of calm and security that it has never had before.

Mother cat looking a little confused puppy dog

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