“Turin dreams of four Italians competing”

Television coverage in 133 countries around the world, including 6145 hours of live broadcasts to reach a total audience of 109 million and 700 thousand people. A level of satisfaction that fluctuates between 90% of the general public and 98% of corporate hospitality. And an economic impact has been generated in the region of 102 million and 600 thousand euros, of which about 25 million are responsible for high tax revenues. A few numbers related to the version of ATP Final 2021 pitted by Federal President Angelo. Free At a press conference held today in Palazzo Madame Turin between the 2021 and 2022 editions scheduled for 13 to 20 November. For the second Turin edition, Italy is hoping to keep Matteo in the final Beretini And Janik Sinner Single (No. 8 and 14 of the race at the moment) and couple Bolelli / Fagnini Double (n.3 of the race at the moment). The speakers were, in addition to the number one in Italian tennis – connected from afar – also Dr. Fabrizio WestIntesa Sanpaolo, Domenico’s director of communications and marketing CartSports Councilor of the Municipality of Turin, and Fabrizio RichCouncilor for Sports in the Piedmont Region.

The conference opened with a video message from Valentina Vezali, Under Secretary for Sports: “The government, along with FIT, is committed to hosting an event that will revitalize Turin and Italy by 2025. – His words -. We want to take maximum advantage of this tournament. In last year’s edition, despite the epidemic, the numbers were excellent in terms of population flow, economic impact and jobs. The ATP finals focused on environmental sustainability, which we would like to follow with PNRR’s resources on sports facilities. It will be an opportunity to ensure that the sport has the ability to combine sacrifice and emotion and that it can be a messenger of peace and solidarity, despite a difficult time for Europe, despite the war theater being born to ensure non-war. Like last year’s edition, 2022 will be a success and will give the sport a chance to celebrate in its greatest expression. “

Then free time. “I apologize for not appearing in person, but the epidemic affecting the 2021 edition is not over. I was so arrogant that I thought you heard it from my voice. – President Fitt said. Turin must be established as one of the world’s tennis capitals. Here we have to write important pages in the history of sports. The first is what we are talking about today, we have written together with the government and local authorities, with partners like the Nitto and Intesa Sanpaolo Group. This is a page that has given us great satisfaction, we plan the next version starting from a solid foundation that speaks of excellent results. For the future – explains without hesitation – We’re sure the first edition has a good margin for improvement beyond the flattering number. This also applies to the most important laws of the sport and the organization of events. We must always strive to grow and improve. We want the next edition, the Nitto ATP Final 2022, to be even better, and we think that the end of the limitations caused by the epidemic will be more stimulating to guarantee a better experience to the public. We would like to use our tour operator Gattinoni to try to attract new visitors, especially from abroad, to further develop the economic influence in the region. We will do this with the local authorities, who I thank again for the support they have given us and for which they will continue. “

The federal president then spoke at the moment of the best Italian tennis players, Beretini and Sinar, who were aiming to qualify for the next ATP final: “We finished the first part of the season on a fast surface from Australia to America. Our boys have made it to the quarterfinals of the Australian Open and the semifinals of the Beretini at the Australian Open, a result never achieved before. Then they lack health. In the following weeks, first Beretini, then Sinar, then Beretini had problems again. Over time we also established ourselves as a federation in the field of medical aid, we were the first and probably the only federation that the late Professor Para created a structure capable of supporting our best players around the world. Now we need more than a doctor, a chaplain who can bless … Seriously, now the mud has started, where we have high hopes, in Madrid’s Montecarlo and obviously the Internazionale D’Italia, which is recording success in terms of ticket requests, even 2019 More than that though it is still not possible to sell because we have to wait for the relevant provisions “.

There was a video message from ATP President Andrea Goudenzi congratulating the media on closing the appointment: “The balance of the first version is that it was very good, it was a very successful version. The team of the organization, along with all those who have contributed, has worked perfectly despite the cowardice, which until a few weeks ago had created uncertainty and the complexity of the London comparison. However, we have received positive feedback from players, staff and families, but also from sponsors and fans. Both had positive experiences with site events and television productions. However, we are working for the future to keep this event growing, ready to receive constructive criticism. We hope the stadium will be full by 2022 and we hope the Italians will participate. Berrettini and Sinner currently have two Italians in race 8 and 14, cross fingers. Thanks also to the media for contributing to a fair resonance of this event: this is a beautiful Italian story and a source of pride for our country. “

Tickets for the 2022 ATP Finals are on sale to the public from 18 February. Prices range from 38 euros to 449 euros per partner for the final on Sunday 20 November. Season ticket prices range from 10 910 to 35 2335 per party. FIT 2022 members can take advantage of a 10% limited discount on one ticket for each session and a 5% limited discount rate on a single subscription.

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