Basketball, Luca Cesana in history: The first Italian to triple 13 in a match

An unforgettable Sunday for Luca Cesana AndAsigiko Piasenza. In the East Group A2 Basketball Championship match in Palabanka, the Emilian team buried the back at 117-79. Arginuovi, The highest scorer in the association’s history at A2, and the captain of the red and white team finished the match with a beauty of 46 points, scoring 13 triples out of 20 attempts (three double throws and one free addition): for him, Not only the best score, but also the absolute record equal to the 3-point basketball of the first two national championships. Equivalent to the record of a 24-year-old play-guard Mike McGeeWho was the author of a single feat with Desior’s jersey on November 19, 1989 (in a larger number of attempts: 30) at the Neutrorbert’s Firenze-Erg Desio, a Serie A 1 match that ended 127-124 after two extra time periods.

The first Italian basketball player to score 13 triple

Cesana’s exploits are historic because he did better than the champions who marked the era of Italian basketball. Oscar Schmidt, Standing among the best several times but stopped at 12 triple with his best performance. The Piacenza player is therefore proud to be the first Italian to win 13 triple signing titles. It is also a new record for the Serie A2 Championship in the LNP era (starting the 2013/14 season). Piasenza., Jazmar Ferguson (January 12, 2020), both with 12 heavy baskets to score. Cesana’s performance, scoring 46 points, also represents an Italian player’s point record in Serie A2, always in the LNP era, a new seasonal record, and fourth place in tournament history. Record of the second national championship, but the perfect record of our top tournament remains on January 26, 1995 Carlton Myers 87 points team system Rimini-Libertas Udine 147-99 (then Serie A2).

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“Nice, but the goal is playoffs.”

“After a lot of triplets in a row in the first two quarters, it’s a hard feeling to describe, a feeling of great joy and extreme confidence – Cessana’s hot comment – a feeling of utmost security, really I hope to try it again as much as possible. This is also for him. Recordman? Great, I thank the club, my teammates, for helping them a lot, my coach, but now nothing has changed, our goal is team-off and this is what we need to focus on You have to think about the match. “

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By Fabrizio Lorenzi

I grew up in Cantu, with the youth team in blue

Born in Erbat on July 17, 1997, Cessana (196 cm by 90 kg) grew up in a nursery. Cantu basketball, Made his Serie A debut in the 2013-2014 season (appearing against Montenegro on 27 April 2014). The following year he played in Serie C with the satellite team ABC Cantu, playing 16 games with an average of 10.4 points, then in the 2015-16 season, at the age of 18, he entered the first team permanently. Which he also debuted in the FIBA ​​Europe Cup 2015-2016. He took the loan in August 2016, the Italian 2016 champion with the Cantu basketball under-20 team. Blue Basket 1971 Treviglio (Serie A2), where it has also been confirmed for the next championship, before the sale, at the end of December 2017,Eurobasket Rome. So under the two seasons a Casale Monferrato And landing in 2020 Piasenza.

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Cesana also defended the blue color in national youth teams starting in 2013, when he finished 4th in the European division. The following year he played the World Cup in Dubai with the Under-17 national team, where he recorded 7 appearances at an average of 3 points in 10.9 minutes, then in 2015 he competed in the Under-18 European Championships and finished with 9.4 points. And 5 rebounds (Italian top scorer and rebounder) in 25.8 minutes per game.

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