Critics Controversy Over Bucha Genocide, Veterinary and Debanker Giulia Corsini Bodies

Bodies found in Ukraine’s Bouche continue to be widely discussed after the Russian military occupation, raising suspicions that could suggest a conspiracy to blame Vladimir Putin’s administration for non-existent war crimes. We have provided a review of the most popular thesis here. Among the most prominent critics we find journalist Tony Capujo. Many, for example, improvise pathologists, theorizing – based solely on images – that there is something wrong with the bodies that are seen: if you see blood, it is fake; It would be weird if you didn’t see it. There is a risk of running into the paradox of the confused conspirator (a classic we also see in 9/11 conspiracy theories) who forgets to leave marks or fails to ask them. Veterinarian and Debunker Giulia Corsini responded to the critics by showing her daily experience.

The story of the injured cat

The basic thesis is that humans or animals always leave visible traces of blood on gunshot wounds. Corsini gives an example from his work experience: X-rays of a cat with gunshot wounds. “We’re talking about gunshot wounds and corpses,” Corsini introduces in his post, “Since I see these conditions, I’ve studied and studied for my profession as a veterinarian. Let’s start with firearms: it’s not true. The opposite is true of an infected person or animal that always sheds a pool of blood. This cat was biting its lip on a clinic visit, there were obvious injuries and a fracture, but no blood. Honestly, the blood count was not even anemic. “

Giulia Corsini | Cats shot.

“I discovered that it was only a gunshot wound from an X-ray,” Corsini concluded with the example, “especially from a very white, radiopack material that can be seen on both limbs and abdomen (because the cat was licking itself). The cat is alive and well, a 6 with lower limbs.

Booker’s corpse will not rot enough?

Other issues of concern are how the corpses decompose There are several theories about this. For example, Capujo considers that after three weeks the Booker corpses will not be in a state of preservation as we see, although it would be more reasonable to consider them dead for at least two days, which would support the produced genocide thesis or the Ukrainians themselves imitated. Here is Corsini’s opinion:

We are talking about corpses and thanatological changes. Capujo claimed to know the bodies three weeks later, but some doubts arose. The first abiotic phenomenon is when the corpse cools down – the carcinoma continues – the temperature drops within half a day. At the same time, rigid mortise is performed and is completed within 1-2 days.

Let’s get to the point, i.e. the phenomenon of scattering. These are the most important cadaveric transformation processes and occur because intestinal (as well as external) bacteria enter the body. The first thing you notice is a green spot on the abdomen which then spreads to the rest of the body. This process is highly dependent on various environmental factors such as temperature, humidity and ventilation. It is said that “one hour of summer equals one day of winter”, the temperature in Ukraine at that time varied between -5 to -0 degrees Celsius and more recently 5-15 degrees Celsius, moreover the climate was generally dry and windy. .

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