Matia Sartori Criticism of Myopia, ridiculed for dog intervention

In the picture: David Sally has killed the remains of his dog and one of the two in the garden

Targeted, criticized, ridiculed and ridiculed for deciding to speak publicly at City Council to show intimacy with a colleague Two geese, killed by two dogs Entered his property. She Matia SartoriA former “sardine” and today the director of the Democratic Party in the municipality of Bologna, and the colleague with whom he wished to show solidarity. David SallyGreen councilor and animal rights activist.

To talk about what happened to Sally, to show her closeness, and to persuade her to reflect on what happened, Sartori went to the floor during Bologna’s last city council: “Two animals. They were part of the familyFor those of you who don’t have pets like me, it’s hard to understand the day-to-day relationship between a person and a dog, for example, let alone between a man and a two-geez – Sartori said passionately – but I can see that David To see what made the house, to understand the stability of those who started the day by opening a gate for more than a decade and closed it again.

“Molosars need constant attention, experience and human presence.”

Sartorius therefore sought to shift the focus to the points made by Sally, referring to a point in the Italian animal rights scene over the years: two “molasses – pit bulls, clearing Sally – all escaped the possibility of killing two geez during the attack or Abandoned “.

At Kodami we want to underline that pitbulls are not “just” molasses, but their “type” is bull-type terrier. This may seem like a useless explanation to those who read the history of the species and do not know, but instead of understanding these dogs it is important to know the direction of their terrier that was chosen to breed to emphasize the predators. Inspiration pit bull is the result of intermarriage Molasses and terriers And discovering its purpose And its history, If you decide to adopt one, you must know it perfectly. The combination of strength, power, passion, tenderness and stubbornness makes Pitbull Huge potential dog: It can be a faithful life partner, as long as you have the awareness and strength to be able to cope with life together with this loving gladiator.

The fault lies not with the dog but with the owner, Which does not respect a responsibility that it has voluntarily decided to take on, and / or breeders who keep breeding an unequal amount of molasses species in the wild or on the market, which requires endless attention, experience and human presence. I hope Sally herself, as soon as she finds peace and emotion, will show us a way so that the devaluation of dog management does not increasingly harm animals, children or adults. Or when things go well, al The kennels are too crowded And the structure of the municipality “.

The surgery went on Less than three minutesBut that was enough to free the opposition: Sartori was there immediately Target For the content of his speech, Insulted and illegitimate Talking about such an issue in the City Council, to be considered by many Inappropriate or ridiculous. And it makes little sense that Sally Sartori and all the other colleagues who publicly expressed their closeness to her: the “keyboard lion” Democratic Party councilor was smashed.

Goose kills by David Sally

Davide Celli has two geese Died March 31stThe family home garden was attacked by two dogs who had already tried to attack them the day before: “Manjuno, San Rocco, Two wild dogs They entered my house while I was attending a group leaders’ meeting from a distance – Sally said – they started arguing with my dog. I thought my wife might have said goodbye to them. Wild boar dogs often get up here and I never get worried, because they are never too aggressive. In reality, a real fight took place, two dogs ran over a goose and if they wanted to take it, my wife was able to resist it. The goose is in the infirmary. There are two molluscs, one injured by a sting from a hedgehog attached to the leg. And it’s not good. They are not dangerous to humans, They did not show any aggressive attitude towards my wife. If you live in an area, keep animals at home.

The next day the dogs came back, and this time two goose, One 14-year-old and one 4-year-old were killed. An excruciating pain for Sally who recalled the deep connection between her and the two birds: “Rest in peace, my old lady, your eggs hatched before my enchanted eyes, and my father’s eggs by the side of the incubator at that moment. – She is one of the biggest geese. Posted a picture and wrote – My little boy, do you remember him? How many years have we accompanied him to the bus stop? Whether it was raining or snowing, the three of us would go to a single file together, at first you didn’t have white feathers and you looked like a yellow duvet to dust off the TV. I hope you will forgive me for not arriving on time to protect me. I’ve done it, for 14 years, this time, no. Hello forever my inseparable friendSee you there again, and wish my father all the best. “

Sally then promises to communicate Mayor Matia Lepur To submit a specific proposal for imposition Adequate training and control For those who like to welcome a particular breed of dog: “It doesn’t stop with certain characters who don’t know how to handle their dogs and, as if that weren’t enough, they choose the hardest breeds to handle, but I like to breed them. Not to mention the subject, but the head of those who think they are involved with the breed – the underline sally – the test should be taken by the dog owner, not the dog. The problem, just to understand, is not: The problem is that if you take a dog, a pet bull or something like that, you must stay with the dog and you don’t have to close it in the enclosure. It can be long or hard as long as you want that enclosure, but when The dog escaped. The problem is not locking, but locking.

“It simply came to our notice then Black money round All that revolves around home breeders who have found America in Italy – Sally continues – and I generally write and not mention what happened. I don’t care if that criticism comes. I shoot straight. Then, it’s true, the last word is Mayor Matteo Lepur. Do you like Pitbull? You do a course, otherwise you pay a tourist tax which is used to cover the losses and costs that the municipality has to bear when bringing the pit bull to the canal. And I, Pete, own one and I must take the course. ‘

Solidarity with Selvaggia Lucarelli and Sartori

Intervened in the last few hours to protect Sartori Wild LucarelliWho recalled that “David’s giz was eaten by a dog, who knows, he wrote some sad posts, one of the two had been part of the family for 14 years. “Molossars need endless attention, experience and, above all, human presence,” said a keynote speaker – adding that months ago a 20-year-old girl died in an attack by an invisible dog in Catanzaro, and every year people and pets are attacked by dogs and Free to kill 7.

“We have been posting pictures of Ukrainians who have stopped carrying suitcases for over a month They run away with their dogs, cats, rabbits and then we make fun of Santori And the sensitivity to pets – continued Lucarelli – let me understand: a child who comes to Romania with a cat has a meaning and Is a councilor weeping over the death of his favorite giz thing to push himself? Make up your own mind, huh. Either animals are part of our lives or they are good accessories for Instagram. I’m with Santori and I hug David Sally. It’s not always the day to be capricious. “

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