Milan is a home for cats looking for adoption

A house dedicated to cats in Milan is looking for a new family. And it’s a way to help poor cats after being abandoned.

  • Milan has a special home for cats waiting for a new family.
  • Oipa has opened it and its volunteers work there.
  • A way to relieve the pain of those who have lost or abandoned a family.

A home of their own. Images and metaphors of a cat have been conceived, including techniques and details that can make a cat’s life easier to adopt. TheOipaInternational Organization for the Protection of Animals – With an apartment that welcomes cats waiting to find a home without a human mate and love forever.

Oipa volunteers take care of cats inside the structure © Oipa

A house for cats only

The house for cats was born thanks to the love gestures of a supporterOipa Which he has donated to the department Milan and Manja / Brianja An apartment now run by volunteers who have decided to spend most of their time helping the most unfortunate cats. Here the orphans of abandoned cats or their mutual companions find a special place that feels at home, waiting to find a family of their own.

“After the necessary veterinary care, we welcome cats that have been abandoned, perhaps already from a family background, or puppies that, otherwise, have to live in cages in a cold and miserable caterpillar.” There are no cages or any restrictions, as the environment is envisioned as a hospitable and welcoming place where you can safely transit while waiting to move to new destinations and new families “, he explained. Francesca KolodoroRepresentative ofMilan and Manja / Bryanjar Oipa.

Indoor cat house 2
Playground is important for domestic cats © Oipa

Cat habitat is formed Six large rooms. Each of these is available to cats, where everything a cat desires is: freshness, games, rest, the possibility of isolating or mating. The windows are large and bright and enjoy a beautiful view of the surrounding green.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the house gives the new four-legged guest a chance to stay Quiet environmentWhere even felines with very difficult stories can find purity. Thanks to a group of volunteers who, with great dedication, all young guests are guaranteed daily attention. The highest good To adopted kittens

Domestic right oipa cat
The cat house has a special place for guest kittens © Oipa

A way to ensure affection

Furniture and equipment for the cat house have been recovered or donated by Oiper’s friends and supporters. A different way of loving animals and finally dedicating time and effective care to them and not just in words. There Three basic points The cat that tries to run the house successfully and that has become fundamental to creating this cat-friendly shelter:

  • Hospitality. For every cat at the entrance, the hiding places are designed to allow shelter and come out in the open only when it feels interested and safe to do so;
  • Patrol. The spaces are set up in such a way that there are refreshments with food and a fountain for water, scratching posts and shelves where you can climb and explore the place better from above. Your instincts are felines, litter boxes, the most intimate and comfortable place and, finally, kennels and baskets in every corner of the house where you can get a good night’s sleep after the fatigue of playing;
  • Feel at home. No words or threats: the environment is calm and serene, the cat can stretch and finally feel in a safe environment, away from danger and lovingly caring, respectful, dear.

For Cat house support And Adopt a cat Once hosted on the structure you can communicate directly Francesca KolodoroOipa Milan and Monza / Brianza representatives, Telephone 346 7032533.

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