Noel Gallagher said that Harry Style is not a real musician

Oasis and Blair used to argue with each other, but now members of their respective iconic bands from the 90’s Brittop are fighting …
The “Swiftgate” that exploded after Damon Alburn, Blair Frontman, boldly said that Taylor Swift would not write his song, and after Liam Gallagher said that U2 should not even call himself a rock band, now the other brother of the former Oasis: Noel Gallagher.

Musician Harry Stiles was hit. “Of course he doesn’t sit down and write on the guitar,” said Noel Gallagher sarcastically. Daily Star. “The X Factor has nothing to do with music.”

Not just against style, but against anyone throwing the most famous musical talent show on the small screen from the television springboard in general. Even in this case Noel has made a baseless and false accusation like his colleague and former arch-enemy (as a member of the contest) Damon Alburn.

The latter said that Taylor Swift did not write her song and later its reporter Los Angeles Times The person who was interviewing him indicated that instead of writing them, he reintroduced them as follows: “It doesn’t matter. I know what it means to be a co-writer.” Writes. This does not mean that the results can be equally good. I mean, Ella Fitzgerald didn’t write a song in her life. “

Similarly now Noel Gallagher has spoken the same nonsense about Harry Styles, who is also the co-author of all his songs. The British pop star, a former member of Boy Band One Direction, has co-signed all the songs released since his solo debut in 2017, as well as songs from the second album. Nice line. New album expected next May, Harry’s house (Of which the first single is already available, As it were) And we bet that Harry Styles will be the author of this new recording effort, if not the author, at least co-author of each track in the tracklist …

Speaking of Noel Gallagher


Liam Gallagher: “U2 pretends to be rock, but they don’t”

“Don’t try to tell me Harry Styles is sitting somewhere writing a song. Lucky for him he will be surrounded by many girls.” This is the exact word spoken during a recent interview with Noel Gallagher Daily Star. E.g. j ‘complaint dell’ex Oasis targets the former One Direction and those who took part in it X factor, which Gallagher says “has nothing to do with music”.
X factor It’s a TV show, it has nothing to do with music, and so those who come out of it, “he added.” I can assure you that Harry Style doesn’t have an acoustic guitar, he’s not trying to write a bridge or a variation for a part. “

Noel Gallagher vs. Harry Style: This is not the first time


Noel Gallagher, ‘Trying to Find a World That’s Gone: Part 1’

Since his brother Liam has attacked U2 several times, Noel is known for his proverbial “mood” (a family thing, which sometimes doesn’t seem to be a mistake: they’re always a bit against everything and everyone is a basic ingredient in rock star recipes.) , Calling Liam “the last great rock star in music”).

We did not see such a match for the first time. This already happened in 2017, when the former oasis condemned her for writing cats Times sign (A song by Stiles) “About ten minutes”.
“People my age have given up, they’re fat bald fools with faded tattoos,” he said at the time. Absolute radio. “They’re sitting in their garage writing me ** how Times sign For Harry style. Honestly, my cat would write it down in ten minutes. I don’t remember the piece, my wife was obsessed and told me it reminded her of the prince. I replied: Even without listening to him, I assure you that he is not like the prince “The heavy words that not only insult the song but also imply that Harry Styles does not take part in the creative process behind a piece of music ৷ an unreasonable insult.

Damon Alburn was forced to do a shameless job My mistake After the Swift case, perhaps not because he really changed his mind, but because of some media pylori that caught him after these words: The artist probably doesn’t know the huge force of the army that marches on the net every day, the so-called “Swift”, Taylor. Swift’s trustworthy …

Who knows, even now using the same tactics as “Stylist” and “Swift”, Noel will overwhelm Gallagher with insults and comments. If so, Noel will have to use his cat prodigy, replying to every tweet within ten minutes …

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