Ukrainian refugees in Milan, design couple Borioli-Safronova-Korea through the village of Negrotto

Of Elizabeth Andres

The reception center is hosted by about twenty women fleeing the bombed-out town of Negroto between Villapizon and Bovisa. Tomaso Borioli (Superstudio) launches project with his Russian-born girlfriend Nadia Safronova: Wave of Help

A child is running around the yard with a wide-brimmed hat and a toy gun hanging around his neck. He pretends to be a cowboy and gestures to shoot, but his mother sees him and takes him in her arms. Then hug him. The gun ends up in the trash can. And not a light gesture, in the context of a village that tries and has to be cheerful About 20 women fleeing the attacked cities have been welcomed. They are mostly mothers of children but there are also two teenagers who are close friends and run away together. More women will come in the next few days. What you see today through Negroto between Villapizone and Bovisa is a miracle.

Solidarity initiative

Soon history will tell. Tomaso Borioli’s family a month ago, Which owns Superstudio Event Spaces through Tortona and Moncucco, purchased warehouses and adjoining buildings in the former industrial area through Negroto for office use and as a cultural site. They were huge, cold, empty houses, unused for many years. Tomaso’s girlfriend Nadia Safronova, of Russian descent, reads the news of the war., He did not feel it being indifferent. The young couple rolled up their sleeves and set up in that building in record time A reception center for thirty Ukrainian families so that anyone would like to take part in this effort. Within ten days they make it a habitable place, and then with the help of Tomasor’s aunt, Gisela, they begin to appeal to the city: they need beds, blankets, wardrobes, sheets, washing machines, chairs, tables, utensils. All this has come and gone, An incredible wave of help: sofas, toys, even a pin pong table.

Children from Ukraine

In the newly opened village, the little ones all play together in the yard and the mothers trust each other. When can we go home? Minefield with us, will the children risk their lives?, Desperate Olga, 46, who ran a home for the elderly and fled the horrors of Irpin with her 14-year-old son when the 29-year-old eldest daughter stayed in Kiev not to leave her husband. From February 24 to March 5 they were stationed in a corridor of the house, between two load-bearing walls, without the bombs approaching and rushing into the bunker. Hannah, 37, teacher, survived two wars. She fled Donetsk with her two young children in 2014, then moved to Kiev and found a new life for herself: at that time I left my dog ​​and my cat and I do not forgive her. This time, with my 9 and 11 year old kids, we brought the animals with us, he says.

The story of the refugees

Natalia and her sister Christina, 29, are sorry: the first bomb dropped the day she was supposed to be baptized, they say, looking at the three-month-old baby. They have breakfast next to Anastasia and Caterina, 19, with a runny nose and a smile that often pops up, friends since they went to middle school. One studies to be a teacher, the other to be a nurse, with her military husband, up front. They come from a city in the east and have relatives in Russia But they didn’t have the slightest uncertainty about which direction to take: I need insulin and they don’t in Russia either, we have to return to Europe naturally and not from there, they say.

Information from the front in the telegram

The two girls read the news in the Telegram (we only want direct sources, so we let ourselves know) and appeal to all of their adaptive attitudes: We follow the school’s online lessons, we shoot at Duomo, We start to study and learn Italian – they look at each other -. If we are able to run a project for ourselves and for our community, then perhaps this volatile life test will come in handy.

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