What happens if you throw a cat in zero gravity? They did, the result here

If you are reading this right now, you owe it to science. Whether it is beautiful or not, it is of little importance, the fact is that you are probably reading these lines from a small monitor which in turn gives you a web page explaining by byte. It is undeniable that we discover only through experimentation, through evolution we evolve. While the example is not accurate to us, I hope the meaning is clear.

A question that may seem useless can hide the answer that you did not know you were looking for and you cannot do without it.

A similar question might be: What would happen if you threw a cat under zero gravity?

The question of cats always falling on their feet is very interesting. It can fall from different heights, even from small, yet it can always turn in the air, stopping in the perfect position to stand, cushioning the fall with pads under the feet. How did he do it? Does he know how to do it at some point or is there something that can stop him?

What happens if you throw a cat in zero gravity?  They did, the result here
This is how a cat falls into zero gravity

It is known that it probably has a balance system similar to ours based on the ear. He is able to fully understand his position in the space around him, correcting any momentary inactivity, such as finding himself falling on his back.

In the video below, taken from the channel Smart every dayTo be able to fall straight, you can see the cat performing that movement. It seems that it basically divides the body into two parts, it divides diagonally at the height of the torso. You notice how the forelegs immediately point toward the final position when the hind legs are correcting the “curve” at the very moment when the cat stops in a perfectly upright position. How they calculated the distance is still a mystery.

Now, taking into account that cats are very funny, Some wondered what would happen if these were introduced in the absence of gravity. This may seem like an avoidable experiment, like watching the cats freeze their brains after eating ice cream, or remembering an event where cats stopped working, but the high-altitude experiment was effective. Interesting 6

Experiments in space or zero gravity are part of a very interesting branch of science, Biological astronomy.

In fact, the first living creature (from Earth) was an animal that went into space. The reason they traveled beyond the atmosphere was to measure whether they survived a journey so that it would be better understood before sending a man into space.

In a role-fitting aircraft, a team of researchers took animals (cats and birds) into orbit to find out how they reacted to zero gravity. Here’s what happened: Trying to do that, the cats do not turn around completely. If you go back to the previous video, you will see how the twisting technique starts with a kind of tail wagging. Cats with zero gravity have this initial convulsion but do not complete the 180 degree bending technique so that they fall to their feet.

In the case of birds, on the other hand, you can see how confused they are when it comes to finding directions immediately. Especially difficult to notice because the reaction time seems to be faster than in cats.

If you are wondering what this kind of test is for, ask yourself a question that may reveal what you have never asked yourself. I think that’s what science is all about, the desire to answer because of the hunger for questions.

One day we will go to Mars, you will thank them that the cat has to fasten its belt during the journey, otherwise it also stops working.

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