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Five finalists have been shortlisted for the 48th ITAS Mountain Book Awards 2022, an international competition dedicated to alpine literature. The finalists selected from a total of 149 jobs from 70 publishing houses are: ‘Cervino. Legendary Mountains’ Harvey Barmace ‘,’ Centeiro Italia CAI ‘, edited by Francesco Capellari,’ The Planet of Greta ‘, Alessandra Viola and Rosalba Vitelaro,’ Down among men. The Life and Death of Guido Rosa by Sergio Lujato and The Light Seeker by Carmine Abbott.

The ITAS Mountain Book Prize jury selected the 5 final books of the 48th edition that constitute the winners of the Relative Reference category. A total of 149 works were found from 70 publishing houses. This is a record number which testifies to the growing attention paid to mountain literature at the center of the competition organized by ITAS.

The overall winner will be announced during the awards ceremony scheduled for April 30 at 6 p.m. in the Trento Municipality Representation Room.

The finalists of the 2022 edition and the winners of the respective categories are:

Matterhorn. Legendary mountain For the “Mountaineering and Mountain Sports” section by Harvey Barmas, Rizoli
In the pages of this volume, the author traces the main stages leading to the birth of modern mountaineering. The story sheds light on what is not a mountain for Barmas, Mountain: Matterhorn, whose climb has marked the evolution of the game. The protagonists of the book are the characters who made this mountain famous in the world, legends, legends, memorable deeds. The book comes with a very rich iconographic device that brings each of us to the top.

Italy CAI routeFrancesco Capellari, edited by Idea Montagna, for the “Guides and Maps” section
The first twelve CAI Path Italy Guides present the results of a real cultural operation. Francesco Capellari, owner of Idea Montagna Publishing House, in collaboration with the Italian Alpine Club, oversees the project: it involves 25 authors covering a unique trajectory over a distance of 7000 km. More than 500 stages, different forms and a mountain that manifests itself in an extraordinary diversity from Sardinia to the sea of ​​Trieste which is a manifestation of the natural and cultural richness of a special country like Italy.

Greater planet By Alessandra Viola and Rosalba Vitelaro, Inaudi, for the “Children’s Book” section
In this book, the life of the Greater, who at the age of thirteen cannot eat as he pleases, deals with plants and animals. Together the heroes must fight to free themselves from the monsters that haunt them and that are destroying the planet: Following their stories, the reader knows the effects of climate change on an impressive crescent of emotion and environmental awareness.

Down in the men. Life and death of Guido Rosa By Sergio Luzatto, Inaudi, for the “Research and Environment” section
The book examines the image of Guido Rosa and goes beyond the rhetoric with which public speeches usually speak of victims of terrorism. Luzatto, in addition to being an icon, wanted to discover man, looking at Rosa’s life in a historical and at the same time skewed narrative, to discover a whole new personality, even as one of his mountaineers. Thanks to the permission to access the family archives (be able to do this first), the author outlines an outrageous character and an artistic consciousness, a reckless mountaineer and a heroic trade unionist.

The seeker of light Carmine Abete, by Mondadori, for the “Mountain Life and Stories” section
The book tells a thrilling family story, which the author combines with the extraordinary existence and artistic adventure of one of our best painters, Giovanni Segantini. At the center of the story are three distinct and suggestive mountains: the natural paradise of Arcor Trentino and Scanuppia, the majestic heights of Maloza in Canton of Greece, on the Sila Plateau, a monument of beauty. The heart of the Mediterranean.

Winner of “Trentino Specifications”:

Maurizio Gentilini, I’ve climbed a standard. Armando is gentle, manly and mountaineerVita Trentina Publishing House
Four years after the death of Armando Aster, a great mountaineer from Roverito, Maurizio Gentilini wrote his biography. Ast was a hero in the history of dolomite and Patagonian mountaineering between the 1950s and 1960s, and was considered one of the most important rock climbers of all time. Gentilini’s book seeks to describe both his activities in the mountains and his condition, always committed to testifying to his ideals and values ​​as a human being, in sports activities and in everyday life.

Job report:
Giannandrea Mencini, paper pasture. Hands on Mountain, Kellerman Publisher
Francesco Salvatera, Presanella Rock and Ice, to the south

2022 program

The prize-giving ceremony for the winners will be held on April 30 at 6 pm in the Trento Municipality Representation Room. All the winners of the 48th edition will be the main characters, on this occasion the name of the final winner will be announced among the final winners.

By tradition, general appointments are also renewed for the presentation of winning work, a valuable opportunity for conversation between the author and the public.

– Introduction to Light Seeker by Carmine Abbott
Tuesday, May 3 at 6 p.m.

– Presentation of CAI Path Italy Guide
Friday, May 6 at 6 p.m.

– Presentation of The Planet of Greater by Alessandra Viola and Rosalba Vitellaro
Sunday, May 6 at 11 a.m., at T4Future, Giardino del Muse, Corso del Lavoro e della Scienza, 3 p.m.

The conference, hosted by the ITAS Awards, is back for the second year in a row: on May 4, from 3 to 7 pm in the conference room of Casa Ruralle de Trento, the conference “Mountains, Single Women. How Women Live, Read and Explain” High Lands ” Lorenzo Carpane, co-ordinator of the awards, will interact with guests to highlight women’s perspectives on mountain content. .

Jury President Enrico Bridgy commented on the 2022 edition of the award: “Like this year, the jury and the company did not share the desire to improve over time without neglecting the long history behind the award. The goal is to find an innovative way to utilize a rich and important library built over almost half a century of history. We want to give voice to a huge display case, a tradition. He knows how to express values. “

All information can be consulted on the website www.premioitas.it

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