A little ‘magician, a little’ acrobats: from “cursed” to the masters of the web

Cats will know, cats will know. Cesare Pavese wrote one of his most beautiful and melancholy poems. This is one of the many animals that have been sacrificed. And sometimes, those who have the joy and respect of being in their family, it seems so. These cute cats, the little tigers that have been controlled (though not completely), have a sixth sense. This indefinite and mysterious closeness which, in the course of history, has also made them love. Or hatred.

Honored by the Egyptians and Babylonians, Were persecuted in the Middle Ages because they were considered satanic, demonic. In this way, playing with a rat before killing a cat is compared to playing with a human spirit. Cats have always been associated with the magical world – explained documentary writer Roberto Marchesini, author of L’identit del gatto (publisher of Safar). – For a number of reasons. We think very quietly about how they move, how they suddenly appear and disappear. Like Alice’s Cheshire cat in Wonderland. And then we think of their globular eyes which look like crystals. Among the many other creatures there is a feature that is considered somehow magical: from owls to praying mantis, to snakes. Not to mention that the cat is a nocturnal creature and its frenzy, even loving, makes it seem almost possessive. For this reason, in cultures fascinated by Telluric, by magic, the cat has always been revered as a mediator with the world, while in cultures that have rejected this aspect of existence, the cat has been exiled and tortured.

The fate of the cat appears So marked. It evokes strong emotions. Half will not work. Complete hatred or unconditional love. Many superstitions and some truths. Cats are defined as self-sufficient, tempting, and selfish. In the game of light and shadow, presence and absence. Excellence with their opponents, comparison of dogs is almost mandatory. In all cases. One for everyone: notoriety. From Lassie to Uggie (the founder who starred in the Oscar-winning film The Artist, who died two years ago) has become the so-called best friend of man, often famous for movies and TV. They are considered heroes: for loyalty, love, compassion, courage. Cats, on the other hand, have regained their star roles (especially after comics and cartoons), especially with social networks. Also thanks – let’s face it – for their incredible ability to stand in front of the camera. And here is Tardar Sauce, aka Grampy Cat, who became famous for his facial expressions. The result: more than 10 million followers on Facebook and Instagram, and a millionaire profit for its owner, Tabatha Bundesen.

Contemporaryism is back So to love and worship cats? S. We are witnessing a great return of these animals in our lives – underline Roberto Marchesini -. Thanks to some aspects of their style and above all the way to explain their house, that is their reference level. Cats map where they live and where we live with them: the kitchen where they eat, the sofa where they rest, the living room where they play. It is no coincidence that the relationship between humans and cats is a post-Stone Age and sedentary relationship, unlike dogs, when humans were still hunter-gatherers and therefore nomads.

Definitely fun to see them And the magnet you can spend your days watching them do something, pretending not to see yourself when you admire them: they are acrobats, jugglers, artists and great clowns. But not only that. Cats know how to win us over with their independent but loving personality (when they really want to). The cat is not a magnet that wants everything you have – Marchesini concludes – but looking for you in a relaxed, relaxed relationship, as we go to the bar. Because we can never think of bringing a cat home with its nature, its brutality and bestiality out of the door. Their love means, first of all, to respect them. What are they for.

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