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The weather will also be gentlemanly for the 16th round of this tennis in Marrakesh on Thursday Grand Prix Hassan is second, But at least in the case of the Central Court, the same cannot be said. There are 3 games in the determining set, all marathons or almost, with an ending that looks like the highlights of the tournament and probably the week in general: Alex Molcan The 65th Slovakian in the world has lost to the South 6-4 2-6 7-6 (7) No. 1 in seed sowing and No. 9 in the world Felix Agar-Aliasim, A match that requires difficulty in explaining. From beginning to end he was at the mercy of the whims of the Canadians, who, by making trivial mistakes and transcending double figures of double error, acknowledged (too little) light and (too much) shadow. On the other side of the net, the Slovakian has the ability to serve very well and always try to change and move the opponent, his game today seems to be purposefully ready to break the FAA one. So bad times continue for Felix, who has lost the third of the last 4 games (win against Home Wild Card only) after a good start to the season (quarter finals in Melbourne, wins in Rotterdam and finals in Marseille). Benchetrit), Has made his debut in both Sunshine Double Tournaments, always present in confusion, as we have seen again today.

The match- Start the sprint for Molkan, who has already managed to take a break at home to take advantage of the opponent’s crooked moon in the third game, who went 4-3 and the service for the Slovak appeared to be in clear trouble, but there he turned on the light bulb: he found some confidence, he Go to recover a break at 0, wait for mistakes from Slovak, even somewhat unfortunate. Not bad, because it follows a shocking empty passage to seed number 1: a double fault and 2 unforced errors are quite shocking, only a winning backhand from Molcan, who plays well and patiently with the lack of opportunity. Trend for land. Of the opponent. And the first set ends surprisingly, this is Molcan closing 6-4, even in a bold way: from 0-40 he is able to rise again with courage and is helped by Auger’s mistakes (but the first one is very damp), and then a Canceled fourth break point, and he could always number 9 more in the world. To get the first winner you need to decentralize which is worth a set point, immediately final, at the first opportunity. So the current prediction has been partially reversed, which confirms two things already known: Auger-Aliasime has to work hard on the ground and contain its flaws, Alex Molcan can be a very tough customer with the right inspiration and attention. Often changed good, serve very well.

At the start of the second set, the Canadian took an immediate risk, sending Molcan to a break point with 2 double fouls and an unforced: he found his service when needed and was a little more sure from the bottom to get out. Felix was forced to run a missed serve to win this match. Interlocutory game then for Molcan, the service at 15, which is a sentence today with the first, especially when he has to open the field or put in a position not to play Canadian, who just can’t find his tennis. The ATP champion from Rotterdam then finds a comfortable game, a good sense of service and a good hit from below, but he must give continuity in such situations. Suddenly, like Godsend, an empty pass from the Slovaks comes in the fourth game: but Agar throws well in the thrust and at the fifth point he directs the exchange and finds the winner, reaching the break, on which the Slovak shamelessly gives a double fault and advantage to the Canadian That said, he struggled enough to ensure a break during his service, even canceling a ball of counterbrake, due to a double fault and an error. But again, ground breaking services and quality are protected without being fouled. Need to find the No. 9 security in the world, the Slovakian continues his honest game, but the opponent is coming back. Auger-Aliassime closes the second set clearly for 6-2, in response, forcing the Slovakians to err and find a much higher level of play, for the whole set, which clearly shifts the balance of the game towards him, giving him only density and less error. Find out.

The deciding set begins with a push: the break ball in the second game for the FAA, canceled out with a winning survey by Molcan, who rarely felt his presence at the crucial moment today, relieved the tension and then took the game home by playing well from the bottom up and differentiating. Through Then here is the patatrac of Auger-Aliassime: two consecutive errors followed by the winners, the first two break points for the Slovaks who did not make the final; In the fourth place, with a toxic piece that led the Canadian to lose control of the forehand, Felix continued his series of mistakes and paused to Molcan, who found himself in the lead again without exception. This time, however, Lady Luck smiles at No. 9 in the world, rising above 30-15, making great points and finding depth and strength, then taking advantage of a damp net over the break ball; The feeling is that the Slovaks are making mistakes when they come, but he can’t make much of it anymore. The news is that TDS # 1’s simple straightforward one-two serving seems to have begun to elicit feedback and confidence; In fact, Canadians have the opportunity to break even, playing a game of light and shadow, where Molcan reveals his tennis to his liking only a few times; The first break did not get the courage of the ball, the service of the Slovakians and the brave forehand in the second, who got over it again.

This was followed by one of the best games of the TDS N1 match, which ended at 0 with the last two points to be framed: narrow straight, and first closing with a smash in the rebound, then I attacked and almost embroidered on my knee. He then held Molcan to 15, in a game where the Canadian, very shy, could take the net and close out at least 2 points. Then comes another game where you will not play Felix’s Survey who, even if very quiet, finally seems to have found strength in the Survey, which in any case could be fundamental to a possible tie-break. Assure. For his part, the Slovakians just have to continue arguing and believe throughout the match, which is more nerve-wracking than the game now. The match point in the twelfth game comes for Auger-Aliassime, who loses control of the forehand and loses badly, and from there he almost seems to pull the plug on arrival at tie-break, which is a small repetition to be honest. Chronic Psychodrama throughout the match: Mini-breaks granted and reciprocated, extreme exchanges and truly admirable play, especially at match points: 6-5 The Canadian cancels with a winning forehand and is then repaid with the same coin7. After a tough exchange from Molcan on the 6th. The Slovakian will close at 9 point 7, bringing home a weird match, albeit full of technical ideas and adrenaline, again thanks to the FAA: the forehand (his usual pattern), which was unfortunately one of his many matches, where he almost “lasted long” “It simply came to our notice then. Whatever the case may be, Alex Molcan, who answered from start to finish and ignored the Canadian, has certainly made sure he plays badly with a ridiculous and varied left-handed game. He will face in the quarter finals, Boutique Van de JandschalpDutch people who start flying, today easily fly with one 6-1 6-4 Of Vit Kopriva. It will undoubtedly be an interesting match, looking (even for greater rest) tds n.6 slightly preferred, but Molcan must have his tail to play.

It’s okay for a top 10 who greets (only present) to report two former top 10 wins that great tennis players, for a variety of reasons, have only been able to love, but today they’ve shown that they can still have them. Tell them when they want .. species David GoffinAn incredible ranking in the world fell to 74, which he controlled, hitting the 300th victory of his career in about three hours. 5-7 7-6 (4) 6-3 Pablo Anduzar, Who in the world always knows how to speak. But the Belgian today sometimes seems to remember the tenacity of his tennis and the features of the race that took him into the clouds of the tennis sky, now that he is in the middle of the mountains and wants to go back to where it suits him. With the best looking rates after almost a year Evans Per Monte Carlo That was the start of the final, the quarter-final on the circuit in Belgium, where he will likely face the Spaniard in another marathon. Roberto Carbeles Bena. We mentioned in the beginning another fallen great Richard Gasket, Who is now spending the last penny of a career embedded in “who knows if …”, the phrase that has always set him apart and his great contrast. But despite this the French managed to impose themselves, in just 2 hours, against Pavel KotovWith its score 6-3 3-6 6-3, Actually play fast enough to be on the ground. He will face in the quarter finals tomorrow Federico CorreaCertainly a player with more attitude towards the ground and greater resistance at the moment, but never underestimate Richard Gasquet, even if he has to ask his tennis player to beat Argentina tomorrow.

ATP 250 is the complete scoreboard of Marrakesh

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