Musetti. How much time and where to look

This is the day of the semifinals in Sanremo and we immediately start with the highlight: Derby Light blue Among the favorites of the house, the number two seed Gianluca MagarAnd the opening of the tournament, Francesco PaceroNo. 493 has made its way since the rankings QualificationsHas reached The first semifinal of the career challenger. The match begins immediately on the hard exchange and is marked by several winners, the Passaro being the first to be somewhat surprising. Keep your head in front. On top of 3-1, the 21-year-old Perugia saved two break points with great courage that immediately brought Magar back into the game and even after losing the fifth game, the Sanremo match basically ended in those moments. Even Pasero won from one of the first sets Nine games in a row6-1 4-0 ahead Never showing any sign of ending. The number 109 in the world does not indicate even the slightest reaction – he is an orator “I don’t keep the ball on the field.” Or “I don’t take ropes.” – BeforeInevitable surrender. It ends with a clean cut 6-1 6-1 On behalf of the young Umbrian tennis player, who The most important match of the game so far has been the biggest win of his career with great qualifications.

At our microphone, ATP number 493 (which will be at least 354 from Monday, is clearly his Best ranking) Can only be satisfied with most: “It simply came to our notice then Exciting, I played very well. I prepared the match well with my coach: I had a very clear idea and in practice I was very calm on the field, I was able to play a great match. That too was probably the key to victory. I am obviously very satisfied, but already Loaded for tomorrow’s final. I won my first tournament on the hard court in February and it gave me a good boost of confidence. I prepared for Ramadan in Tirenia and I take advantage of it Thanks to the federationBecause if I play like that, maybe thanks to those who made me available for the technical center. “

Tomorrow, at 11 a.m., will be represented by the last (very difficult) hurdle Number one pick is Holger Rune, This Sanremo day appeared irresistible. Pasaro, however, does not seem to despise too much of a role Underdog: “I’m fine, I like to fight and play these games.”

Holger Rune – ATP Challenger Sanremo (Photo by Tulio Bigardi)

We obviously wish him well for the last performance, even if the terrible Dan really seems to see unscratchable. Even today, in reality, Rune has everything Dominance of his fight against Arnaboldy, The latter is also conditioned by some minor physical problem. The The next father The Danes fought a little in the first set, winning 6-4 thanks to a break in the third game, then spread to the second set, which features Strong winds. Especially in spite of the adverse weather, Runu knew Adapt very quicklyTrying to enrich the match with different damp play and variations Give back a show that was at least partially blown up by Ligurian Libesio. The Danish 2003 therefore stopped practicing with a 6-4 6-1 Which leaves no room for too many replicas, finishing second in the finals Even without losing a set.

At the end of the meeting we interrupted Aneke runHolger’s mother and the manager who told us about it Ambitions and programs For the current season. “We will run after this tournament Monte Carlo, Where Holger will play the qualifier. Then qualify again a BarcelonaWe’ll see if it can get on board, otherwise we’ll go Belgrade.

Isn’t the section of this tournament a little too limited for your son? Looks like he doesn’t try too hard to win his game: “Holger comes from one The start of the season is a little difficult, So that he also had some back problems. This type of tournament is important for playing many games against strong opponents. He came from Miami Concrete, he was important Put some matches on the ground with the feet. He wants to do well in Monte Carlo, he really cares about it. “

Ultimately, the future goal at the stage of a rather ambitious consideration Classification. By winning the tournament, Rune will improve his top 86 ranking, of course, to enter Top 80 (78 or 79 will be clear, since Kyrgios is still busy in Houston). “The first goal is to enter as soon as possible Top 50Holger, it’s hard training to happen. But the real goal is Must be in the top 25 at the end of the season

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