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Dysbiosis of the dog, a disease that can confuse the owner because of its symptoms. Let’s try to understand the triggering factors and how it can be treated in animals.

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Among the various diseases that a four-legged friend may suffer from during its existence are some that affect its small intestine which can be infected by a myriad of bacteria and viruses like humans like us. There is a tract disease whose symptoms cannot be easily blamed. Let’s talk about it Dysbiosis in dogs And how it is diagnosed and treated.

Dog Dysbiosis: Causes and Symptoms

This is a fairly common clinical intestinal condition of this animal. There are different forms of dysbiosis in animals. Let’s find out together, what they are and why they develop, focusing on different symptoms.

Dysbiosis of dogs
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The health of a faithful friend should always be protected by its owner, who is with conscience and wisdom Rights Acquaintances On its nature, it can deal with it in the best way possible.

Sometimes, however, you suddenly find yourself in a problematic situation and don’t know exactly what kind I’m bored You have to.

Called one of the most frequent pathologies in domestic furry dysbiosis. This word indicates Break Balance In the gut of a dog, which affects a specific microbiota (or microbiome).

Dysbiosis in dogs can lead to the development of other diseases depending on its severity. There Different reasons That they could Bind In They, Unfortunately, and the animals develop this condition. Here are what they are:

  • Incorrect caesarean delivery.
  • Lack Breastfeeding.
  • Genetic predisposition of animals (defects of the immune system with mucous membranes).
  • Excessive use The medicinesEspecially antibiotics, pesticides and antacids.
  • Stress Physicist And Psychological in dogsSuffering from stress means affecting your immune system and creating annoying consequences on the stomach and intestines. Fear, temperature changes and traumatic events can greatly affect Fido’s health.
  • Surgery: Anesthesia can also cause dysbiosis in Fido.

The main symptom is the emergence of fur

Some notes need to be made to understand the presence of dysbiosis in dogs Symptoms And Signal This can happen, for example:

In many cases these symptoms occasionally occur and may occur in animals Less Just a Getting worse Disorder

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Fido and dysbiosis: Diagnosis and therapy

We have found that dogs with dysbiosis can have a variety of common symptoms, and care must be taken to identify them immediately by informing a veterinarian. Let’s take a look at how to proceed with the right diagnosis and the right therapy.

Dog disease
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Domestic dogs show signs of dysbiosis No. They are gone Is never underestimated But for that, in fact, you need to consult a trusted veterinarian.

Having symptoms of this disease No. Specific And, in many cases, with the presence of hairy high pathologies, the intervention of the treating physician is important, because only he will be able to To place If there is another credit disorder.

That will be the goal Recovery Balance Intestine In dogs after careful diagnosis of the disease. An initial clinical examination by a doctor will be required, e.g. Analyzes Some blood And Test StoolWhich many doctors do not recommend.

Dog Dysbiosis: Attention to food choices

For your therapy, it is important to know that you have to pay Pay attention to the food Chosen for dogs. Industrial foods are often not recommended or, at least, should be limited because they are high Harmful For balance Intestine.

Shelves can cause some food Inflammation of the intestine And imbalances, in favor of bacterial entry.

Once the bacteria enter the dog’s small intestine, it tends to shrink Protective mucus As a result, the immune system is weakened.

Therefore, pay close attention to the foods you choose for your domestic friend. Material Report And consult with your veterinarian for any You change In his daily diet.

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