Which is forbidden in Italy?

Species are not allowed because they are potentially endangered or they are protected. What are the risks of keeping a rattlesnake or eagle owl in the house?

“Honey, I’ll take the rhino to the toilet and I’ll be back.” What do you imagine? “Dumbo, go to bed!” This sounds strange, of course, because we are accustomed to keeping cats and dogs at home, at most a few dwarf rabbits, small birds and fish, a tortoise, and even a iguana. No one can buy elephants or cobras at pet stores. Even if something has a rather special taste when it comes to pets. Not everyone, however, can be satisfied because certain species are not allowed Which pets are banned in Italy?

We must start with the concept of “pets” or “pets”. Monkeys come back, chimpanzees and orangutans don’t come back. A snake that is not dangerous to humans, yes, not a cobra or a viper. A purebred dog yes, not a wolf (among other things, because it belongs to a protected breed, as we explained to you in the article “Is it legal to be a wolf?”). So, what is meant by Pets? And Which animals are banned in Italy?

What is meant by pets?

I am trying to define it Pets or affectionate animalsIt can be said that it is an animal capable of living together With people. In fact, this is a somewhat general definition but, in reality, it becomes very subjective to say that the same animal species is able to live with any person and vice versa.

With the law in hand, a 2003 decree defined companion animals as “for the purpose of affection, or keeping, without the purpose of production or food by humans, including activities useful to humans, such as dogs. Disability, pet therapy, rehabilitation and Used in advertising “. [1].

Then, there are those who add pets and, like them, are considered pets. This is the animal that is kept For production purposes, Such as chickens, rabbits, chickens, pigeons, cows, turkeys. We are talking about those who keep chickens in cages or private granaries, not on an industrial level, but for personal use, raising them for fresh eggs, fresh milk, cheese or butter, etc. The important thing is that all these are for personal use and are not kept in the market.

More precisely, the European Regulation in this regard [2] Recognition as a pet:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • ferrets;
  • Invertebrates (except bees and crustaceans);
  • Ornamental tropical fish;
  • Amphibians and reptiles;
  • Birds (except birds provided by European guidelines);
  • Domesticated rats and rabbits.

It can be assumed, excluding, that Wild animals They are not considered pets.

Pets are banned in Italy because they are dangerous

Good news for those who love Pets And don’t want to keep a simple goldfish or a simple dachshund at home (not to be confused with these nice friends). Dogs. Today, there are no dog breeds that are considered endangered. Now, they are called “Demanding Dogs” and the owners or those who take care of them temporarily (for example, dog clothes) are asked to take special care. In short, a dog, like any animal, is good and good but it can have “five minutes” in which it can be dangerous for humans. Master included.

Since the import fashion Exotic animals Or to transform an animal into a pet, law [3] The animals that can be kept in the house and what limits they have Prohibited in Italy. The latter include wild mammals and reptiles or animals from environmental and behavioral contexts as opposed to public health and safety. So we are talking about those that can infect or potentially be dangerous (a tiger, a mouse, a panther, a crocodile).

Here is a sample list Animals that cannot be kept indoors, in the yard or in the garden:

  • The lion
  • Wild boar;
  • Elephant
  • Tiger
  • Panther
  • Hyena;
  • Rhinoceros;
  • Hippos;
  • bears;
  • orangutans;
  • Chimpanzee;
  • Gorilla
  • Glutton;
  • Taxi
  • otters;
  • Deer
  • Deer;
  • Monitor lizard;
  • lemurs;
  • Snapping turtles;
  • Crocodile or crocodile;
  • Monitor lizard;
  • Reticle python;
  • Anaconda;
  • Cobra
  • Mamba;
  • Coral snake;
  • Viper
  • rattlesnakes;
  • Arachnids are dangerous to humans;
  • European hedgehog;
  • Eagles and hawks

Pets are forbidden because they are protected

There are, then, some Animals that cannot be adopted Because they belong Protected species. The reference regulations are the Washington Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of Endangered Species of Animals and Plants (known as Quotes And implemented in Italy in 1980) and a specific European regulation effective from 2017 [4].

Protected species (over 36,000) are divided into three categories by this regulation:

  • Threatened by speciesExtinction Whose business is absolutely forbidden;
  • Marketable species under certain conditions to avoid exploitation consistent with their survival (requires an import document);
  • Species protected by individual states.

An infinite number of them can be mentioned, from brown bear to spray, from wild goose to silent swan, from the great white heron to the white stork, from the long-eared owl to the little owl.

Prohibited Pets: What are the risks?

Who disobeys the prohibition of liking Pets Promises to those who are prohibited by various laws on the subject Crime And animal abductions can result in arrests ranging from three months to one year or fines ranging from, 7,747 to € 103,291.

However, it is possible to request and obtain prefect’s approval to keep these endangered animals, if they have the appropriate custody facilities.


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