Big Show, Enrico Papi / Live 1st Episode and Guests: Federica and Mario, Quiz!

Big Show, Enrico Papi: First episode and live commentary on Friday, April 8th

Huge event Continue the quiz to Mario and Federica, who have to guess some questions in bed and find the photos, such as a kiss, but not just. The boyfriend can’t find the picture of the kiss, so he goes to the next quiz: the boy has to guess which fish Enrico Papi and Sintilla have brought. The comedian, dressed as a shark, is Gag’s absolute star! “Mario, we want to give you a present because we bothered you: our miss brought you a tag that says ‘Don’t bother'”, Mocks the conductor.

Quiz for Martina and Giuseppe

The program continues with Christina D’Avena It goes to Marco, who wants to tell his partner that he doesn’t like to see Juve with him, he doesn’t want trekking and he wants a dog. The singer rejoices in a song based on Cat’s Ice, where he changes words. The man stares in disbelief from the porch and gladly welcomes his partner’s request! It then continues with a quiz between Giuseppe and his girlfriend Martina. To win a kitchen, a girl has to tell her partner things: everything goes according to plan and technicians. Huge event They come with a well deserved reward!

I joke with Mrs. Anna

Huge event Continuing to work on the cooking challenge with Mrs. Anna. Together with her son and daughter-in-law, the lady goes to a restaurant and is the “victim” of a joke. In fact, the woman unknowingly ate her frozen food at the restaurant. Sitting at the table, she doesn’t appreciate the restaurant’s food and portions too much, but she doesn’t know she’s a victim of a joke. A challenge full of laughter where the lady doesn’t know that she usually eats what she cooks for her son and daughter-in-law. Miss Anna discovers everything while in the studio during the episode … and she doesn’t take it very well!

Georgia and Mirko, eighth child

Episode of Huge event He continues with Marco’s partner who wants to tell him three important things: that he doesn’t like to see Juve with him, he doesn’t like trekking in the mountains, and a small dog will come. Christina D’Avena will take care. We then move on to its story Georgia and Mirco, Who are expecting their eighth child. The mother reveals: “We struggle to take pictures because no one stands still. It’s hard to be all in one frame. “.

Their seven children come on stage: Parents “challenge” each other to try to guess their children’s tastes. Taste of their little Matia’s favorite ice cream from the cartoon of the heart: who will win the challenge? For one point, he won Georgia!

Lydia and Giorgio, a passion …

From sweet Pamela Enthusiastic young rider about Gigi D’Alesio. Two great surprises for its big stars Huge eventWith Enrico is a sinner Who conducts the event with utmost naturalness and keeping the emotions in check. One surprise after another, we went for freewheeling on the Canal 5 stage. The next heroes Lydia and Giorgio; He teaches music after the door is slammed in his face due to his physique, which is considered “unsuitable” for some environments.

If you have an idea or a dream, you have to try to implement it, you never give up “, Enrico Papi said before it was introduced. Thanks to Lydia for her mother’s support on the Big Show stage and her passion for Harry Potter. Tonight she performs for a fantastic audience, which makes her lifelong dream come true. (Updated by Jacopo D’Antuono)

Pamela’s story, coma and …

Its password Huge event It is unpredictability. Enrico is a sinner Find non-VIP characters to give them a celebrity evening. And unbeknownst to them, he forced her to take a special audition behind the scenes. Called the first hero Pamela, An exceptional girl that sang to her heart. In collaboration with his mother, an incredible surprise has been organized: he will sing in front of the audience of the Big Show জেন unknowingly. “I just want you to have an exciting evening.” Underlines the conductor, who speaks directly to the young Pamela’s family present in the audience.

Her story is heartbreaking: a tragic accident, a coma from which there is no way out and a miraculous rebirth. Tonight he will take his revenge, thanks to the song that somehow contributed to his recovery. Pamela thinks she is doing a simple audition, instead she will perform in front of thousands of people. (Updated by Jacopo D’Antuono)

Avoid jokes, sinner: “We start badly”

And it is immediately gag in Sintila and Enrico Papi In the first episode Huge eventWith the conductor, to save a joke on everything and mistakes in the end of that comedian crosshair. “I’ve never conducted such a difficult program. Tonight I will make a lot of surprises.” Enrico has been declared a sinner. “If this show is good I’ll get a call, if it’s bad I’ll get it and they’ll tell me I’m a blowjob”, The conductor continues.

Enrique is sweating profusely “Because tonight we start badly!”. Enrique Papi’s father, in the front row, is framed. And then Valentina and Remo, two future spouses who came on stage with a pyrotechnic marriage proposal. And we’re just getting started … (Updated by Jacopo D’Antuono)

Big show preview and guest first tip: Enrico Papi makes his debut

Tonight, Friday, April 8, it debuted in the prime time of Channel 5 Huge eventNew diversity Directed by Enrico Papi. After the success of “Scherzi a parte” (in which he will lead a new version in September), it’s time to try the sinner’s hand. “In a genre and in a character that I have never acted in on TV: viewers will see me in a different guise, which highlights my character. I will not be a general satirist, but my most sensitive part will come out, which I have not seen on TV for many years.”, The conductor said in an interview with ANSA. Program, taken from English format Michael McIntyre’s Big ShowEveryone can become a hero for one evening (without their knowledge).

Someone who will be summoned on the pretext of seeing himself on stage; Or those who will duet with their idols, or those who will turn from an ordinary spectator into the main character. A Dedicated “People Show” “To the common man, who has so much more to say than the so-called VIPs and whose humanity and dignity can come out on TV. “Poppy explained.

Who will be next to Enrico Papi in Big Show?

Its conduct Huge event Enrico is a sinner Will be joined by a female presence that will be revealed during the first episode: “She is a girl who has achieved a significant milestone on TV, but she has a beautiful story behind her. “, Conductor explained to Ansa. Poppy is also accompanied by comedians SparkIn the role of inexperienced helper, e Christina D’Avena In the unprecedented and fun role of a reporter who will deliver a special message in music. The guests of the first episode are two big names in Italian music: Gigi D’Alesio and Alex Britti. “VIPs are engaged in serving the common people, to give them the best evening“, Specified Sinners. Artistic direction by Luigi Antonini, Luka Tomasini, directed by Big Show. Appointment tonight, Friday, April 8, at 9:25 pm on Canal 5.

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