Dog Frida, Escape and Supermarket

I’ve just finished shopping, always in a hurry. Overwhelmed by thousands of thoughts, I pushed the trolley relentlessly and hurriedly, trying to reach the machine to optimize the time and get to the studio.

When, at a certain time, in the parking lot of the supermarket, I was abducted by a dark and liqueur sight. The first thing I see are two large, demanding eyes pointing at me. Looks like they’re waiting for me.

Gradually, I shifted my gaze and I realized that these big eyes were from a very sweet dog. Seen from a distance, it looked like a fox. It was obviously female. With light, feminine and compassionate movement. He moved with slowness, skill and elegance, he seemed to be dancing around me asking me something.

She had a striped coat, with a dark background and a tamarind red harmonious brushstroke. There was a black stripe around the eyes that looked like an eyeliner stretched by skilled hands. The truffle was moved in a curious way, intended to smell the air and pedestrians.

I seize by an anxiety mixed with apprehension: I have to do something.

I leave the cart, go back, look at her and she looks at me. My heart sank, I was afraid it was lost or abandoned. She was very beautiful, clean, well-fed, light, very well-groomed and not misguided with shiny fur.

I went back inside and asked the cashier at the supermarket if it was a dog owned by the supermarket.

He replied that he knew nothing about it, that the dog walks in the supermarket parking lot every morning and every evening and then disappears and reappears the next day. I’m concerned, I think his standing between the trolley and the machine could be dangerous to his safety. When I got back inside, I asked another supermarket cashier if it was possible to take him to a veterinarian to find out if the dog was possessing a microchip.

The cashier looks at me with frustrated air: he tells me it’s not possible, the dog is always there, he’s not in danger and maybe he’s close.

The dog celebrates people who enter the supermarket and even more who leave, hoping to get food or care.

To make sure she returned home unharmed, I decided to follow her.

I wanted to know where it came from. I observed and understood it. There was a hole in the thick, dense hedges. I decided to wait. I wanted to make sure he was coming home from the passage he had come out of. The dog’s owner leaves the house and he notices me as he scolds me. We chat for a few minutes with sympathizers and collaborators.

In reality, it was not a pervert, but a dog that lived in a small house next to the supermarket: love a lot, but escape is impossible.

His favorite activity was stealing (hedge).

Frida, as the fugitive was called, had morning and afternoon rituals. At a certain time of the day, there is no hedge, gate or canal that holds, it was his habit to get out of the house, he carefully crossed the road and went to the supermarket. He celebrated all the pedestrians, took hugs and food for his humility and pleading humility, and a few hours later, he returned home with a full stomach.

At the end of our exchange, the lady thanked me for taking the time to take her home. We said goodbye, we smiled with our eyes closed behind our masks. Nicely I suggested that her little dog should be called Freedom, not Frida.

Now I was officially and irrevocably late.

* Valeria Randon is a psychologist, clinical sexologist in Catania and Milan ( and author of the book “The Repairer of Hearts – The Words That Repair”

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