Draghi on Ukraine war: “More than 3,500 Italian troops available for NATO”

“The Italian forces that we expect to be deployed by NATO are already composed of units deployed in the operation area – about 240 people are currently deployed in Latvia, along with the Romanian navy and aircraft; and others that will be activated at the request of Allied Command. About 1,400 men and women from the army, navy and air force and an additional 2,000 troops are ready to contribute, Prime Minister Mario Draghi said during an emergency briefing in the chamber on the crisis in Ukraine.

“Some 2,000 nationals present in Ukraine – he added – were recommended to follow the instructions of the local authorities and to evaluate the movement of land routes inside and outside the country with extreme caution.” “There are long lines of vehicles leaving Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities, especially towards the EU border,” he said. It is possible to imagine a huge influx of refugees into neighboring European countries. “

“Offensive – Draghi says – has already hit Ukraine’s population in a tragic way: Ukraine’s Interior Ministry has recorded civilian casualties. There are long lines of vehicles leaving Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities, especially towards the EU border. The Italian Prime Minister added: “We strongly condemn the attack, which we consider unacceptable. Extremely serious violation of Europe’s most fundamental values.

“The Italian government has always hoped, with its international partners, to resolve the crisis peacefully and through diplomacy. However, any dialogue must be sincere and above all beneficial. Russia’s violence this week has made such a dialogue virtually impossible for us,” Draghi said. The priority must be to strengthen the security of our continent and to exert maximum pressure on Russia to withdraw its troops and return to the negotiating table. ” Approved very drastic and sharp measures, which had been in preparation for several weeks. Relevant legislation – Draghi said – is being discussed in Brussels at the moment and for this reason I cannot give a full account of them. They will be finalized very soon. I will come back to the subject 6.

“In recent days – he added – the European Union has shown its determination and solidarity. We are ready to take tougher action if these are not proven enough. The biggest concern is the energy sector, which has already been affected by the growth in recent months: about 45% of the gas we import comes from Russia. ” Draghi then pointed out a risk: “Coal plants may need to be reopened immediately to make up for any shortcomings in the future. The government is ready to intervene to stabilize energy prices, if necessary.

Speaking of the costly bill, Draghi assured that “the government is ready to intervene to further calm the price of energy, if necessary.” For assistance to Ukraine, the Prime Minister spoke of a “bilateral plan. We are defining – he added – a 110 million euro package of financial assistance to Ukraine for the purpose of humanitarian and macroeconomic stability». In the case of demining and supply of protective equipment “.

At the political level, the government has called on the major parties to unite: “The crisis of historical significance that Italy and Europe are facing could be long and difficult to rebuild. The government wants to work tirelessly, in close coordination with allies, to give citizens the answers they are looking for in this moment of serious uncertainty. To do this, your support from the majority and the opposition is essential. In order to unite with Ukraine and our allies, we must first unite among ourselves.

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