LBA: Match you Bologna. Presentation on the 26th day

One challenge outweighs all: Vertus bolognaMilan. The first one, the second one, ready to fight directly in the last basket, one to sit alone on the LBA throne, the other to try to share again. In search of a fourteenth win against Naples, Brescia revived with two successes in a row. Versace baptizes the new Treviso as coach Marcelo Nicola Freed Massimiliano took over from Manetti. Cremona and Fortitudo Bologna in search of safety points. Let’s see in detail what will be the day of the match on the 26th of the regular season.

Dolomite Energy Trentino – Happy Casa Brindisi
Saturday, April 9 at 6pm at the Blm Group Arena
Coming from a stop in Brescia and losing in the “Euro Cup” against Partizan, the coach’s boys Emanuel Molin They seek ready redemption to try to reclaim a place in the playoff area. They will have a toast in front of them that will hold the championship complement and two consecutive stops against Cremona and Naples. Outbound trip: 80-78 to Trento.

Referees: Saverio Lanjarini of Bologna, Alessandro Persiavalle of Turin and Marco Pierantozi of Ascoli Piceno.

GE.VI Naples – German Brescia
Saturday 9 April at 20.10 in “Pala Barbuto”
It’s a smile for both of us. The Neapolitans came from two consecutive victories that gave them rankings, albeit still uncertain, more pleasant structures. List of Lions City, which finds its former coach on the Naples bench Maurizio Buscaglia, Travels fast with thirteen wins in a row behind him, which has consolidated his role as the third force in the championship behind Vertus Bologna and Milan. The desire to save oneself as soon as possible as opposed to the realization of the dream called Scudeto. A word which, in the realist city of Lombard, is uttered very faintly, also because of the rivalry between the two giants of Bologna and Milan. First leg: 97-7 to Brescia.

Referees: Messina to Tolga Oz Sahin, Pisa to Andrea Bongiorni, Mirano (VI) to Giacomo Dori

Umana Rare Venice – Fortitudo Kigili Bologna
Sunday 10 April at 5pm at “Pala Taliersio”
No two except three? The Lagoon coach will try to prove his point in the world of leather spheres with the aim of reserving for Fortidodo. Antimo Martino The same treatment has been imposed on Tortona and Reggio Emilia. The team of coaches Walter de Raphael However, it came from a valuable injection of morale to win the Eurocup 6-79 against Gran Canaria on Iberian soil. The hosts want to keep their footing in the playoffs where they are now in fifth place. Conversely, salvation points have been sought for the Bolognese roster who has just won a very fine match with a direct opponent at the bottom of the rankings Vanoli Kremona. Outbound journey: 91-77 Venice.

Referees: Enrico Bertoli of Trieste, Fabrizio Paglialunga of Massafra (TA) and Guido Federico de Francesco of Teramo.

Vertas Segafredo Bologna – AJX Armani Exchange Milan
Sunday, April 10 at 5:30 pm at the “Segafredo Arena”
Mother of all challenges. Second against first class. Conflict between the two main contenders for Scudetto who will represent last season’s Encore for Bolognese. List of Sergio Scariolo He was unbeaten on ten runs and traveled with the wind in the Eurocup with the victory sail of the Bourge n Brace’s Junes Like against the French. Points at number 40 standing. Two less on the coach’s roster Ettore Messina Sassari slipped on the wood and eager to get ready for it as soon as possible. To better understand this challenge in the light of the historical challenge, it will be worth remembering how well the two teams are stuck on their bulletin boards: Bologna’s 16 league titles, 8 Italian Cups, 2 Italian Super Cups, many Euroleague, one Cup Winners’ Cup, A Eurochallenge and a Basketball Champions League. Milan responded with 28 league titles, 8 Italian Cups, 4 Italian Super Cups, an Intercontinental Cup, 3 Eurolegi, 3 Cup winning cups and two Korak. Basically the elite of basketball. Nazir has won a total of 183 and Milanese 105 times. Messina laughed at the roster with a score of 102-99 in the first leg of this championship. Milan want to taste the revenge of the Challenge series that, last season, in the final against the Bolognese, they had to pay the price for Scudetto.

Referees: Carmelo Paternicò from Piazza Armerina (EN), Manuel Mazzoni from Grosseto and Guido Giovannetti from Terni.

Carpegna Hum Pesaro – Dynamo Banco de Sardegna Sassari
Sunday, April 10 at 6 p.m.
Freshman, not roaring freshman Bartram Tortona’s victory in an easy parachute, has reached the challenge against Pesaro coach’s Sardinian roster. Piero Buchi With high morale. The coaching team has led three wins in the last four races Luka Banchi Let the rankings breathe a sigh of relief, even if the number of twenty points still frozen doesn’t let you sleep peacefully. Fortitudo Bologna and, above all, Sasari with Milan have returned from a double acute at home and have retained the role of fourth force in the standings which certainly puts them in the playoff area. External Journey: 75-73 to Sasari. Special passion for Gerald Robinson, who has returned to the past at Pesaro with an islander’s shirt now as an opponent.

Referees: Lorenzo Baldini from Florence, Alessandro Vicino from Arzellato (BO) and Gianluca Capotorto from Palestina (RM).

Unahotels Reggio Emilia – Allianz Basketball Trieste
Sunday, April 10 at 6:30 pm at “Pala Doja” in Bologna
He has returned from two defeats in the championship. Reggio Emilia, however, reached home in Trieste Spring 92-72 for a 92-72 victory over the Bucken Bears in the semifinals of the FIBA ​​Europe Cup. A confirmation that would allow him to win the final of the continental competition where he will face the Turks of Bahsehir. Logical, therefore, is like the home environment of a coach roster Atilio CasaMay he be full of joy. And in the match against Julian Roster the Emilians will want to give icing on the cake, who has come back from seven mistakes and is eager to find the main road. External Journey: Reggio Emilia from 85-83.

Referees: Danny Borgioni from Rome, Christian Borgo from Grummolo del Abbadesi (VI) and Gabriel Bettini from Bologna.

OPENJOB METIS VARESE – Nutribulet Treviso
Sunday, April 10 at 7 pm at the “Enerxenia Arena”
After two consecutive stops, the Lombard roster raises its head to impose itself on Brindisi and keeps it close to the play-off area. In contrast to a foreign friend Keane And his teammates will have a Treviso Nutribute that plans to return to the top and is back from the technological changes decided this week. Home stop against Napoli was fatal for Massimiliano Menendi, who resigned as head coach. Management has called for a brand roster in its place Marcelo Nicola. Treviso, third from last with eighteen points, will be asked to keep hay on the farm to avoid taking risks. First leg: Traviso from 96-78.

Referees: Roberto Begnis from Krema, Valerio Grizioni from Rome and Federico Brindisi from Turin.

Vanoli Basketball Crimona- Bartram Tortona
Sunday, April 10 at 8.45pm at the “Pala Radi” at the Cremona Basketball Press Office in San Severo
The first is on the launching pad for the playoffs, the second is on the threshold of exile Cremona and Tortona approach the challenge that Championship Day assigns to them with a position in Antipode. Torazzo City roster Fortitudo seeks to recover from the bitter defeat of Bologna, leaving behind a double stop with direct rivals, Tortona Venice and Pesaro for salvation. Outbound journey: 97-92 Tortona.


Carmelo Lo Guzzo from Pisa, Denis Quarta from Turin and Marco Vita from Ancona.

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A Moment from the Italian Derby playing in the Forum in the first round of the cover (Photo Credit: Savino Paolela)

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