Pilates is cardio and helps us lose weight

What are PILATES? – The original name of this discipline is “control”, since its focus is on body and movement control, but it has become famous as its inventor, the German personal trainer. Joseph Pilates. Pilates is based on the execution of certain movements, focusing on certain aspects, including BreathingControl and Accuracy Of movement, Awareness of the “core”Or rather the center, thePosture alignment. So it’s all about correcting posture and balance errors, toning the muscles. If it is combined with a low-calorie diet and if it is exercised regularly, it certainly encourages weight loss, especially if it is compared to a sedentary lifestyle. Depending on the intensity of the training, Pilates burns about 200 calories per hour, which is not enough to enable weight loss. To affect fat mass it is necessary that muscle work activates gaseous metabolism and this is not achieved by Pilates.

Fat Burning Pilates And Cardio Pilates – When we choose a sporting activity, whatever our goal, we need to keep in mind that the ideal discipline is not necessarily the most effective for us, but We like it the most and that is what we enjoy the most. The reality of doing this voluntarily is the best guarantee of perseverance and consistency, with the highest probability of reaching the goal we have set ourselves. If Pilates is our favorite fitness, then, it may be a good idea not to give up, but to combine it with aerobic exercise aimed at attacking excess fat and specifically designed to increase the commitment and effort required to increase the effectiveness of the position. ..

How do you do that – Guidance from a qualified trainer who teaches us the exercises and the speed at which they are to be followed is essential: it is also advisable to consult the attending physician before starting training, in case of any sports activity. Finally, it is essential to take the training slowly, without straining the body to get the muscles accustomed to the workload. The principle that fat burning pilates is based on is to bring, and then maintain for the duration of the workout, Heartbeat in aerial belts, To push the body to burn the calories needed to provide energy to the muscles involved in training. The most common cardio is in Pilates exercises ClimbFrom which position The board The knees periodically gather dynamically near the chest. Or, again from the high plank, they open and close the legs with a jump. Traditional exercises can also be done ToningAs long as it is at high intensity and without interruption.
Uses ReformerA specific gym equipment consisting of a sled bed, where the resistance is controlled by a system of springs, jumping activity is simulated for a special reason Platform. Fifteen minutes of this exercise, added to a traditional Pilates session (probably performed in a more intense way than usual), can guarantee the extra sprints needed to increase energy expenditure and “attack” disgusting bearings. Useful for reformers Intensify a lot of exercise Traditional free-body work.

Critical points – If it is true that, unfortunately, fats are only eaten in a general way and the points that we consider critical are not localized, then it is also true that it is possible to concentrate muscle work on certain things. Districts of the body, The ones that interest us the most. Pilates exercises, performed correctly, do not cause muscle spasms and therefore do not leave us a “gym” look, because they tend to stretch and flexibility: in particular, by “core” training, that center, we will get more easily. Flat stomach And a toned stomach. A regular practice of Pilates, cardio or traditional, will give us a more accurate and elastic posture and a harmonious body.

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