Presumably the great march for peace in Bologna

Traditionally held in Bologna, “another June 2” is an event-show dedicated to peace, but this year it could take the form of a march: which usually takes place on January 1 and is avoided due to the Kovid restrictions. It is the idea of ​​the pacifist movement, the Portico della Pace, to return from the “Stop the War Now” convoy.

The idea of ​​a peace procession in the city takes shape, in Lviv’s ‘step’: 200 Italians walk from the station to the city center, silently, out of respect for proven citizenship; As we have seen in Lviv – Juchero says the reality and truth of war: the battle is fought on the skin of civilians and civilians.

Meanwhile, on Sunday 19 April the Italian-Ukrainian Association organized a demonstration for peace in Piazza Maggiore (in front of Neptune) from 11 to 14.

Lviv trip

On their return from Lviv, from where the caravan had returned, they brought 300 men to Italy. Many of them are in a state of extreme fragility: families, fathers and mothers with disabilities who traveled in Alberto Zukero’s minibus, one of the faces of Bologna’s Portico della Pace, a reality that coordinated the caravan project under two towers. “There was a little girl in this family with unbearable tears, she was crying, her mother was crying … When we left Lviv we saw the impressive procession of fragile humanity fleeing the war,” Zuchero himself said. Two evenings ago, “Let’s exchange signs of peace”, met with Bevera’s parish at Bertalia’s parish.

“Now Pope John XXIII aims to preserve the link with Operation Columbus volunteers who are still in Lviv” to see how new help channels can be activated. “But we are also thinking of holding a peace procession on June 2,” he said. Zuchero said the trip to Lviv was a “very interesting experience”: at four points in the city (Caritas, Ukrainian training center and two hospitals) there was not only the distribution of aid, but also meetings with those who were requested. Help, cold, long wait at the border, taking shelter in air alarms and bunkers; And then almost paradoxical episodes: “Whenever we cross the border into Poland, in Europe, the family with us were worried about vaccinating the cat they were traveling with. They also took the appropriate passport: 200 meters before the war, you enter a new world. They want to be right, they want to be right … “. In Ukraine they are seeking two kinds of help: food and medicine or weapons. Either they say to be able to leave the country or to be able to stay to fight. “We had to make a choice.” And so an organizational machine was introduced with Ukrainian companies, including the orphanage, which brought 170 people from the south of the country to Lviv to participate in 130 matches in Italy.

“The country is being attacked, there is a sense of resistance. And we need to try to be clear about what is best to do without going into ideology and politics. We have chosen to bring in as much help as possible. The health and food crisis is self-evident,” Zuchero said. . “It was a way to start a relationship – he continued – to tell people who have grown closer to themselves and to hold on to them: to do it in this dark time is a ray of light that gives hope. It was a way to stay inside what is happening to us.” . But once again, the question arises as to what to do ‘here’. This is the problem with the peace movement: “We understand that we cannot stop a single crate of ammunition.” One of the suggestions for returning to Bologna from Lviv was to “do something without killing anyone that has the power of a weapon: release Russian gas.” But even then, Zuchero said, the point is that “we only talk about war, not peace. The end of all communication fuels growing. And it raises the issue of not being able to implement the movement’s actions and ideals. Peaceful in political terms.”

(Demonstration in Lviv, photo FB Portico della Pace)

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