Which airlines are the most pet-friendly?

They are more Pet-friendly airlines they host on board Pet dog with a blind friend, a cat traveling from Milan to Rome With window seat And Ferret goes abroad with that owner. Airports and airlines are becoming more and more pet-friendly. For this There is no excuse to leave Your four (or two) foot friend on holidays, long weekends or summer vacations. If Fido and Missio on the train They can travel for freeOn a plane, the puppy must always have a ticket. And that’s why you can’t organize a last minute exit with your pet: The risk is to stay on the ground!

Do you need documents to travel with a puppy?

When a four-legged (or two-legged) passenger arrives at the airport, they must show their tickets and documents. Depending on the destination. Yes, because a domestic flight is different from an international flight. Puppies from Milan to Palermo Must have a health ticket and passportDogs and cats must have tickets, microchips and passes to fly in the EU Of the veterinarian.

A four-legged traveler in the United States is forced to present more A certificate of rabies vaccination. In addition to a veterinary medical document, rats are leaving for the community They must be kept in a cage. On the other hand, the European Union and the Ministry of Health have imposed a ban on keeping birds on board or in cabins from the Balkan peninsula. Turkey, Russia, South Africa and Romania. Because? Prevent the spread of avian flu. But which is the most pet-friendly airline?

Italy Air Transport (ITA)

That never wants to be isolated From your dog or cat Italia Trasporti Aereo (ITA), a company born out of the ashes of Alitalia. Pet-friendly service for Italian carriers However, it is not available on all aircraft. For this reason, pet owners must ask in advance through the ITA call center. Accommodation can be arranged in Fido or Missio cabins Only if their weight does not exceed 8 kg. Puppies must be kept in a special soft, semi-rigid or rigid carrier. For the whole trip. On the other hand, an animal on hold must be kept in a cage to ensure its safety above all else. Time of take off and landing.

Air dolomity

The Air Dolomity also accepts small dogs and cats on board. Animals, which must be kept In a suitable pet carrier, Their weight should not exceed 8 kg. This is why heavy puppies need to be put on hold after notifying the airline. At least 48 hours before departure. Guide dogs for the blind travel free.


Neos Allows transportation of animals in cabins or hold After checking its weight and dimensions. Dogs and cats weighing less than 10 kg can travel near the owner, All other pets are kept Under the pressure of the aircraft.


Dogs and cats They are the only pets Hosted on the Volotea board. The Spanish airline can hold four legs weighing more than 10 kg on hold Routes with only regional continuity From Milan Linette and Rome Fumicino airports to Alghero, Cagliari and Olbia Sardinian airports.


I Dogs, cats, birds and turtles are pets Weighing up to 10 kg, these puppies can travel in an authorized carrier on a Vueling ship. Not rigid with dimensions of 45 x 39 x 21 cm. On flights operated via code-sharing with Iberia, pets should not weigh more than 8 kg.

Blue wind

Blue Air welcomes pets after presenting their tickets and passports. If the Romanian airline hosts dogs and cats in the cabin Weighing up to 6 kg, the carrier carries pets up to 32 kg.

Airlines that are (still) not pet-friendly

To this day, EasyJet and Rainier do not allow pets on board or hold. The only welcome dog is the help dog for the blind. Although there is no drama. These two airlines in the future They can become pet-friendly after changing their aircraft!

On March 9, 2017, the Volatia cat transported Lily, a 50,000-foot passenger. (Credit: Volotea)

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