10 Causes of Sudden Rabbit Death: List of Top Causes

Here are 10 common causes for the sudden death of rabbits, which can cause your dog to die prematurely. Let’s find out what they are.

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The rabbit is an animal Which in recent years has replaced those that were our usual classic pets, such as dogs and cats.

This cute soft fur dog It does not take place and does not take much time for treatment.

It is an animal that is healthy It can even live up to 9 to 12 years.

However, In this paragraph We are going to describe 10 causes of sudden death Rabbits, For which the animal may leave us In advance

10 causes of sudden death of rabbits

Unfortunately, Despite the longevity of rabbits, many of them do not reach old age, e.g. For which several conditions may occur The creature leaves us first: Accidents, Poisoning, Diseases, Infections and more.

For this reason, It is important to know the 10 causes of sudden death of rabbitsThe most frequent cause for the death of animals, to be able to prevent them (in some cases).

The main ones The cause of the sudden death of rabbits I:

  1. High temperature;
  2. Myasis or fly severe stroke;
  3. Incorrect handling;
  4. Fear-related heart attacks;
  5. Stop abortion;
  6. Poisoning
  7. Taking sharp objects;
  8. Aging;
  9. Coexistence with other animals;
  10. Endless disease.

High temperature

Temperature is one of the 10 causes of sudden rabbit death.

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Above 27 C, the rabbits begin to sufferUp to 24 degrees Celsius or the animal can tolerate this condition.

In fact, In the summerWhen the temperature of rabbits rises until they reach and exceed 35-36 degrees Celsius, domesticated rabbits Wants freshness in the coldest place of the house.

He took a certain position On the floor That is, it spreads to the ground in an attempt to lower body temperature.

In additionBegin to breathe faster and more shallowly. The ears also help to dissipate heat for larger blood vessels.

Nevertheless, when the temperature is too high, The owner has to pay, To lower the temperatureAnimals guarantee an adequate environment.

Myasis or severe fly bites

Rabies migraine is caused by a tissue infection Fly larvae

It usually occurs in the summer, when hot, humid climates make them more present and active Annoying flies.

The latter Laying larvae on the wound Even in light or humid areas.

Larvae, then The cause of tissue damage In dorsal, and deep tissues, Involved in internal organs and until the decree of the death of the animal.

Wrong handling

Not all rabbits like to pick upBecause they are afraid when they are taken away.

Rabbit Day
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A form of fear as experienced in the case of attack by a predator.

Unfortunately, this rabbit trait does not seem to be familiar enough And for this reason we continue to pick them up or even accept them as playmates for children.

Fear of rabbits as well as creating stress in the animalIn the movement The animal may be injured Escape or even Limb fracture

Situation In time It can lead to degeneration To cause the death of rabbits.

Therefore, it is important to make it a habit to carry rabbits in your arms like a cat or a dog without stress.

Fear of heart attack

For the same reason rabbits can get hurt, that is Due to fear, the animal may have a heart attack And dies suddenly.

Because of this, Not brave animals And the tendency to heart attackIt needs to be kept at home, away from loud noisesAdverse weather, Potential predators And Annoying pets.

In the end, As we said before Don’t pick him up suddenly And suddenly.

Pregnancy abortion

RabbitsIn general, Reaches sexual maturity in 4 to 6 months.

Really, Already after 12 weeks of life, the woman may become pregnant, but It is advisable to avoid, because It may not be Exactly Ripe for pruning Pregnancy

Then there are cases where, If the rabbit stops abortion and fails to re-absorb the fetus, Rabbits They are dead Direct Inside the body, Creating a detrimental situation.

An abortion can be harmful, but if it is not, Rabbits can die.


A rabbit that does not want to eat its straw And assumes a strangely indifferent behavior, It is easy for him to eat poison.

However, it may not show any symptoms And behave normally, But if there is a drip From any area, especially the eyes, mouth or anus, He may have eaten something poisonous Inside the garden.

The Products Very common With which the animal may have eaten the poison itself I: Mix for gardening, Pesticides, detergents and other cleaning products.

Ingestion of the object

Rabbits, Have the same behavior as small children, Too often he eats things he shouldn’t And most of the time it’s something that can kill him.

To eat A Sharp or large objects can destroy internal organs Causes severe internal bleeding of a rabbit.

It is possible, In this case, Notice the blood around the anusSigns of internal bleeding e Run to the vet Check it out, Before it’s too lateBut often these events lead to the sudden death of rabbits.


The rabbit, as we mentioned earlier, is an animal that can live up to 9-12 years.

However, As he nears the end of his yearIt’s urgent Pay attention to some symptoms Which you can understand that the animal is close to death.

The most obvious symptoms may be: Convulsions Unintentional muscle, Lack of appetite, laziness, defecation, Changes in the condition of the coatChange Appearance of stool or urine, Bleeding, shortness of breath And Significant changes in symptoms Such as heart rate and body temperature.

Mating with other animals

Although Unintentionally or sometimes instinctively Some animals can kill your rabbit.

In fact, if you already have other animals in the house, choose Cats, ferrets or big dogsConsider your choice well.

They can, In this case, Accident or an unhappy intercourse occurs And delightful for rabbits who may die or be attacked by a heart attack.

Finally, continue with your choice, it is It is important to introduce the animals gradually Or avoid in any case for example some dogs or cats that have a hunting instinct.

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Persistent illness

The rabbit shows signs of that When the time of death draws near They can be more than unpleasant.

Especially when it is caused by a persistent disease that has not been cured.

Gradual deterioration occurs E under your eyes The disease gets worse.

In the last hours of life you have to give a dignified death by sacrificing all affection for your pet.

A rabbit near death often feels convulsions The body which is involuntary, and it does so uncontrollably.

It would make sense to take it to a bigger place Outside the house, maybe Cover it with a blanket To give warmth And make him feel more secure.

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