Anatolian Shorthair Care: Brushing, bathing, cleaning

Here are all the tips to practice while taking care of Anatolian shorthair, to keep me healthy and beautiful.

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There Anatolian Shorthair Care It is essential to guarantee the oral hygiene of the cat, the health of its skin and – more generally – the health of the cat. For this reason, it is important to know all the techniques and tips to keep in mind when cleaning your four feet: let’s find out together.

Anatolian Shorthair Coat Care: Brushing and bathing

How to take the best care of Anatolian Shorthair’s coat?

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This is nothing more than a difficult operation: after all, this cat is wrapped in a short coat, as well as without an undercoat.

In addition, it usually causes short hair to fall out. For this reason, brushing it 2-3 times a week is sufficient to avoid the risk of forming a knot in the cat’s fur or bolus inside the abdomen.

During the molting period, however, we need to increase the frequency of this operation. Which tool to use?

The ideal would be a brush with long, soft bristles. Alternatively, a Brush-glovesThanks to which we will be able to combine this coat care operation with a long and enjoyable pampering session.

The beauty and shine of a cat’s coat depends not only on the brush, but also on the cat’s food.

To find out what is the best nutrition for Anatolian shorthair, check out this article.

Cat wash yes no no?

We know that Fido needs to take regular baths to keep himself clean and sanitized. Does the same apply to cats?

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In principle, no: domestic cats are very prudent and dedicate themselves to cleanliness.

In some cases, however, cats may need to be bathed. For example, if the four legs are recovering from a long illness.

Sick cats, in fact, They neglect their own hygiene. At the time of recovery, and after asking the opinion of our trusted veterinarian, therefore, the furry dog ​​may need to be washed.

In this case, we need to equip ourselves with detergents specially formulated for cat skin and make sure the water temperature is optimal without being too cold or overheating.

When the washing operation is over, pay attention to the drying: it must be complete so that the four-legged dog does not get cold, exposing himself to the risk of getting sick.

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Anatolian shorthair eye, ear and dental care

In the care of Anatolian shorthair we cannot underestimate the importance of cleaning the eyes, ears and teeth of cats.

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In this case, it is essential to remove eye discharge and ear wax if it is abundant.

In fact, the risk is that they may be covered, which can lead to skin disorders such as conjunctivitis and otitis.

How do I clean my cat’s eyes and ears? Gently dab them with a gauze soaked in warm water.

Also It is very important to take care of the hygiene of the four teeth To protect the health and well-being of cats.

Bladder and bacterial accumulation can, in fact, lead to the onset of diseases such as gingivitis and stomatitis.

We have two equally valid options. The first is Brush your pet’s teeth regularlyIncluding special toothbrush and toothpaste.

The second, on the other hand, provides a spreadable cream with sanitizing power for distribution in cat teeth.

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Cutting cat’s nails: Here’s how

Finally, we need to answer only one last question about the care of Anatolian shorthairs: is it necessary to trim cats?

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Not always: it depends on the sample. In fact, there are four young and active legs who do not need to be victims of this operation, because they sharpen their nails independently.

Older and sedentary cats, on the other hand, may need our intervention if the nails become so long that they impede their movement.

In this case, you need to equip yourself with the nails, pressing the tips of the toes so that the nails come out completely and cut only the small part of the non-vascularized nail, which is lighter than the color. Rest.

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