Michela Vittoria Brambila: “We help war dogs and cats”

Leiden’s president has organized a mission on the Ukrainian border to rescue injured or abandoned animals.

Solanj sabhaganan
April 10, 2022 at 7:22 p.m.

Michela Vittoria BrambilaPresident of Leida (Italian League for the Protection of Animals and the Environment), as well as Member of Parliament and writer and presenter “Next to animals”, She calls me in the video to let me know the latest arrival from her home garden. Her name is Alma, she is 5 weeks old and she is a little lamb saved from a tragic fate that now happily jumps on the back of 7-year-old Brumbler girl Stella, with whom she not only plays, but sleeps at night, just like a dog. Alma has become the protagonist of an awareness campaign for the protection of animals. But during this time, if we talk about animals for protection, our thoughts go to many dogs and cats who have fled the war in Ukraine together with their owners. Leiden decided to give them concrete support.

Do you want to support the promise LEIDAA Italy as well as war-affected areas? Donate with a bank transfer to Iban of the Association IT61 D030 6909 6061 0000 0068 523 Banca Intesa Spa or click: https://leidaa.info/fai-una-donazione/

Michelle, can you tell us what you are doing for those fleeing Ukraine?
“Our goal is to help all the animals, whether they are in Italy or elsewhere. The Ukrainian pride, dignity and love for animals is an example to all. Saying that he would never leave without her, or someone else taking her canary to the cage, is a great lesson, to them. On the other hand, many could not take them with them. “

And so you set off for the border with a help convoy. How’s it going?
“Three Leiden volunteers have been driving for two days, never stopping, taking turns driving. We brought a ton of cat and dog food and a thousand pesticides. We arrived at the border between Poland and Ukraine and there we unloaded the elements depending on a structure, a kind of canal, which collects animals coming from the war zone. Inside was a room full of cats fleeing the cat from the bomb, while the dogs were caged in another room. They have lost animals, frightened, injured or left behind by refugees. We took about twenty of them. It was not possible. But we’ll be back soon for more. “

What did the volunteers say about this first mission?
“It simply came to our notice then. There desperate cats were pulling their paws out of their cages to attract attention. And then the refugees: seeing these people who have nothing left, they take a trolley and their careers, including their pets, are in terrible pain. When he got in the van again, he started crying. I would like to thank all those who have made this tiring journey, but also the volunteers and the presidents of the local Leida department, because we have distributed what was collected. And thanks also to the Italians who helped us with their valuable contributions.

What will happen to the animals you brought to Italy?
“For now, they have been paralyzed by our volunteers. We will look for families to adopt them whenever possible. I’m not worried about dogs, but I’m worried about cats because it’s hard to find a family for adults or adults, even if they’re nice.

Will he bring them into his program and adopt them?
“We will see how to do this. In the meantime, we can make reservations. On our website www.leidaa.info you will find all the information to accept and support us.”

Now, of course, more barriers have been added to their entry into Italy. Can you explain it to us better?
“In my opinion, the circular of the Ministry of Health is unreasonable. It allows refugees access to pets, including long-term quarantine, with measures provided to prevent rabies, while prohibiting associations from caring for and bringing stray animals from the streets or shelters in Ukraine to Italy: refugees would be at similar risk from animals. And the misguided, if they stay where they are, are at risk of death under the bomb. For this reason, as the Italian Federation of Animal Rights and the Environment Association, we have asked the Ministry to review this position.

Speaking of the “animal side” show, is there a new presenter?
«That’s right, this is my daughter Stella, who was previously sent to the” Northern Star “Wild Animal Recovery Center, from where she reported some of the animals they had treated. But he always asked me to come with him to record episodes because he wanted to keep a dog behind the scenes. The director has seen and filmed it. And since Sunday, March 27, she has officially co-hosted with me. It has its own space but we do something together.

In this case?
“We have some news. Like Vegan Cooking Lessons: Stella and I will cook a vegetarian Easter lunch in the studio following the instructions of Chef Emmanuel de Bayes. Then, if you like the column, we will continue it. We are a program that is increasingly moving towards families who live with respect for living animals. Stellar’s presence makes double sense. The animal rights message he delivered is even more effective. And his presence is a way to engage children, to whom he says something.

So have you already prepared the (vegan) menu for Easter?
“I am a mess in cooking. I don’t have time to apply myself, but I’d love to. The chef gave me a recipe book and I will try to make the dishes we made in the studio at home.

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