Patent for Dog Owners: Digital Edition Certificate Distributed – 1 in 4 photos

CREMONA’s show Licensing for dog owners. Current Simona PasqualiCouncilor for Sustainable Dynamics and Environment of the Municipality of Cremona, Laura Mori, Veterinary Specialist in Animal Behavior and Scientific Manager of the Project, e Giuliana Carona, Veterinarian and dog trainer.

License, organized byOrder of Cremona veterinarians in collaboration with the Municipality of Cremona, ATS Val Padana and * Pet Academy, This is the second time this digital mode has been covered. OrMore than 600 subscribers in digital versionOut of which 550 got final certificate.

In this regard, Commissioner Pasquale noted, “I would like to personally thank all those who took part in the course at this time. ভ A gesture of attention to all citizens registered for the license: those who take the initiative to raise their dogs for animal welfare ৷, learn to understand their needs and means of communication. “They show sensitivity towards those who do not have four-legged companions. Coexistence is thus harmonized as much as possible.” He then added that “thanks to the development of digital mode, Cremona has been able to reach out to the owners of the entire peninsula, thus making it a focal point for the promotion of animal welfare education.”

Dr. Mori thanked the participants, the Municipality of Cremona, ATS Val Padana and Pet Academy for providing a dedicated platform and making it accessible to all, with continuous and timely technical support. He was the speaker of the training course. Giuliana also thanked Carona. Digital mode has made it possible to reach a wide range of national territories, even reaching areas where it has not yet been possible to organize. There was a lot of expression of satisfaction from the participants.

Dr. Mori then speculated that “the dates for the October edition will be announced soon, again on the Pet Academy portal and on the Order’s official website.”

The goal of the license.

The general purpose of the license, the training course offered for the industry. Article 4 of the Order of 1, 3 March 2009, Encouraging proper development of relationship between dog and owner To allow the integration of animals in the social context. The training course provides an idea of ​​the current law and the physiological and ethical characteristics of the dog to make the owner sensitive to responsible rights.

By understanding the dog and its language, along with the owners’ knowledge of their civic and criminal responsibilities and obligations, this is intended to improve interpersonal relationships and prevent the development of unwanted behavior by animals. The dog, as a sensitive being, is endowed with cognitive abilities that must be strengthened and has moral needs and behaviors that its human companion must understand and accept so that its insertion into society can be favorable.

The license is free and open to all citizens who already own a dog or want to adopt one.. It is only provided for subjects bound by their own local health authority ordinance.

Teaching is based on modern cognitive approaches to training courses for veterinarians. To issue a “license” requires participation in the course (with a minimum of 80% frequency of lesson hours) and passing the final quiz.

The course lasts 12 hours With which 2 extra hours related to aggression and aggressive behavior were added. The syllabus is divided into 6 lessons (7 for compulsory students) every two hours with compulsory attendance of at least 80% of the lessons. At the end, there will be a learning test of the covered topics, after which the official documents will be available.

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