Sit comfortably / 40: C as a house, a place to grow, find shelter, enjoy

Giovanna Fumagalli Biolo

“Home is where we love.
Our feet may leave it, but not our heart. “

Oliver Wendell Holmes

Over the course of several days I have found branches of all sizes and shapes in my pergola and I have no idea where they came from.
Then one morning I was fascinated by the sound and turned my eyes away (which I think we should all do a little more) and I realized that a pair of gray doves were nesting on the edge of my roof.
I’m telling you the truth, I got excited, I started keeping an eye on them and I discovered that when mom has a still child, dad tries a lot to collect the things he needs to build a home.
Again Mother Nature gives me a wonderful show that I never get tired of thinking and it reminds me of how perfect it is in every celebration.
Since I am also curious, I have done some research on these birds and I have discovered that they symbolize the highest and eternal level of love: fidelity, and they do not follow a moral code, but rather they consider the marital relationship to be unique and unique. Sure
How much we have to learn from nature.
Although I probably won’t see the kids, these birds have chosen to make their home in my house despite being guarded by a dog and two cats, this thought fills me with joy and pride.

If you tell adults: “I saw a beautiful pink brick house, with geranium in the window and a dove on the roof …”,
They can’t imagine the house.
You must say: “I saw a house worth a million francs.” Then they immediately shouted: “Oh, how beautiful!”

Little gold

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Here is a word that I absolutely love and it makes my heart warm বল Every moment I think of the meaning of that which is complex, because it refers not only to the ordinary building where one lives, but to a story, the story of a place full of memories and experiences to which we feel deeply. Membership
Having a home to greet every morning and find again every evening creates a sense of peace and security that allows us to face all the adversities we promise every day.
When my kids were young, and I had to go to school with them, getting out of the house was always tiring, because it was never time.
“One more minute please” and then before leaving they put a little thing in their apron pocket “because it reminds me of home” they said, and can I blame them?
Who among us could not fly home like the hero of an unforgettable movie UP tied in thousands of balloons everywhere?
The home is a place where every resident is given the opportunity to meet with respect, dignity, strength and then leave with confidence.

Even today, when children are adults, I try to preserve the warm and welcoming environment they have when they return to childhood, with a desire to create them with laughter, attention, and the scent of good food. Feeling special and loved ..

Because it is also home. It’s comfort, it’s tranquility, it’s a fence that protects, a shelter that supports and not a cage that traps, a prison that encloses, a place that suffocates.
Every moment I stop to look, my house, dreamed and built with my husband more than twenty years ago, was chosen by many because it is special (or maybe he chose us?).
If I close my eyes I still see my third child playing in the plastic house in the garden, I see that they have been playing for hours in the small pool until their skin is dry, I can see all kinds of animals running around in joy and I see flowers, plants , See the shrubs that have made a place for themselves and give pleasure to our eyes. And I see many, many friends and family who have crossed our gates sharing the precious bits of life with us. The years flew by quickly, leaving a trail of perennial joy.
Because the house is also, welcome, open, listening and photos, books, objects that reflect our inner love and it constantly reminds us.
It was a mix of bricks and concrete and we made it a place to overflow with love. Home.

“Everyone sets up a home at some point in their lives.
The hardest part is building a house in the heart.
Not just a place to sleep, but a place to dream.
A place to raise a family with love,
A place not to seek refuge from the cold
But we have an angle of our own from which the changing seasons can be appreciated;
Not a place to spend time,
But where will you feel happiness for the rest of your life “.

Sergio Bambaren

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