Ukrainian Crisis, Vatican Action: Two Cardinals Sent, Dialogue Breaks Dialogue with Patriarch Kirill

Pope Francis goes a step further and seems to have taken any diplomatic precautions in the early days of the Russian aggression: “Holy See is willing to do anything, to make himself available for peace”. Angeles on Sunday Bargoglio spoke of Ukraine as “a river of blood and tears”, adding: “It is not just a military operation but a war that sows death, destruction and misery.” And so he embarked on a complex diplomatic campaign, starting with the Secretary of State and sending two important cardinals to Ukraine to try to open the way for new mediation. And in the midst of all this chaos, the thread of the conversation with Moscow’s Kirill Orthodox Patriarch has been broken (or interrupted in any case) – a possible meeting was on the agenda in the summer, as the Russian ambassador to the Holy See announced last Thursday. Who has confirmed that he is in complete control of the Kremlin.

Secretary of State: “Avoid Excess”

The Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin’s announcements were very decisive: “The first thing to do now is to stop arms and combat, but above all to avoid an increase. And the first increase is verbal,” he said in an interview with Tv2000 about the war in Ukraine. Paroline reiterated: “We are available. If our presence and actions are considered to be helpful, we are there. Is performed.

The two cardinals in the war zone, the alumni and the person in charge of the immigrants

“The Holy See has dedicated itself to the cause of peace in Ukraine.” The Vatican’s press office recovered it, recalling that the pope had sent two cardinals to “express the church’s solidarity with the distressed Ukrainian people”: Responsible. Cardinal Krazywski is heading to the border between Poland and Ukraine, where he will meet with refugees and volunteers at the shelter and at home. Cardinal Cherney will arrive in Hungary on Tuesday 8 March to visit some reception centers for immigrants from Ukraine. Both have left for Ukraine and want to reach the country in the next few days depending on the situation. The cardinals “will come to the aid of the poor and will represent all the Christian people who want to show solidarity with the people of Ukraine, not just the pope.” “Pope Francis’s gesture seeks to draw attention to many similar situations around the world,” concludes Holy See.

Holy See: News of human trafficking activities

The Holy See, referring to the shipments to Ukraine by Cardinal Pope Conrad Krajewski and Michael Cherney, underlines: In particular, the card. Czerny declares that “since most fleeing people are believers, religious support should be given to all, taking into account the global and inter-religious differences. Finally, “There is a great need for good organization and a shared strategy.”

Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill: Right to fight, against the gay lobby

In a shocking sermon on Sunday, Moscow Patriarch Kirill spoke in justified terms about the war in Ukraine: For Kirill, “Today is a test of loyalty to this government, a kind of transition to that ‘happy’ world, a world of excessive enjoyment, a world of visible ‘freedom.’ Do you know what this test is? .

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