A weekend in Bridgetown: 6 romantic locations inspired by the series

Its the second season Bridgeton Shonda Rhymes’ Netflix TV series has just been released but it is already a success. Its the first season Bridgeton Finished with TV series Duchess Daphne And Earl’s Hastings Simon Bassett The time of the birth of their first child. Penelope FeatheringtonIn fact the youngest and smartest in his family Lady WhistledownBut his identity is still a secret. If the push and pull between Daphne and Simon is now in the archives, in the new season it’s time for a new couple to find love … Already all episodes have been released on Netflix, fans of the series will be able to be among the places marked by Booking.com and really worth booking. To immerse oneself in the environment of the English Regency era by choosing one The first destination is the berth, but also other all-Italian locations inspired by the nineteenth-century atmosphere of the series. Here’s more.

Hotel The Bird, Bath
Surrounded by beautiful countryside, Hotel The Bird Bath occupies an elegant terraced house overlooking the recreation grounds and close to ancient attractions such as the famous Roman Bath. While the exterior has a historic feel, the interior is decorated with bright, whimsical furniture. Here you will find a restaurant that serves traditional English food prepared with fresh produce. Enthusiastic fans will be able to explore the featured locations during the series Bridgeton Walking Tour of Bath. Along the way, while listening to the music of the series, you can admire the home of the main characters and where the dances and parties were set.

Queen Charlotte, as Golda Rossiuvel, during tea in the first series Bridgeton

Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa
Fans of the series will immediately recognize this hotel, as it was used in the outdoor shots as the primary residence of a prominent family. Considered one of the greatest examples of Georgian architecture in the UK, this great hotel also has an award-winning restaurant and high-class cocktail bar. Rooms feature 18th-century inspired decor, luxurious bedding and paintings by artists of the time. Here you can also enjoy Bath’s Georgian and Victorian-era audio tours, which are perfect for brushing up your knowledge of the time when you visited famous historical attractions of the past such as: Jane Austen Museum And Victoria Art Gallery.

Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa – Courtesy Booking.com

Price and Week – Heart of Bath
Price and Week – The Heart of Bath is a well-appointed holiday home reminiscent of the sweetly colored streets of the stone town of Bath, featuring lovely pastel colors. Overlooking a green cemetery on a quiet street, the property is within walking distance of the iconic city center. The Holburn Museum of Art, a large pillar building featured as the residence of one of the main characters in the series, is within walking distance of the property.

Price and week, Heart of Bath

Courtesy Booking.com

Monterdo Castle, March
Located in a small medieval village, Castello de Monterdo has large and luxurious suites dating back to 1732 and surrounded by the serenity of serene landscapes. In the past it belonged to the Duke of Arbino, Monterdo Castle It still retains the original frescoes and gives those who visit it the feeling of being able to live in the past. The Castello Di Monterado suites offer stunning views of the surrounding countryside and boast elegant furniture, bright chandeliers and paintings of the time.

Monterado Castle, Marche – Courtesy Booking.com

Guerrero Castle, Piedmont
The city of Guerrero, with its eighteenth-century castle, could be a perfect destination for lovers of court life. In the center of Roerio, its huge veranda dominates more than 60 kilometers of UNESCO and offers breathtaking views from Langhe to Asti, as well as glimpses of the countryside dedicated to the famous Barolo production. Fans of the TV series will be able to spend their days walking in the beautiful garden of the castle, reminiscent of the romantic scenes that characterize the love story between the two heroes.

Castello di Guarene, Piedmont – courtesy Booking.com

Bevilacqua Castle, Veneto
In the center of Veneto, Bevilacqua Castle offers its guests a fairy tale, characterized by the comfort, luxury and elegance of the past. The restaurant, located inside the palace, is a perfect location to revitalize the dance and show environment against the backdrop of the comedic intrigue of TV series characters. In addition, thanks to the numerous services provided by the hotel, guests can relax and take care of themselves in the wellness and fitness room.

Bevilacqua Castle, Veneto – Courtesy Booking.com

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