All instructions to welcome them safely

To welcome Security The Animals Servant fromUkraineThe Ministry of Health The Italian has published a booklet including all Instructions.

The animals that escaped from Ukraine, just like humans

The situation is terrible Ukraine It is forcing people to flee the country to seek refuge in safer places. Escape is not just about people, it’s about people Animals. In particular, affection is most involved in those. Not by chance Italy The Ministry of Health Decided to publish a dedicated information brochure. Find out the reasons for your pet’s health problems. In 2008 Italy The case has been filed Sylvan is angry. It is a pathology that is transmitted by wildlife, due to epidemics Ukraine And in other countriesEastern Europe. Pets are also involved.

Animals are urgent

The disease that our country faced was eradicated in its domestic version in the 1970s. As a result, the brochure, pulled up with National rabies reference center at the experimental zooprophilic institute in Venezia Controlling the entry of pets is essential Italy. So what can they get into animals Italy FromUkraine? Featuring pets Ukraine They can enter Italy Just follow a iter Very specific must first be with their owner.

IS Stray dogs and cats are prohibited from entering Or those who are hosted by Ukrainian asylum seekers, even if they are microchiped and vaccinated. This discrepancy has caused frustration for the Citizens and Animal Welfare Association. The choice is considered discriminatory and punitive. The distinction made, however, was necessary from Ministry of Health Will have to wait for more hints from European Commission.

Procedure to enter Italy

The owner of the animal, once it has reached the borders of the bordering countriesUkraine (Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania) And before coming Italy, Provide their information to the appropriate authorities. Authorities are then forced to send an e-mail to the address, Indicates: species, how many animals are traveling, owner’s name and destination address. Once the pets and owners came ItalySpecial structures are welcomed.

Animals with or without microchips

There Method Depending on whether there are animals MicrochipAs well as Vaccination certificate against Anger Sylvan. If you have pets, veterinarians will make sure the animals are really resistant to the disease. If successful, they will have to be monitored for three months. This can be up to a maximum of six months with negative results. If the animals do not have a microchip or certificate, they will be vaccinated and microchipped, then you will have to wait at least three months.

What is the difference between a cat and a dog?

There are differences between the methods depending on whether they are pets or not Dogs Or a Cats. Introduced by protocol Ministry of Health For dogs it provides that they can leave the house during observation, but only with a snout and mouth. Cats, on the other hand, can never leave the house for the entire observation period.

Free care for pets fleeing Ukraine

Enter once ItalyThe animal is fleeingUkraine They will be able to take free treatment at the initiative of the organization Human society is international (Hsi), in collaboration with the European Veterinary Federation (Hsi)Fve and Fecava) Activities “Vets for Ukrainian pets“Valid until May 21 and available to veterinarians in 38 countries (specifically including l‘Italy), 250 euros compensation to cover the cost of treatment for serious diseases, vaccines and microchips for five dogs, cats, horses or other pets.

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