Anatolian Shorthair: Price, puppy, character, curiosity

Anatolian shorthair is a little known cat, but full of surprises: let’s find out all we need to know about this breed.

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Similar to the Turkish van, this pattern differs in coat length – its cat is smaller than its cousin. Where did he come from? What are the history features of the episode? We answer these and other questions aboutAnatolian shorthair.

General information about the breed

We begin the introduction with Anatolian Shorthair by listing a series of general information about these cats.

Anatolian shorthair
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  • Nickname: Anatolian Cat
  • Origin: Anatolia
  • Average life: 15-20 years
  • Size: Medium-large
  • Weight: 6-11 kg
  • Hypoallergenic: No.
  • Escape tendency: Yes
  • Weight gain tendency: Yes
  • The tendency to meow: No.
  • The tendency to suffer from loneliness: No.
  • Climate: Suffers from low temperatures
  • Compatible with kids: Yes
  • Compatible with other animals: Not well-matched with cats, but suitable for coexistence with dogs

How much does anatolian shorthair cost?

Would you like to buy a sample of this variety? Anatolian shorthair prices vary 900 to 1100 euros.

However, these cats do not have many farms. In fact, it is a little known outside the homeland and rarely a widespread cat bird.

With the cost of the cat, we need to add value to its maintenance.

Monthly expenses include about 30 euros per month, and include an average of purchases related to baby food, flies, veterinary visits, etc.

Ideal accommodation and lifestyle

Anatolian shorthair is a lively, curious and active cat.

For this, its habitat must be stimulating, so that its routine is always lively and full of surprises, preventing the cat from developing frustration and, consequently, behavioral problems.

The ideal would be to set up a space entirely dedicated to four legs, with games, scratching posts, paths and raised shelves.

On good days, if you have a garden or a roof, the little dog can access outside.

But caution must be exercised: The area must be completely fenced and secure. Only in this way, in fact, will we prevent the cat from moving away from its territory, causing trouble.

Origin and history of the dynasty

As can be easily inferred from the name of the breed, this cat is originally from Anatolia.

Anatolian shorthair
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More specifically, the sample of Anatolian shorthair is particularly widespread in Turkey.

Cats had a natural origin without any human intervention.

The presence of these four legs has been recorded since 1700But there is very little information about the history of the species.

Appearance and physical features

What does an Anatolian shorthair look like? Here are all the physical features of this sample.

Anatolian shorthair
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The body of these four legs is athletic and muscular. It is a medium to large cat that weighs Between 6 and 11 kg.


The head of the Anatolian shorthair is broad with the cheekbones. The ears are wide at the base and pointed at the edges.

Eyes, large and expressive, They can take different colorsBlue and green from yellow and amber.

In addition, the cat’s irises can be two different shades.


Specimens of this species are wrapped in a short-length coat and have no undercoat.

Values ​​accept all possible colorsExcept lilac, cinnamon and chocolate. Similarly, all coat designs are possible.

The legs

Anatolian shorthair legs are long, slender and strong. Cats have round and large legs.

Anatolian shorthair character

Thanks to its irresistible temperament, Anatolian shorthair is a cat that can easily break a person’s heart.

Anatolian shorthair
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In fact, it is a very sweet and affectionate specimen, who loves to receive attention and care from his family.

Of course, he lacks a playful and intriguing side: active and lively, this cat loves to run, jump and have fun.

Compatibility with children and other animals

Patient and loving, it is a perfect four-legged friend for the little ones.

Attention, however, to coexist with other animals: since it is a Extremely regional catsIt does not go well with members of its own species.

On the contrary, it can share its habitat with the dog, until the animals are adequately socialized and have their own space where they can feel safe and comfortable.

Health and care of Anatolian shorthair

Specimens of this species are in good health.

Anatolian shorthair
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In fact, they are long-lived cats, not subject to genetic diseases that are inherited from one generation to the next.

The average lifespan between these four legs 15 and 20 years.

However, this does not mean that Anatolian shorthairs can be affected by common diseases of domestic cats, such as complications arising from urinary tract disorders or obesity.

For four foot hygiene and hygiene, these are extremely easy operations.

How to take the best care of Anatolian shorthair? Brush it once a week to remove excess coat, avoiding the formation of knots and hairballs.

Ideal nutrition

What to feed Anatolian Shorthair so that it is always healthy and strong?

Anatolian shorthair
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Specimens of this species, as well as all domestic cats, are compulsive carnivores.

For this, they must necessarily take proteins from animal sources such as chicken, rabbit, beef, seaweed, salmon and tuna.

From these foods, they receive essential nutrients that their bodies are unable to produce independently.

Substances like this Niacin, thiamine and cobalaminFour-legged is essential for the proper functioning of the immune system.

Breeding and puppies

Would you like to learn more about the mating and reproduction of this species? Here’s what you need to know about Anatolian Shorthair puppies.

Anatolian shorthair
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Pregnancy in cats lasts within i 59 and 67 daysAfter which 2-4 puppies are born.

The kitten reaches adulthood in the first year of life.

Name your Anatolian shorthair

Have you decided to welcome an Anatolian shorthair into your home and life? Then all you have to do is choose the perfect name for your new four-legged friend.

Name for you
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Among the most popular names for this breed of cat are:

  • Female: Iris and Lily;
  • Men: Felix and Dodo.

When it comes to choosing the perfect name, Do not underestimate the word material. This factor can, in fact, facilitate – or conversely make it more difficult – the process of understanding and memorizing by animals.

To help your cat recognize and remember its name easily, choose short words consisting of repetitions of similar or identical syllables. Some examples? Gigi, Kiki and Bob.

Curiosity about Anatolian shorthair

Finally, we close our entire sheet with a roundup of accessories discovered in Anatolian Shorthair.

Anatolian shorthair
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  • These are extremely rare cats. To date, in fact, there are only 2,000 Anatolian shorthairs registered with the World Cat Federation;
  • The specimen of this species is the deity Unusual domestic felines. Because? They like water, unlike most cats. In fact, they enjoy playing with splashes and jets, and they love to bathe;
  • Anatolian shorthair is really a “sticky” cat: she likes physical contact and wants to sit on her two-legged friend’s arm or even on her shoulder.

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