Bologna, A Journey Through the School Profession: A Tired and Repetitive Practice


Premise: Register will be a parody. I went on a busy school trip and I call it that, a little randomly. Occupy a school, high school or professional institute, which goes after, Errors and causes, expectations and needs, real things like vitality, the design of a potential future due to a huge concentration. Above all, act as a real outlet for the course of study. This is the hardest fictional subject, that requires crazy and extensive study for grades. Over time, this is likely to be the case at the ministerial level. Because it’s always about a spark that burns, a click, a jump that unfortunatelyFrom what I’ve seen around, it’s complicated that they can be captured by a ritual, proclaimed, stimulated, programmed in some way, such as an interrogation.

Not just a career journey

It’s not just a journey to the center of the profession

. Whether they are run by minorities, organized groups that have always made conversations a point of honor, even more so, if they come out publicly without the knowledge of student representatives and the organization in charge. My Moleskine blockchain reading guide: Never take yourself seriously. As an alumnus of Luigi Galvani Licio-Ginnacio, Every school year, except, perhaps, in the fourth grade, because subboots are still busy with games, I hope my school will be full of frogs or a victim of a boiler block, to keep the dream of staying at home. At the same time, two or three classmates wearing sleeveless sweaters, referring to the political events of the First Republic, prepared documents and speeches for the Congress Plenum. Half is political, bureaucratic and intellectual education towards the people.


They tell me that they are all well and that they live pretty well. However, the problem becomes complicated when the ritual is transformed into a ritual, an annual appointment, from which the same thing, the same words, the same gestures, the same impression can be expected.. This year, however, the “total white” of tracksuits, T-shirts, sweatshirts and fitness accessories has apparently dominated. Either side on Saturday night as promised. Let’s start with the main points: High school students always wear high school students’ clothes. Those who do not go to high school offer a very wide range, ranging from imitation and habit change when needed, to exploring their own, immediate, natural street style identity claim. For a varnish, a tick, a classicist practice, general attention needs to be directed towards high school students who, again, have the task of imposing classic trilogy, structure, school goals against conceptualism.. You don’t want to dedicate a seminar on these issues, a moment of conflict snatched by the rage of gates and posts to open new requests.

There is nothing new

Spending the morning talking to friends who teach, they give me back the idea of ​​Dezebauer, the result of horrific demands along the lines of the first initiative organized at Roman High School, but rather ideal, inspired by the future of the planet, by the rigidity of everything and the surrounding distance from school. . Nothing new, even in times of renewed interest in professionsThe “Bolobene” and “Bolofeccia” dictionaries have and will have pockets of rebellion, rebellion pocket air, Cartesian axis for use in family memories. In spite of everything, in spite of the rest of the world, life, with multidimensional randomness, as a theme on the employment agenda, revolves around the repetition of a ritual that, like others, is not initiation, not even one. Conclusion. When you enter 14, once accidents, breaks, blocks are considered, moving to 18 means exposing yourself to the world, or, throwing yourself in search of your own world, path, standard, example, thought. Pollen pollen, the wind that blows in all directions. Hard to write and take note of the power of words: Possession.

Go back to socializing

Perhaps, better to say, an objection in the form of a huge celebration or ritual TikTok, the return of boys and girls to sociality is not known. After these two years, it would have been great to leave the right place for the really heavy, dark, burdensome, finally light, ideas, new variety of knowledge, beautiful and restless curiosity full of school days.. Sore point rebellion is a pure work to reduce mixed loneliness. Against whom? For what Not surprisingly, the immediate response is more from parents who project without the awareness process, split up, and automatically compete for complexity.

Educational Institutions

The first impression does not count, however, to see a couple with a cute dog, both in Tartan trousers, in Viale Pepoli, 3, Liceo, the seat of the state high school “Augusto Righi”. In all respects, the similarities are similar to those of a student waiting for a temporary passage in his career, as if he were waiting for the arrival of a transitist or one of the many influential people.. The logical ladder, the general interrogative structure of analytical mathematics, as the background to the occupation of leisure time and not the centrality of educational institutions. The wind is rising, making the motion nervous, a raised collar, pressing on the hat. Through Marconi, Aldrovandi-Rubbiani, State Professional Institute of Crafts and Services. The fact that it is not a high school is more understandable from Timbral, the loud screams, here and there, the banners start in the air, the writings that are not well understood. A very instructive scene of very tired, weak conduct that no longer needs permission. When surrounded by social rituals, there is only one “there”, or, “what it is”, in a new way of transmitting knowledge, to meet the need to claim school culture over the state of the art. Compared to the need and the potential institutional response that varies from a “Fashion Week” discount, for example an 80’s revival Tuesday, Friday, a grunge grand finale or a weekend study trip, all trolleys and rainbows. What remains is an unavoidable polarization from public debate with endless overlapping of institutional and non-institutional voices, not respecting rules, giving opportunities, worrying a community outside of violating policy without reason.. Even to this day, Molskin has done his duty, paying homage to a tedious ritual. Bad: Stable. School as a community is a very important thing that requires a commitment and a constant and diligent dedication: from principal to students. It is not the ultimate limelight for drama and theater games as an influencer and brand ambassador in the school environment. Otherwise, it is painful to notice, it is a collection of classicism, functional differences, hateful criticism, out of place, completely rhetorical. Unless, of course, the week of the profession is not a new “white week” because of the influence of clips, film, photons and photons. The day will come when, finally, the question will be, “Oh, how much did you take on the job?”

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