Friday, April 22, 2022 is Earth Day

Earth Day is celebrated on Friday 22 April 2022The biggest environmental event on the planet, a very important moment to promote its protection, especially now that the climate debate is very hot. In our small way we can contribute every dayFocus on energy consumption, avoid waste in the kitchen, make conscious choices when shopping, use more bicycles and environmental vehicles, but also Choosing sustainable travel.

Sicily – Freezing and green building
It’s the same Baglio Occhipinti vegetable garden, The source of most of the ingredients is based on the cuisine of the estate in the center of Ragusa village., In Val de Noto. Although the gardens are covered with pastel spots and give the world the gift of wild anise and thistle, this corner of wonder – reinterpreted in an envelope Updated according to sustainable vision and green building guidelines Declares war on carbon Using only zero-meter vegetables and fruits, According to Frasing’s instructions, A respectable collection of wild plants and fruits of the area. Thanks to this visit, for example, you can enjoy unforgettable picnics in rows of vineyards or discover the secrets of Grandma’s cooking, in a delicious course to learn, for example, the recipe of Scissia ragusana with sun-dried tomatoes, cooked in the oven. Fuel with local wood. Respect for local heritage and environment is an inherent Through the concept of rigid plastic-free and green energy derived from photovoltaics and solar panels.
Once a classic fortified farm with a large courtyard, today you can relax around the edge of a pool The pool is purified with salt to reduce the use of chlorineSurrounded by fruit trees and more than 300-year-old citrus groves and housed in a Mediterranean garden project, where you can eat an aperitif as a couple.
Telephone 349 394359,

Campania – The first natural oasis in Campania
Before the sand mining at Domizio (CE) in Literal. Then, thanks for an article The work of environmental regenerationHas become Nabi Lake, Campania’s first natural oasis. Example, this, of Sustainable tourism Which has transformed an abandoned place and strengthened its natural and historical heritage. Here, then, Removable Glamping Structure They preserve the region, its animal and plant kingdoms through complete immersion in the environment. And if, next to the glamping, there are also 4-star hotel structure Plana Resort and SPARide in one around you Illuminated bike path With a mile and a half, it is the longest in the world Criteria of round economyWith stones that naturally capture sunlight and then leave at night and store energy. Telephone 0823764044,

MOLISE – Broad well …
Revitalize an area designated for population. Protecting the environment and turning it into an engine of environmentally friendly development. Create innovative solutions. These are the purposes for which he was bornBourgotufi Hotel in Castel del Guidis (IS), On the Molise Apennines on the border with Abruzzo. Abandoned farms, stables, granaries have been converted Small charming accommodation for guests, using original materials (stone, wood, terracotta) perfectly integrated into the landscape, With traditional or avant-garde architectural solutions. From the terrace of the house you can admire the rows Organic apples Mellis, cultivated without pesticides and reclaimed land until recently abandoned and on which bees today 1st Community Apiary in Italy. The new Maltolento microbrewery near the apple orchard has hop and barley trees, this talented village has won another challenge. And that’s not all because a Castel del Gudis food plan has also been developed, a food policy that seeks to reduce food wastage, return other lands to organic farming, and stimulate environmental protection in the local economy.
Telephone 0865 946820,

Romagna – Sea Echo
Lots of green, seaside parks, clear sea and decorated with blue flags For more than 10 years, bicycle paths, Tamarisk beach (iItaly’s first beach has been reclaimed) And The highest proportion of green space in the entire Riviera Romagnola. Per Cesanatico (FC) It is normal to choose to live Green holidays, Try as much as possible to make their own contribution to a sustainable lifestyle. Not only this, with the help of this website you can do wonders Ricky Hotel, Family and Bike Hotel. Under the banner of respect for the environment They are plastic free, they conserve and recycle water, reduce energy consumption, use water in seasonal products and recyclable packaging from the Romagna countryside, Provide bicycles and e-bikes for guests. The Ricci Hotel has been rewarded with all these eco-sustainable treats Eco Leader Gold TripAdvisor Certification, Eco Label Certification at Legambient and Tourism Oscar at Legambient.
Telephone 0547 87102, Toll-free number 800 014 040,

Emilia – Plastic Free Hotel
LawExecutive Spa Hotel in Fiorano Modenese (MO)The Experimental Hotel, a few kilometers from Modena and Maranello, is a historic structure that has rediscovered the feeling of hospitality. Luxury smart hotel is completely plastic free, In which a new poem of modern luxury is sought, keeping an eye on the culture and the most authentic tastes of Emilia. The current technology for smart vacations and business travelers enriches a newly designed fitness center and a 400 m2 wellness center for the rebirth of being at the heart of Motor Valley and Food Valley. There Cuisine, avant-garde and durableEmilian is born out of the excellence of food and wine and adds flavor to the ever-evolving creative, which became an unforgettable experience at the ALTO restaurant, where you can taste the signature dishes on an original rooftop from where you can admire and feel the magic. For food under the stars in the sky, thanks to a future ceiling that partially disappears.
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South Tyrol – Environmental glass cube on the lake
The Skyview Chalet I Environmental glass cube That bank point Dobiaco Lake (BZ)Made by Dolomites. Made of natural materials (glass and wood) they give a complete immersion in nature as the roof is transformed into a glass window. Which allows you to observe the sky and the surrounding wood. Holidays that are full of complexity are neither fun nor comfortable. The door to the chalet opens and you’ll walk through the tram sire de lavaredo and the fa উদade-sেসnes-brace’s natural gardens., Go to Monte Serla and Malga Vallettina, or go for a mountain bike and e-bike tour. All to enjoy the taste of a slow vacation, with a comfortable human pace. It goes without saying that Kitchen offer Is Respectful of the environment: Breakfasts are based on organic products at km 0 and are served in the typical South Tyrolian cuisine “Il Finile” restaurant.
Telephone 0474 973138,

South Tyrol – Dolomites with low environmental impact
LawExcelsior Dolomites Life Resort at San Vigilio de Marebe (BZ) Got it Dignified GSTC Certification (Global Sustainable Tourism Council) For eco-sustainability. The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) is a non-profit organization that sets the standard for sustainable development in the global travel and tourism industry. From the new Dolomites Lodge, the landscape of the Fসnes-Sেসnes-Braসes Natural Park is breathtaking.. This is even more so when you consider that the structure has turned the fight against greenhouse gases into a kind of crusade. Dolomite Lodge, in fact, Low power consumption: It was built as a “CasaClima Class A”Uses natural materials including stone, wood, iron and glass. A simplification plant produces parts of electricityConverts natural gas to heat and helps to save about 20% energy. Panoramic swimming pool Including polyurethane tub Costs 30% less Compared to a steel or concrete tank. Also, there is great attention to sustainable mobility, including the whole village of San Vigilio de Marebe: workers stay at the resort, guests leave their cars in the garage and can travel by public transport or on foot. In the summer, walk and cycling tours depart from Excelsior and the resort offers a free hiking bus. Finally, with the help of Summercard, you can travel to South Tyrol all the way and only by car.
Telephone 0474 501036,

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South Tyrol – Friend of the environment, good d’Egate
Overhaul Refuse was built with eco-sustainable materials (Native wood such as larch and spruce, native stone, glass) At an altitude of 2096 mAbove the overhaul chairlift Nova Ponente (BZ), Val de Egate. It’s one Immersed in the most intact nature of Val D’Ager with unique destination, view of the most beautiful peaks of Dolomites (Lagorai, Dolomiti de Brenta, Artler) with a bold but simple and straightforward architecture (three balcony volumes reminiscent of a hut) so that one can feel at peace with oneself and one’s surroundings. And though At the table, the environment must be respected: General mountain preparation (reconsideration with respect and imagination) based on local and natural ingredients.
Val d’Ega Tourism, Tel. 0471 619 500,

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