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A. BIT 2022Located in the space of the city of Fiera Milano, the Piedmont area is represented by a delegation of 7 local tourist agencies and tour operators. In line with the demands of the 2022 edition, Piedmont embarked on a new journey towards BIT. Extremely diverse tourism offerStarting with Agri-Food Heritage, the White Truffle of Alba, wine with 18 dockies and 41 docks, and 340 typical food products have been reinterpreted at 46 Michelin Star restaurants.

The new app will be unveiled at Holy Mountain at a press conference on April 10 among various initiatives. And gods The main event of 2022Live broadcast and then published on the region’s official Facebook page.

This is a combination of all one Absolutely prestigious artistic and cultural circuitIn addition to the fascinating industrial cities, there are 40 Orange Flag municipalities and 17 important “UNESCO sites” in Italy. With 95 protected natural areas, Gran Paradiso National Park and Val Grande National Park, 20,000 kilometers of bicycle-tourist routes and a network of historic routes, Piedmont offers a personalized travel experience in the name of high quality sustainable tourism.

Start with a series of international events scheduled for the next few months Eurovision Music Competition, Which will see 40 countries present in Turin from 10 to 14 May, will confirm the subalpine capital as a reference set for the world music and art scene. Again an appointment with the culture in Turin Book fairMay 19 to 23 with a calendar of meetings and initiatives, while its turn is from May 31 to June 4 International Festival of Economics. The hero of autumn Artisima fair, The most important Italian fair dedicated solely to contemporary artistic expression that transformed Turin into an international laboratory from 4 to 6 November. Also in sports, Piedmont, Italy’s first sport to win the prestigious European title of 2022, has a long schedule of events. A year of sports As a tool for health, integration, education and respect. And a second appointment in Piedmont from 13 to 20 November ATP FinalThe most important men’s tennis tournament of the season will bring together the world’s tennis elite every year in Turin until 2025.

From 22 to 26 September again towards food and wine in Turin Terra Madre Salone del Gusto The best production in the world attracts fans. In September, Langhe will host the Monferato Roero and VI versions of the City of Alba Global conference at the Wine Forum, The most important world forum for wine tourism, confirming Piedmont’s historic occupation and wine culture. And the focus will be on the 92nd edition of Alba and Langhe from October to December International Alba White Truffle FairWith the corresponding world market.

“As a region, we strive to work in a public-private synergy that allows us to present ourselves in the best possible way,” said the regional councilor for culture, tourism and trade. Vittoria Pogio – Of course the period is not easy, there is a war going on, the bill is rising which scares the companies and everyone a bit. But we are confident because we are doing a great job already highlighted by the presentation of tourist flows in 2021, which showed an increase in interest and participation last year which reached around 54% and more than 33% interest in the first months of 2022. That’s why Piedmont is considered a safe area in terms of health, which is important for keeping tourism calm and peaceful. “

“Participation in BIT – Continuing Pogio – is particularly important for promoting Piedmont tourism. Series of major cultural, sporting and food and wine events provide an exceptional opportunity for Piedmont’s visibility and promotion throughout the region’s sound board and worldwide, as well as marketing and economic development.” Piedmont’s tremendous potential allows us to offer a destination with strong international appeal to Italian and foreign travelers and operators. ATL – an opportunity for active participation across the region for a network of consortia and our tour operators, ranging from local travel agencies. “

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