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The movie is recommended tonight on TV: “The Hangover 2” Monday, April 11, 2022 at 9pm on Twenty Seven (Channel 27).

Hangover 2 (Hangover Part II) Is a 2011 comedy film directed by Todd Phillips and starring Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Jack Galliafianakis and Jamie Chung. Hangover.

“The wolf pack is back” “The pack is back”
(Movie tagline)

It’s been two years since Crazy Vegas Night, and Stu is getting married in Thailand to his new girlfriend Lauren. Doug and Phil are also invited to marry their wives, but not Alan, as Stu fears his presence will ruin everything. Tracy manages to persuade her husband to agree to an invitation for her brother to Stoke, who eventually arrives, and Doug, Phil and Stew enter Alan’s house, discovering that pictures of the Las Vegas episode are hanging in the house. On top of that, they discover that Alan has befriended Leslie Chow.

At the airport, the team meets 16-year-old Teddy, Lorraine’s brother. After the flight they go to a coastal resort where wedding preparations begin and they meet the bride’s father Sreesanth. In the evening, after the toast, the four of them and Teddy go to the beach to enjoy some marshmallows.

The next day Phil, Alan, and Stu are completely lost and wake up in a Bangkok motel: Alan Klein-Seven, Stu has a Mike Tyson tattoo on his face, a monkey in the room, and Teddy only has his finger. Soon, they get a call from Doug, who is staying at the wedding hosting hotel, when he leaves the party that evening. Neither Phil nor anyone else remembers the night before. Chao wakes up under a blanket, fresh from the night of partying with the four of them, but before explaining what happened, he apparently fell dead after throwing some cocaine, and others locked him in an ice box on the fifteenth floor.

On the way out, Doug warns them that Bangkok police have found Teddy, but when they arrive at the station, they discover that an elderly monk has been arrested who actually had the documents and Teddy’s sweatshirt. The elder seems to have made it clear that he knew the three, but did not speak. Alan, reading a tour guide, speculates that it was a Buddhist monk who took a vow of silence, which is not uncommon in these parts.

Among Teddy’s documents, they find one Drink card Pub’s White lion. Once they arrive they discover that the place has been destroyed, the road has been destroyed and the locals see them crossing and turn to shout and throw things. Nearby, Alan notices a tattoo artist’s studio that displays pictures of work done outside, including a photo of Stu. The tattoo artist reported that the previous evening they had started a fight in the pub, which resulted in police intervention, and showed them a video taken on his mobile phone: the video showed Stu going crazy against the police and Teddy. Set a car on fire. The group took refuge in the tattoo artist’s studio, who warned three friends that Teddy had disappeared in the middle of Bangkok, and that the only solution was to take the monk to his monastery. Here the chief tells them that there is no way to get information from a monk who has taken a vow of silence, without thinking with other monks: thanks to meditation and exploring his memory, Alan discovers a so-called place.

The place in question is a Strip Club, Where they meet Kimi, a prostitute who reveals that she had sex with Stuart and that she is transsexual. The team then gets a call from Sreesanth, very upset. Suddenly, a group of Russian criminals on a motorbike ordered the three men to return the monkey, and when asked if they knew anything about Teddy, one of them shot Phil in the arm.

Take Alan and Stu Phil to the hospital, fortunately unharmed. Alan then lets it slip that he had contaminated an envelope on the beach the night before Marshmallow Someone enjoy Teddy with some muscle relaxants and his ADHD medication, then enjoy the weekend. Angered, Stu attacks him, but during the fight he notices a writing on Phil Allen’s stomach, showing the place and time of an appointment. The three then go to the scene, where they meet Kingsley, an entrepreneur who needs Chow’s bank code to make a deposit and who kidnapped Teddy on bail. The trio returns to the motel to rescue Choke from the ice box, miraculously alive, revealing to them that the code is in the monkey’s vest and the only way to get it back is to kidnap him again. Unfortunately, in the next daring chase, he was seriously injured and so he was left in front of the animal hospital. Code recovery, go to an appointment with four Kingsley. Payments occur, but after Teddy’s return, police raids and Kingsley reveal an Interpol agent who exploited three friends to arrest Ted using a false pretext to hold Teddy hostage.

Phil can’t help but call Tracy. The pack, shot, goes to a club to make an excuse about Teddy’s disappearance, when suddenly there’s a Black out, Which is very common in banks. Thanks for that, Sturr has an insight into where Teddy is: The boy is actually stuck in the motel elevator, because the night before he was going to the icebox to get some ice for his finger, but a Black out Lift block on 10th floor. After retrieving Teddy, the pack gets on Chow’s motorboat and heads to the wedding venue; Stu apologizes to Teddy for what he had to go through. Mr. Sreesanth, due to the delay, wants to cancel everything, but the motorboat finally arrives with the team on board.

Eventually, Sreesanth gave his blessing and the ceremony went smoothly. After the performance, Teddy shows off his phone pack, which contains pictures from last night.

Directed by Todd Phillips

Starring: Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Jack Gallifianakis and Jamie Chung

Source: Wikipedia

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