Sam Elliott apologizes for ‘Doug Power’ criticism

The actor has apologized for comments about the film and its director Jane Campion. Near the podcast microphone, Mark Maron defines the film as “a pile of straw *** te”. A month ago, Meya Kulpa: “I could not express myself well. I said something that hurt people and I feel terrible about it. ” He mentions the LGTB + community, which has been offended by phrases such as “there are all hints of homosexuality for film”.

Sam Elliott apologizes for what he said about the movie “Dog Power” and its director Jane Campion a month ago.

Near the podcast microphone, Mark Maron defines the film as “a pile of straw *** te”. About four weeks later, he apologized.

“I couldn’t express myself very well,” the actor said. “And I’ve said things that hurt people and I feel terrible about it. The gay community has been great with me throughout my career. And I mean my whole career, before I even started working in this city. I have friends at every level of work to this day, including my agent. A dear friend of mine, my agent for many years. I’m sorry that I hurt my friends and my loved ones and anyone else for the word I used
I also told the WTF podcaster that I thought Jane Campion was a brilliant director and I would like to apologize to Doug Power’s cast, they are all brilliant actors. And especially Benedict Cumberbatch. I can only say I am sorry and I am. I’m really here, “said Sam Elliott during a televised address Competitors From Deadline.

The actor apologized to a promotional panel for his “1883” series, a spin-off of “Yellowstone” for Paramount +, which was presented at a television event. Deadline.

Criticism of Sam Elliott over “Dog Power”


The Power of the Dog: Film Review by Jane Campion

What Sam Elliott said in Mark Maron’s “WTF” podcast is very powerful. Here are the right words to better understand the response from the LGTB + community and the actor’s apology to everyone now.

“It simply came to our notice then. Eviction of the American West. We want to talk about this dog? The cowboys in the film are nothing more than bow tie. They look like chippendale dancers! All those fucking cowboys in that movie were just like that. They all walk around after the chap [i tipici pantaloni da cowboy, ndr] There are hints of homosexuality throughout the film without shirts, “said Elliott. And he didn’t let the director down … “Jane Campion is a great director, I like her previous work, but what does this woman from New Zealand in the American West know?” And why F *** he made this movie in New Zealand, he calls it Montana and says, ‘It was like that.’ It really got my nerves. Legend has it that these macho men were there with the cattle, but that is not the case. I just came from Texas, where I was dating family, not just men, families, big, long, extended, multi-generational families who make a living and their lives were about being cowboys. “Added Sam Elliott.

Jane Campion’s response


The power of the dog, the photo cast with Benedict Cumberbatch

When another US magazine, that DiversityAsking Jane Campion to respond to Elliott’s remarks, the director said the following: “I’m sorry, it was like a dog. He’s not a cowboy; he’s an actor.”

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