This is the first time in Spain

A Madrid judge has granted the ex-couple joint custody of their dog in a rare ruling that marks a step forward in recognizing pets as living animals under the law in Spain, other than ownership. We are increasingly moving towards a path that keeps four-legged friends at the same level as children, treating them as sensitive and non-sensitive animals. Disputes with a property only. Engaged coupleA man and a woman who They were together for 20 months And they shared a border call Named Panda for over a year, After their separation, they went to trial to determine who the animal would live with. The judge acknowledged Panda’s collective responsibility rests with each custodian and managerTake that into account The love that one can have for one’s pet does not exclude the fact that the animal can receive affection from both human beings., This was reported by the Spanish network RTVE, that had access to the sentence. The judge found that Formal ownership of the animal, both as owner and as adopted, will not prevail over itThe affection of the applicant. Follow more accurately The ruler, Panda, will substitute two families per month and veterinary expenses and other expenses for the dog.Just as in the case of a child’s shared custody, they will Divided into two ex-partners.

Animals as children: In case of divorce of the owners, the judge will decide who will allocate them

Separation and animals, the decision of the judge

The case was filed by the woman in September 2020 and the judge’s decision came on October 7, 2021. The Spanish Congress has taken steps to amend the country’s civil code to make it a condition that pets should be considered. Sensitive animals Rather ownership, but not yet approved. According to, after the couple went to court to determine who would own their dog, the judge ruled that each person must be “co-responsible” and “co-custodian” of the animal. More specifically, Panda will alternate two families per month. And for this reason Evidence in the proceedings (edit, one-person veterinary bill, as well as numerous photographs and direct testimony) reveals both the emotional relationship with the legally protected dogAccording to the 1987 European Convention for the Protection of Companions, Spain was ratified in 2017. An exemplary sentence issued by a Spanish judge, emphasizing the emotional bond that unites dogs and owners and which is not always recognized by all.

The dog must be operated on, the owner has two days paid leave

The law has been enforced

Lola Garcia, a female lawyer who specializes in animal rights, told The Post that the lawsuit was settled because she used 1987 European Convention, Approved in Spain in 2017, to protect companion animals as an argument in defense of its client’s rights to dogs. Under the convention, both members of the couple, who were not married, were represented as Co-responsible And Co-keeper Animals, not “co-owners”, have avoided considering the animal as a “thing” or “well-shared.” The novelty is being able to use the convention Avoid defining pets as one thing Or shared ownership and focus on animal welfare, emotional bond and shared responsibility to take care of an animal, considered a property outside of pets, The lawyer said. Garcia used the veterinary bill, the adoption agreement – which was in both names – and pictures of the couple with the dog as evidence of this emotional bond. There is a psychological connection that the judiciary must recognize, The lawyer explained. An exemplary sentence issued by a Spanish judge, emphasizing the emotional bond that unites dogs and owners and which is not always recognized by all.

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