Travel Ideas 2022 – A Vacation in South Africa

Travel Ideas 2022 – A Vacation in South Africa

SOUTH AFRICA – A destination still little known to the general public of Italian travelers, but with natural gardens, modern cities and a nightlife that has nothing to envy the most popular vacation spots, invisible memories and a unique world experience.

A holiday in South Africa, why not?

Do you prefer a safari to explore wildlife? Or maybe you just can’t wait to settle on a white beach in front of a crystal sea? Tourism in South Africa has been growing rapidly in recent years, and the country is proud of its rich natural tourism resources. Coastal locations such as Port Elizabeth, Durban or Harmanas could easily share the same travel agenda with the largest cities on the Black Continent, such as Cape Town, Pretoria and Johannesburg. So, if you want to spend most of your vacation time in South Africa, let us give you some tips on what to see and where to look.

Johannesburg, the economic capital

A visit to Johannesburg is a must, as the city is the economic capital of the country. You will immediately notice that Johannesburg does not seem to be over! And indeed it is the second largest metropolis in the world, as well as one of the most populous (we have a population of over 3 million).

Undoubtedly, racist museum visits fit perfectly. The museum was inaugurated in 2001 and contains documents, patterns and photographs of the country’s contemporary history. Once in Johannesburg, be sure to cross the Nelson Mandela Square, named after the famous South African president. As you walk through the different parts of the city, you will not fail to notice the Montecassino complex: it is a 26 hectare area with parks, statues and even one of the best casinos in South Africa. This casino stands for its distinctive design, the unmistakable Italian inspiration, which makes it look like a micro city built on the architectural model of Romanesque centers. Above all with slot machines, poker tables and blackjacks to delight gambling enthusiasts. Golden Reef is also different from many casinos in the capital. The style here is definitely more “in”, so equip yourself with the right outfit to stop and visit this casino.

Also in Johannesburg we recommend many natural parks, including the zoo, where you will find about 2,000 animals in an area of ​​140 acres. And if you’re a true cat lover, add Lion Park to your list of places to visit in Johannesburg: Here you will appreciate 80 specimens of lions, some of which are very rare. For those who like the most intense passion, the best advice is Croc City Crocodile & Reptile Park, a park specialized in reptiles and crocodiles that will really amaze you!

Cape Town, the political capital

Next to the South African economic capital, we have a political or official capital: Cape Town. The town seems to have sprung up almost from Table Mountain National Park, which is its background and visible wherever you are in the city. But that’s not all, because Cape Town also enjoys the breathtaking beauty of the ocean, which surrounds its shores. As you can see, Cape Town is in a very exceptional position.

A visit to the city port, Waterfront, will take you into the nonstop nightlife of this place, created with live shows at any time; While a stop at the Museum of Contemporary Art, MOCAA, you will fall in love with the Victorian artistic flavor that determines the entire building style of Cape Town.

Golden Mile Beach, DurbanDurban, Pearl on the South Coast

Not too far from Cape Town is Durban, a less vibrant city than the capital, but still festive and cheerful. Local wines are exported from here, as well as a variety of other agro-food products, which you can taste at many local restaurants.

Durban is especially known to marine sports lovers who practice diving, kiteboarding and many other activities there. Across this stretch of South Africa’s southern coast lies the Golden Mile, a wonderful beach whose sand glistens like gold in the sun’s rays. Finally, we point out the presence of a really nice aquatic museum: it is famous for Ushaka Marine World, the dolphin stunt that tourists can appreciate while visiting the museum. Absolutely unique for its spectacular nature, Durban also offers its visitors a beautiful botanical garden, established in 1849, which preserves fossils of the now extinct plant species.

Last but not least, remember Knysna, a town between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, where there is a tree more than 880 years old, named Dalen Matthew.

If you are ready to wear the natural wonders of South Africa, the camera around your neck and the hat, start planning your roadmap in the most beautiful country on the Black Continent right now!

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