Ukrainian War, Natalia: “My son was tortured and killed, probably for his Cossack hairstyle”

“My son was tortured and shot in the back by the Russian army.” Natalia Jakhliupana, mother of 38-year-old Sergei, who died at a hostel in the Kyiv region, reported to Adonkronos in March, during the Russian occupation. His body was found on the street after the withdrawal of Russian troops: “He was barefoot, wearing only a shirt despite the cold. His hands were pulled back and his whole body was crushed: arms, back and chest”, said the mother, who is already a The lawyer hired and no doubt it was “a war crime, because my son was a civilian, he had no connection to the army.”

The 38-year-old lived alone with a dog and a cat, in the city center, at Kyiv airport and the home of the Ukrainian Air Force’s military base, which is why the first bombing took place on the night of February 24. Sergei’s parents, living in an isolated house near the airport, fled as soon as the attack began and took refuge in the Ukrainian region of Ivano-Frankivsk. The boy, on the other hand, preferred to stop, so as not to abandon his animals, which he “considered as children,” the mother said. Her house, with a terrace, was on the fifth floor, in an ideal location for a full view of the hostel. This is exactly why “between March 5 and 6, when the Russian military began bringing their heavy vehicles to the buildings and entering the apartments, chasing people and snatching and destroying their mobile phones, they also went to push my son and throw him Outside the house, to settle there, “said Natalia. Sergei’s neighbors reported to him that his parents had already lost contact with him.

“The last video call was on April 4 at noon. There was already a power problem, but Sergei was able to charge his phone from a neighbor’s car, so we could hear each other,” said the mother, who has been in constant fear ever since. For her son. From neighbors or their relatives, the news came in dribbles and drabs as soon as they could find a field. “On March 10, a man called us and told us that his brother, who was in the basement of the building with Sergei, had been handcuffed by the Russians and taken away,” Natalia said.

On March 12 and 13, however, the boy was again warned “alive in the basement, although there were signs of wounds and beatings. According to those who saw him, he was beaten because he passed. Close to the military but who knows, maybe he is a barbarian The victim was killed based on her Cossack hairstyle, which had a shaved head and a tuft in the middle, “said the mother.

And Sergei also predicted his fate, according to a neighbor who spent the last days of his life with him: “When asked how old he was, he replied ‘I should have turned 39 sooner.’ Two weeks before his birthday. Was killed, “Natalia said. The boy was last seen alive on March 13: he was barefoot and the Russians were taking him to the garage in the next building. The next day the dog wanders around the house, the cat stays in the basement instead, where he must have eaten something poisonous and died.

On March 20, when Russian troops withdrew, an aide to Sergei’s father, the principal of Hostomel High School, where foreign troops had settled, was able to contact his parents. The day after the news of the discovery of the body, abandoned behind the garage of the building next to his, where his father returned to town on April 6 and found the shell of one of the bullets that had killed him. Colleagues and neighbors recognized the body and covered it with cloth and buried it near the building. Police arrived at the hostel two days ago to investigate the alleged war crimes committed by the Russian military. An autopsy yesterday confirmed that the 38-year-old had been killed by five armor-piercing bullets that hit him in the back and back of the head.

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