Amusement Park, Jumarin has inaugurated the 2022 season

ROME – Fifty jobs, over 3 million euros invested in the last 3 years, 384 animals of 33 different species, an average of more than 600,000 guests (pre-covid) per year, 60,000 student visits, 15 foreign universities on cooperation with Italians and environmental protection and protection projects, The first sea emergency aid active in the Lazio region, a non-profit organization to save endangered species, a dolphin show judged among the world’s best with 10 great specimens, the possibility of educational interaction with dolphins and sea lions, seals, lemurs, tropical birds, penguins. Opportunity to learn about flying squirrels, pelicans and flamingos.

And again: Italy’s first amusement park is fully accessible to the deaf. Partnership with ‘Pinocchio and Friends’ (starting June 9) – a new Italian animated production by Rainbow in collaboration with Rai Ragaji and a live show with Web Idols, with millions of views among Italian teenagers like Carolina Benvenger recorded on YouTube.

Not to forget the water rides and mechanical attractions, a water park with 5,000 seats, a new swimming pool for the whole family at Punta Kana beach in addition to the 3 already active, 4D movies, new shows of acrobatic divers, themed route “Land of Dragons” and “Era” dei Dinosauri “(an interactive itinerary with running and life-size animatronics dragons and dinosaurs), renewed and more interactive and engaging displays and shows.

With these numbers, the 2022 season of Jumarin, the largest Italian marine park on the outskirts of Rome, opened on Thursday 14 April, deeply renewed to the public, running for 171 days at full capacity from April to Christmas, with a billboard of more than 30 scheduled events. .

An inauguration that coincides with Dolphin Day, World Dolphin Day and which will be an opportunity for the public to participate as well as introduce little dolphins born in the park in 2020, baby dolphins (included on admission tickets) to raise public awareness about environmental protection and animal care in marine mammal care. Program “Meet the Dolphins” with a poolside visit led by an expert trainer.

People who join the program will be able to “communicate” with dolphins by reproducing training signals, discovering every curiosity about these highly intelligent and special animals.

Baby Maya will be baptized by a pair of champions of the Italian Paralympic Swimming Federation: Alessia Scortechini – women in the 4 × 100m relay 34 points at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. Who won a bronze medal at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics.

A reopening that would have been a sign of a full resumption after the Covid, marked by uninterrupted stop and go after 2 years and severely punished by the reduced use of amusement parks and health emergencies. To celebrate the park’s opening on April 14, 15, 16 and 19, 16-year-olds enter for free (as opposed to a full ticket purchased on the Jumarin website).

“We believe in resumption and we aim for a normal season, always protecting the safety and tranquility of our guests. We see that people have a great desire to relax, to have fun, to be together again, “explained Alex Mata, director of Jumarin.

“Over the years we’ve changed our skin, through a deep renewal and investment project based on the philosophy of educational passion, education, learning and fun natural evolution combined to give our guests a better experience. Interactive and very memorable. This year we have a There is a very strong team, one of the richest range of activities in the amusement park market. “

“Interaction with dolphins and other animals is a great opportunity for us to spread the message of conservation and protection of endangered species. It is a step that is good for the people and for animals. And useful for a developed world that develops sensitivity “.

Owned by Zoomarine, the Mexican multinational dolphin Discovery, the world’s leading organization for marine mammal theme parks, is present in 10 countries, including 27 parks – and continues to invest significantly in Italy. In keeping with the core company’s philosophy and in the spirit of a successful international experience, Jumarin offers guests a growing interactive visit experience, full of adventure, passion and fun. Parks operated by Dolphin Discovery include Mexico, Anguilla, Tortola, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, St. Kitts, Dominican Republic, USA, Argentina.

The Dolphin Company Group operates 3 parks in Italy: Zoomarine in Torvaianica, Aquafelix in Civitavecchia and Acquajoss in Conselice (Ravenna). A sign of attention that also confirms Jumarin’s investment and planning policies for the seasonal adjustment of the tourist offer, the 2022 season represents one of the largest operational calendars of all amusement parks in Italy. Jumarin will be the first park in Italy to feature water sports, such as the slides on Pirates Cove and the sensory beach in Punta Cana.

Turn on all attractions like 4D movies, selfie museums and 2022 news The Kingdom of Camelot and King Arthur Castle, 2000 sq m surface, 7 slides, 2 Tibetan bridges, 1 short climb, attractions, games’ other time and a magical inn where Adults and children can recreate the medieval environment. The innovations include FitGames, a combination of games, sports and technology that challenges up to the final score for the entertainment of adults and children.

But not only that. The 2022 season begins with 2 important initiatives dedicated to solidarity and social integration. Jumarin, from April, will be Italy’s first amusement park, fully accessible to deaf people. In fact, all activities in the park will be translated and also communicated in sign language (LIS), all exhibitions with animals will be translated into LIS and all videos aired on social channels will be subtitled.

At the end of November last year, under the contract with Officina LIS, Jumarin started a training course for staff to approach LIS, a project that allows park workers to communicate properly with deaf people, offering them a completely satisfactory inspection and usable in all cases. Experience. Then, thanks to the Red Cross and Civil Protection staff who are involved in many daily emergencies and the fight against coronavirus, Jumarin will offer volunteers free access to the park throughout the season.

A sign of gratitude for working in the front row, useful for the community, is often managed in difficult and extremely complex situations. A focus that goes well with Zoomarine’s mission, which has always been to entertain its guests but also to support social, solidarity and integration initiatives. Park’s claim – we put our heart into it – immediately marks Zumrin’s desire for a new season, with commitments to associations, energy and organizations working in the social sector.

In fact, many charities and fundraisers are planned for the summer season. Located in Torvaianica on the outskirts of Rome with 40 hectares of greenery, water and attractions, Zoomarine was the first structure in our country 13 years ago to be recognized as a zoological garden. It is precisely from the invaluable heritage of the animal species that the park’s activities resume this year, with 10 sessions of educational exhibits with dolphins, parrots, lemurs, penguins, giant turtles, flamingos and many more. (Dior Agency)

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