Blue predictions in the air for Sonego, Museti and Sinar dreaming of more interesting interviews and press conferences

I’m sorry to share with you dear Ubitans readers Painful confirmation Unfortunately for us as many as … ALCADAL FEDALs (40 …) will not be there.

The first real Alcadal was tonight. God knows how many more we’ll see. “Master and apprentice “ And if there is any reason to express Hamletic doubts at the end of Paolo Bertolucci’s match: “Who knows if Rafa Nadal will lose to Carlos Alcaraz for the last time … “.

It may not be, but I must admit that I also thought of it as my old doubles partner (Paolo was one of the seventeen, although we won a great game together at 22 against Davis, Crota-Fachini’s double half). 6-0. , I don’t bluff, before he made me … horn with Adriano Panatta! And then, but in the TV booth, with Elena Pero …).

Show, great show, don’t really miss, nDespite the wind, the second set turned tennis into another sport that didn’t look very much like tennis..

But instead That was tennis too. Because the wind was for both of us and it was better after a point who knew how to adapt to it better. Then it is understood that there would be many errors. Often it is almost impossible to avoid.

Tennis regulations do not allow the wind to suspend a match. But if anything, he couldn’t start it, as I remember it happened once for a whole day at a tournament in Arizona. I wanted to say more to Phoenix than Scottsdale, but I couldn’t find it.

Tennis matches can be postponed if there is a dangerous situation For players or the public. The blizzard, with actual clouds of desert sand dust, raged outside the 16,000-seat stadium. Larry Ellison – with a gorgeous Monica Seles sitting next to him last night (more similar … Celine Dion), – But inside only hats and caps, litter, towels, net posts flew down …

Although the risk driven by it was first the greatest excitement and then the humor Nadal’s famous lined bottle! They were seen trembling It’s like a mini-earthquake. That’s where the funniest outing of the night came out. Before bursting into laughter, Rafa was heard screaming in a serious and masked manner with an air of terror: “No, not the bottle! No!

I don’t understand exactly whether the almost reckless scream was addressed to the beautiful and shy ball boy who was invited to collect the fluttering towel or directly to the god Iolas. No one could stop laughing, Not even, Carlos Alcaraz on the other side of the field. Really memorable farce.

Its balance Strange match It was the highest. In the end, only 4 points separated the two And those are the things that Nadal has collected more in the last 3 games of the match.

A weird game, I defined it because it made us think several times about continuity that was different from what happened next.

Alcaraz dominated the first two games in a way that one would normally think: “Poor Nadal, he’s going to end up under a steamroller!. And though “Surely Alcaraj did not feel the pressure to face his idol!.

Stress seems to be the primary concern of Carlitos’ former World # 1 entrepreneur Juan Carlos Ferrero. I heard him say this in a TV interview before the meeting.

But then what will happen to you? That Nadal has won 6 of the next 8 matches. Rafa seems to be more Federer than Nadal (Usually famous for being almost relentless at most weight points) when he finds himself unable to turn 13 break points. Eventually only 6 out of 21 will convert. But 5 breaks in 10 games in the first and second set Which can only be partially justified by the fact that a better heater than two Spaniard heaters, what I have already said should be confirmed: and that is It was a weird match. And not just for the wind.

And at that point, an hour after the first two games where Rafa was literally overwhelmed, again I agree with what Paolo Bartolucci said, I think: “Now Rafa is breathing a sigh of relief after that bad start… and who knows how El Palmer-Marcia’s baby will react? He could also pay the price for his inexperience, playing in the first semi-final of Indian Wells against someone like Rafa who has already won the tournament three times. “.

Rafa, who struggled to hold on to a good portion of the first set, kept the first game to a zero, in addition to enduring two breaks. Mmmm, Carlitos throws badly!

Absolutely not! After 2 to 2 Carlitos also put the service to zero and Rafa at his rate. Here the wind blows … the upper hand. Five consecutive breaks, 3 losses to Rafa and a third set point is good for Alcaraz after an endless ninth game.

What do you expect at that time? All right, let the young and the young Alkarz win in the end. Nadal has run a marathon with Kyrgios, while Alcaraz has given only one point in his survey in three games.

So did Nadal work for it? It could never happen!

I admit that I rarely cheer for anyone – except Fiorentina … and I have a sore throat for the last-minute goal Icon scored against Inter – but I’ve always said I do it … the best journalism story, There I am cheering myself on with my son for the Nadal Che incident On the net, he does something outrageous, a flash that reminds me of Baker on the grass at Wimbledon, Great Australia, Laver, Newcomb, Cash, McEnroe, Edberg… and many more.

Nadal made no secret of his jokes on the net: “I love going there. I’ve been doing it more and more for 2 or 3 years, even serving and volley. I know I wanted to. “People tend to forget it because I’ve won a lot on the ground, but my success rate on the net is very good.”

Do you want to teach Rafa something tactical? I would say he doesn’t really need it.

And Bartolucci says: “Soon we will see him transform into a serve and a volleyball player …”. Just a seemingly improbable joke.
If I had Elena’s inspirational little voice, I would ask her: “But who do you think is Paolo of Fab Four who is the best on the net? Who was 10 years ago and who is today? And n.2, n.3 n.4? “

We will If Elena doesn’t ask this question and we don’t know how Paolo thinks, why, dear reader, you don’t answer this question?

From a journalistic point of view, even Alcaraz’s victory could be a great story, but I’m almost certain I’ll be able to write it, if my health holds up more than Nadal’s.

But That Nadal Voliadar has taken away all restrictions from me. A few years ago, some of Federer’s superfan readers mistakenly labeled Ubitanis as …Ubinadal. But then there was a time when there were some people who complained too much about Federian Ubitenis. Due to the “not too bad” gags that have gone viral with Djokovic lately, so much so that Serbian TV Sportclub TV sent a crew to my house, Ubitanis was very clown-friendly.

Oh well, sitting on the tip of the sofa last night as if I’m in a state of fibrillation, I … Ubinadal.

And I think I’ll be there tonight too, although the story of the best journalism for the American newspaper will probably be … the victory of the “enemy” Fritz. (Carved: Do you know his friend? Morgan Riddle, influential, has 3.7 million visits In his TIKTOK video where he explains … What is tennis?)

However, there is a condition that at least the game does not take place before 11 pm tonight.

It probably made me more worriedRafa is accused of pectoral muscle problemsIt took just over 21 hours for a 36-year-old player to recover from a huge effort of 3 hours and 12 minutes who had already played 2 hours and 29 minutes, recovering 2-5 in the third set with Korda, winning the tiebreak for 2 hours 11 with Opalkar in just two sets. 2 hours and 46 to catch up with the most inspired Kyrgios of recent years.

Because When hot you fight against a sore muscle, but the next day it is often worse. I really hope there will be at least a final. And that Rafa is able to fight on almost equal terms …

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Mirka Federer yelled at Stan the Man.

Rafa will be number 3 in the world again tomorrow, but I think he thinks less than zero. If anything, all of Greece will look with great pride at tomorrow’s rankings, where for the first time, two tennis players, Sitsipus and Sakkari, will be in the top 5 of the world in their respective rankings.

Rafa, who 14 years ago, was # 1 in the world for the first time in 2008, is slightly important to be # 3 or # 2 or # 4. Just as he probably won’t think too much about his 21st win this year where he’s still undefeated.

I think he’s more interested in winning the fourth Indian Wells in the # 129 final of his career, # 53 in a Masters 1000, twentieth on a non-clay court. Win another Masters 1000. But what is the benefit? This will be the 37th title and will mean the equivalent of Novak Djokovic’s record.

If anyone tells him that the youngest semifinalist of the Masters 1000 was a certain Rafa Nadal Montecarlo in 2005 when he was 18 years, 10 months and 12 days oldAnd the youngest semifinalist of a Masters 1000 was then 2022 tal Carlos Alcaraz 18 years, 10 months and 12 days in Indian WalesWell, Rafa will laugh: “I have no doubt that Carlos is a great (great), he will already be! ”

And I’m closing as soon as I start: I’m really sorry, right now and after what I saw until 2:15 last night, that Alcadal will never be as much as Fidel.

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