Karim Benzema scored the goal

Cable culture (i.e. de Cabili, the Barbarian people of northern Algeria) enjoys a rich oral tradition of fairy tales and stories – in French, Competition – Which is passed down from generation to generation. Hamid Benzema, from Tiggirt, a small coastal town on the Mediterranean coast, grew up hearing those stories before moving to Brunei, on the eastern outskirts of Lyon. There, on a faded night thirty years ago, the same stories must have been told to little Karim, who discovered the end by fighting against sleep by sketching in bed. Then he will know, Karim, its adventure M’Hend The fox is one of the recurring characters in the cable legend: lonely, hungry, and gifted with great cunning, often portrayed in an attempt to overwhelm other creatures with mixed results. In one of these stories, a young fox is found by an old shepherd, missing and hungry. The latter raises it and raises it as a domestic animal until one day the fox finds himself alone to guard the house: the absence of the master awakens in him an old wild instinct and leads him to tear down all the chickens in the hen house. Then spread out and come back to the wild. It is a bloody story, but with a very clear morality: it is impossible for a human being to escape from his own nature, which will sooner or later take over, just as a fox will become a hen keeper.

Karim, now an adult, who knows if he ever thought about his nature. And, if he had done it last Wednesday, who knows if he had noticed any similarities with the fox after tearing off another goalkeeper like a chicken. The fox is not a noble creature, one of its main features is carian eating, and for this reason in general terms it is the name of those who take advantage of the misfortune of others: according to this interpretation it can be explained. At first glance, Benzema’s third goal at Chelsea-Real Madrid, which took advantage of a mistake by Frenchman Edward Mendy – with Rudigar’s complexity – to end the easiest goal in an empty net.

However, the fox still remains a predator, and as such, guided by the primitive nose, smells even before seeing the prey, at the right moment it is surprised by a time which is not given by count, but by ‘instinct’. Similarly, Benzema realized long before that goal could be achieved that it could be achieved even from afar. We only notice this in the previous post, seeing the action in the eyes of those who let the publisher’s details go: crazy race, a ball starting from their own trocar that is inaccessible at first sight, acceleration after second rebound, only initially innocuous, but after an instant Blurred and ridiculed, the sphere is uprooted on which he pushes Rudiger with his body ready to be removed. The goal completes his hat-trick at Stamford Bridge: it has nothing to do with his previous two great – and very difficult – goals for beauty and spectacle, but Benzema said in an interview after the match that he was the most important of the three.

Before the jackpot goal, of course, there are two great headers that have guided the game

The most surprising thing is that we saw the same scene a few weeks ago, during the return match of the Round of 16 of the Champions League. That night, at the Santiago Bernabeu, the action was even more bloody, if possible: the rush to the goalkeeper that intensified just where the others had gone, the fierce attack on Donarumma, the firing and the angry cheers, his fists shaking. The wind and his mouth wide open in a strong cry.

Is it just a coincidence? However, if we look back, we will soon realize that the two goals mentioned so far are not isolated episodes, but have merged into the goal section that we will call this moment. The fox, A folder that already exists on Karim Benzema’s desktop. More surprisingly, we will note that all of these goals occurred in the Champions League final, all in huge fixed weight games. For example, in the 2018 final, the match in which Loris Carias was punished damnatio memoriae. Just before the patrol, Benzema prepares to slowly ascend toward the center of the field but then suddenly starts, he suddenly turns around: he just smells the goalkeeper’s pass, he guesses the movement of the wind. . At that point, all you have to do is keep your feet up. And that’s a goal.

Real Madrid-Bayern Munich semifinals Real Madrid-Bayern Munich return semifinals What happened in the previous round makes things even more unsettling: the dynamics here are even more unprecedented, the work of magical powers impossible to explain without question. And supernatural. With a weak back pass from Toliso, Benzema chases the ball to Bavarian goalkeeper Ulrich, who returns. In the replay you can see how the two eyes meet for a moment: that’s where the indescribable thing happens. Ulrich’s body suddenly appeared to be transparent, the ball went between his legs but it seemed as if it went through him, making Benzema an easy prey. The video is about the fox collecting all the goals – except for the last one against Chelsea Magic spells; Of course, while the recurrence of events over time cannot be considered a coincidence, it is clear that we do not see Benzema as the benefactor of the opposing goalkeeper’s misfortune, but as the culprit.

The idea of ​​putting Benzema-torn goalkeepers on the cover of the video is quite sad

The fact is that approaching the target, the Frenchman seems to belong to the will of an ancestor, a wild appetite for the targets is so strong that it can have serious and devastating effects on the goalkeepers, who unfortunately have not yet discovered any apotropic behavior. In an attempt to give a more worldly explanation, Jonathan Liu Dale Guardian He blamed the origin of such a goal on “Benzema’s hunger for a lost cause”, which led to him. banlieues Leon is at the top of world football, to become one of the strongest strikers in the world by ever stopping running. We may be talking about social emancipation, but certainly not about football’s revenge – as many today do to improve its exploitation – because Benzema has always performed in numbers as well. It is true, however, that his path, though seemingly linear, has played for the same team for thirteen years, traveling on different tracks that led him to change faces and bend different resistance, also coming from the internal environment: his first nickname is Madrid, El GatoGiven to him in a non-positive sense, after an announcement by Mourinho who regretted the absence of the then owner Higuain, forced the French to deploy: “If you do not have a dog to hunt with, and you have a cat, you are a cat.” You have to go out with it. It will take less, but everything will be the same. ‘

Perhaps it was at that moment that Benzema first expressed to himself the power of his resolve, as Mourinho soon had to change his mind and Higuain sat down on the bench. From there, Benzema never stopped growing: in this sense, we would like to think that the time Cristiano Ronaldo spent in the “shadow” was not a sacrifice of his talent, but rather, it refined him. , And make Benzema what he is now: a versatile, endless player SubtletyAnd that’s why we define it Complete. A striker, that is, a goal-hungry beast with an innocent class of talent capable of creating cruelty, a great athlete who hunts for goalkeepers, who slips two goals with many great headers, who scores goals in every way. Seeing him dance on the football field seems to be a thank you for the basics.

Karim Benzema is a holy and unholy man who coexists harmoniously, showing signs of barbarism Purpose, Never in his game. Let’s take a look at another fox goal against Auxerre in the distant match of the 2010 Champions League: Benzema is there again, secretly blocking the goalkeeper’s pass; She looks at him; He climbed on it with a lobe as soft as a cloud. Benzema, in short, will always be ThereBecause that’s his nature: then it would be convenient for the next goalkeeper to know that if he gets in front of him, he doesn’t decide when to sweep in or out on the nearest defender, that a fox can never be. Poultry farmers

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