News last hour 12 April

(Adnkronos) – In the latest news of the Ukraine-Russia war, today, Tuesday 12 April 2022, Zelensky returned to seek arms and warned his allies: “Those who do not help us can take responsibility for the Ukrainian dead.” The blockade of Mariupol continues, where the use of chemical weapons is feared.

11.51 – “This is a special moment to discuss the rule of law. At this critical juncture, with the war between Russia and Ukraine in Europe we must show solidarity and unity, focusing on the issues that unite us. On those who unite us.” . This was stated by the Hungarian Minister of Justice Judith Verg, next to the General Affairs Council in Luxembourg.

11.44 – Dogs, cats, chickens, horses, but also camels and ostriches. Since the start of the war in Ukraine, UNAMA volunteers have rescued hundreds of animals. “Two days ago we removed three lions from the Kharkiv ecological park. Now they are in Kiev, but soon we will take them to Poland, Poland,” said Adenkronos Olga Chevaniuk, one of the founders of the Animal Rights Association, who has been employed ever since. 2016 to protect animals, through the promotion of anti-abuse laws, especially circus activity and to ban the use of natural fur.

11.25 – A column of Russian military vehicles approaches Donbass. A video posted by CNN on social media yesterday shows a column of Russian vehicles near Matveev Kurgan in the Russian region of Rostov, where the vehicles are “pointing” northwest, towards Donbass. “From my point of view, this great attack on eastern Ukraine has already begun,” said Vadim Denisenko, an adviser to Ukraine’s interior minister.

11.15 – Today, more than 91,000 Ukrainian refugees are hosted on national territory, most of them more than 33,000 minors. Of these, 50% are women, 40% are minors and the remaining 10% are men over 60 years of age. The figures were released by Fabrizio Carcio, head of Turin’s civil protection department, who was due to attend a meeting with the Piedmont region to get it right. Refugee emergency stock.

11 a.m. – “According to preliminary information, they may use phosphorus ammunition in Mariupol”. Ukraine’s Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Malia has accused Russia of using chemical weapons, which Kyiv is investigating.

10.31 am – A Russian drone will drop a toxic substance, “probably chemical”, into Mariupol in the evening. This was reported by Ukrainian Deputy Ivanna Klympush, chair of the Parliamentary Commission for the Unification of Ukraine in the EU, according to which the attack took place around 10 o’clock yesterday.

10.21 am – The London government warns its citizens against traveling to Russia due to a lack of return flights and the “instability” of the Russian economy. In an update of travel advice for the country, the UK Foreign Office has recommended – if the presence in Russia is “not necessary” – to “consider a firm departure” using commercial flights. For the economy, the UK Foreign Office recalls that the ruble has depreciated “significantly” in recent days, so many people are trying to withdraw their savings from Russian banks. Any amount of Russian currency in your possession can therefore depreciate in the next few days. MasterCard and Visa have also announced the suspension of operations in Russia. This means that MasterCard and Visa cards issued outside the country will not work in Russian merchants or ATMs.

10-10 AM – Azov Battalion reports that pro-Russian separatist forces in Donetsk have denied the use of chemical weapons in Mariupol. News agency Interfax reported.

9.45 am – Japan imposes new sanctions on Moscow, seizing the assets of 398 Russian personalities, including Vladimir Putin’s daughter and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s wife. The Kyodo news agency reported. The new sanctions come after Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced plans last Friday to reduce coal imports from Russia, with the aim of blocking them altogether.

9.36 AM – 19,600 soldiers have died in the war since the start of the war in Ukraine. This was announced on Facebook by the Kyiv army: according to the general staff, the Ukrainian armed forces destroyed 157 Russian aircraft, 732 tanks, 1946 armored vehicles. According to the same source, 140 helicopters, seven boats, 76 fuel tanks and 124 drones were destroyed.

9.20 – “After the invasion of Ukraine, countries trading goods under sanctions with the Russian Federation will be affected within six months by allowing them to violate the economic sanctions imposed by the European Union, the United Kingdom, the United States and other OECD countries.” This measure could contribute to the weakening of some corporate circles. The independent release of Article 2 of the ‘Security Dividend Effect Notification’ implemented after the Russian Federation’s Country Standard Ethics Rating (Ser) was downgraded to ‘F’ on 24 February. It was founded by the company Standard Ethics.

8.53 AM – Ukrainian authorities announce today that they have agreed to open a total of nine humanitarian corridors to ensure the evacuation of civilians in different parts of the country. Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereshchuk explained in a telegram that civilians would be able to travel from Mariupol to Zaporizhia – via their own transport – and also from Bardiansk, Tokmak and Energodar. It will also be possible to reach Bachmu from Severodonetsk, Lysichansk, Popasna, Hirsk and Rubyzhne.

8.26 – In the six weeks since the Russian invasion, almost two-thirds of Ukrainian children have been forced to flee their homes. The complaint came from UNICEF, the United Nations children’s agency. The UN also mentions the deaths of 142 minors, a figure he stressed, certainly less than real.

8:21 am – Nokia leaves the Russian market. The Finnish multinational announced in a note that the decision was “a priority for the company to ensure the safety and well-being of its employees”. As stated in the official statement, the group commented: “It was clear that from the first day of the Ukrainian invasion, it would not be possible to continue our presence in Russia. And some research and development activities have moved to areas outside the Russian border. “

8.11 – Clashes will intensify in the next two or three weeks in the eastern part of Ukraine, a region where Russia is currently concentrating its efforts. Citing the country’s latest intelligence report, the British Ministry of Defense confirmed the information. The document mentions Russian attacks near Donetsk and Luhansk and further clashes around the cities of Kherson and Mykolaiv. The Russians are also pushing towards Kramatorsk. Finally, the Defense Ministry indicated that Russian forces were advancing through Belarus as part of their resettlement in the eastern part of Ukraine.

08.04 – To verify the news that the United Kingdom is “working urgently”, it is not yet confirmed that Russia has used chemical agents in the attack against Mariupol. British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss says if confirmed, it would be a “brutal increase” in the war. On Twitter, the head of London’s diplomacy wrote: “We are urgently working with our partners to verify the details. Any use of this type of weapon would be a brutal increase in the conflict and we would hold Putin and his government accountable.”

7.44 – At least 5,800 Russian war crimes cases are being investigated by the Kyiv Attorney General’s Office. The same prosecutor, Irina Venediktova, told CNN that about 500 suspects had been identified at the moment: “We want these war criminals to be tried in Ukrainian courts.”

7.30 – “Occupiers have left mines everywhere. They have confiscated houses, streets, fields. They have destroyed people’s property, cars, doors”. In a new video released last night, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky denounced the dangerous ammunition left behind by Russians in the north of the country as “tens of thousands, if not thousands.”

7.14 – The United States has not yet confirmed reports of possible use of chemical weapons by Russians in the besieged Azov Sea port of Mariupol for more than a month. “We are aware of reports circulating on social media that Russian forces have deployed a potential chemical weapon in Mariupol. We are not able to confirm this at this time, but we are closely monitoring the situation,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said. “If true, this news would be deeply troubling – Kirby stressed – and reflects our concerns about the possible Russian use of a variety of ‘riot agents’ in Ukraine, including chemically mixed tear gas.”

7.09 am – Volodymyr Zelensky does not rule out the possibility that Russia could use chemical weapons against Ukraine in a “new phase of terrorism”. In a video released last night, the president said: “The occupiers have issued a new statement, which testifies to their readiness for a new episode of terrorism against Ukraine and our defenders.” A spokesman for the occupiers said they could use chemical weapons against Mariupol – Zelensky said – adding that “we take this statement very seriously.”

8 a.m .: Volodymyr Zelensky returns for weapons, more needed to free Mariupol from Russian siege, those responsible for the deaths of thousands of Ukrainian civilians in their arsenal. In a video released overnight, the Ukrainian president said: “If we had enough fighters and heavy armor, the necessary artillery, we would be able to do that. I’m sure we will have almost everything. But we just don’t get it. Lost. Lost, life that will never return. ” Then Jab: “Ukraine also has a responsibility to keep the necessary weapons in its arsenal. A responsibility that will go down in history forever.”

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