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Data controller

Protection of personal information
Molfetta (Ba) based CRACKDOWN SRL, Via Guglielmo Marconi 26 is the personal data controller of the data collected on this site for the purpose of and for the privacy code.
CRACKDOWN SRL Pledges and cares for the protection of personal data, we inform you of the manner, purpose and scope of your personal data and the communication and promotion of your rights in accordance with the industry. 13 of the Legislative Decree 196/2003.

Personal data and browsing data

In order to offer personalized services provided by CRACKDOWN SRL’s websites, you, as the data controller, need to process some identification data required for the provision of the services.

A) Navigation data
The computer systems and technical and software systems underlying the operation of this website, during their normal operation, acquire some personal data, the transmission of which is embedded in the operating processes and protocols used on the Internet.

Every time a user accesses this site and every time he calls or requests a content, the access data is stored on our system and possibly by the data controller and processor in the form of tabular data files. o Linear (specified log file), structured and / or unorganized.

Each data storage row consists of data such as:
– the website from which our page was called (the so-called “referral”);
– Your IP address;
– Date and time of request or access;
– The same request by your browser or another client, in the form of an address in the URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) ​​notation;
– http response technical code (errors, successes, etc.) received from the server;
– The amount of data transmitted;
– Browser, its technical and functional features and the operating system used.

This data can only be used by the Data Controller for the sole purpose of identifying the user’s preferred pages and therefore providing an increasing amount of content and obtaining anonymous statistical information about the use of the Site to test its validity. At the request of the authorities, the data may be used to confirm responsibility for the alleged computer crime against the site or its users.

B) Data provided voluntarily by the user
You may send us personal information (such as e-mail address, name, postcode, other personal data and not) at various points on this site. The sending of this data is done on an optional, explicit and voluntary basis and includes subsequent acquisition of the sender’s email address, required to respond to the request, as well as other personal data entered for the purpose of service and subsequently by you.

The personal information you provide will be recorded and stored in secure electronic media and will be treated with adequate security, as well as be integrated and integrated with other databases.

The data you provide will be processed by CRACKDOWN SRL exclusively through the procedures and procedures required to provide the services you request.
Data will not be disclosed but, if necessary for the provision of services, the companies performing technical or organizational tasks on behalf of CRACKDOWN SRL may be contacted for the provision of the requested services.

Only with your explicit consent can the data be used to send statistical analysis, market surveys and crackdowns to SRL and / or third party company product and promotional business commercial information.
Communication for market survey or product commercial information and promotional initiatives can be done by post mailing, e-mail, telemarketing, SMS, MMS.
Always with your consent, the data may be used for the purpose of profiling which a) processed, in an automated manner, the personal data of authenticated users regarding the use of the service for forwarding and receiving email messages. ; B) crossing personal data related to the supply and relative use of various functions provided by the user; C) Use of other identifiers required to find specific, identifiable or identifiable subjects, specific verbs or behavioral patterns that are repeated in the use of the proposed functions.
Finally, with your explicit consent, your data may be provided to publishing, financial, automobile insurance, consumer goods, humanitarian and charitable organizations that may contact you as a holder of autonomous initiatives – an updated list is available. You may be asked to send data to and from the data processor below – for statistical analysis, market surveys, and sending commercial information on product and promotional initiatives.

Under current law, we ask that you consent to the processing of data by ticking the “I accept” box of the appropriate registration form. It is understood that consent refers to the processing of data other than those strictly required for the activities and services you request, at the time of your joining because your consent is not required for these activities.

After the required registration for the requested service, if you wish to request / use other services provided by the same company or by different companies mentioned above (crackdown SRL or companies controlled or attached by them), you may use certificates (username / email / password) ) Has already been used for the first registration.
Where necessary, additional data may be requested, as requested for the provision of additional services.
At any time you may re-read the information and possibly revise the previously agreed consent, check and / or correct the status of active services and possibly request for additional services.

The provision of data is optional unless otherwise indicated in order to allow you to access the services offered. You have the right to know, at any time, what your data is and how it is used You have the right to update, supplement, correct or cancel their requests, block them and oppose their treatment. We remind you that these rights are provided by Article 7 of the Legal Decree 196/2003.

An updated list of data processors mentioned in this data note can be contacted via CRACKDOWN SRL’s Via Antichi Pastifici A8 – 70056 Molfetta (Ba); Exercise the rights mentioned in the industry. Legislative Decree 196/03 of 7 can be made by mail to the same company address or by specific contact via dedicated e-mail box:

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