“Start with the right foot”, lessons and courses for those who adopt dogs in Verona

“Start with the right paw”, lessons and courses for those who adopt dogs in Verona

“Start with the right foot” It’s aThe initiative of the Municipality of Verona is to strengthen the bonds between people and animals. The second great goal is Establish that relationship of symbiosis Which goes beyond feeling and which makes a difference in daily management.


The last hour The main dog center Of the city. The latter is actually in collaboration with the municipality They promote lessons and courses aimed at citizens who keep a dog from a municipal shelter run by NPA volunteers.. In fact, love alone may not be enough to make a dog happy and keep it calm in a family setting.

Basic courses and lessons

From here The idea of ​​the project promoted by the municipalityWith focus Basic lessons and coursesFor new owners of different breeds of dogs, including free or discounts. The goal, in fact, is that Give the most useful information and hints possible, Which, however, vary from species to species, their habits and characteristics. This is why comparisons with experts and professionals become fundamental, regardless of the fact that most of the animals adopted in the municipality are in a state of abandonment or straying. So the initiative offers a variety of educational approaches through different dog groups, allowing everyone to find their personality and the most professional and most suitable method for their dog.

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Verona Dog Group Association

Five free lessons, With three lessons close to acceptance and monitoring progress through two later appointments. Activities take place in the camp which is located via Beyond C / O Fort Chiivo. Information on the site or by contacting 3381368044 or by writing to info@gruppocinofilo.com.

Activity team in Congrande

Two free lessons, By appointment. Activities take place in the field where Cà di Cozzi 2 is located. Information and contacts: Telephone 3475204323 (Elisa), cangrandeaasd@gmail.com.

Centro canine can edu

Four free lessons, With the theoretical and practical part of the possibility, on request, to try your hand at agility dog ​​and rally loyalty disciplines. For puppies up to five months, socialization classes are planned with the participation of families adopted by appointment. Activities take place in the Autosento Park in Boscomantico. Information and contacts: Telephone 3472424673 – 3930504118 – 3382217281, educandoaverona@gmail.com.

Scaligero Dog Club

Three free lessons In pairs, up to a maximum of five dogs, by appointment. Activities take place in the camp located at Lungadig via Attiraglio 48 / P. Information and contacts On the website and at 3398230014 (Giuseppe) and 3498632800 (Nives), dogs@dogclubscaligero.it.

Verona Roman Sparpan Dog Group

Five free lessons Person, by appointment. Activities are conducted in one of the five centers of the association. Information and contacts: Telephone 3493712778 info@gruppocinofilo.it.

Hirpus Apssd Dog School

Six free lessons, Activities are carried out by appointment at a camp in Verona.Information and contacts: Telephone 3458319332, scuolahirpus@gmail.com.

Live dog

Two free separate lessons, Followed by four more groups of educational planning, with a fee, by appointment. Individual lessons are at home, and other activities take place in the camp located on the Della Ciderurgia in the Bason area. Information and contacts Website or 3484040297 or email info@livedog.it.

Project presentation

Start with the right paw
Town Hall press conference

Yesterday at the town hall, the picture of this project was presented by the councilor in charge of animal protection Laura Bochi. Also present was the President of NPA Verona Romano GiovanniWhich manages representatives of the Refugio del Cane and the Verona Dog Center.

Bocchi: “It’s important for humans and animals to find the right path”

Councilor Bocchi said: “Adopting a dog is always a work of love, But may not be enough to create a peaceful relationship in a family context alone. Here’s the reason Finding the right path is important And more suitable for your needs, we also welcome you to protect the animal. In particular, the goal of the project To spread the knowledge of dogs of all races and ages including Mestizos among the citizens, And their habits. By doing this, humans and animals can immediately establish a relationship of trust and complexity. “

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