When violence meets an undoubted heart, Etna is the story of the dog

If you are born on the other side of the fence of the so-called aggression, you punch! Everyone expects brutal fights, hatreds, attacks, fights from you. Especially when you dog. This is Marco’s tragic story, which we like to call Etna, a nickname given to a large black lava-colored dog from his volcano because of its resistance.

Her face is already a charm: she has a white brushstroke that makes her face soft, already like her own. Its white stripe starts from the source, fades slightly and slowly moves towards the truffle in the middle of the eye. That place deserves pumping, certainly not the bite of others like him, unknown and unfortunate like him. Its large breasts are white, reminiscent of a soft and comfortable pillow from Ikea, which repairs after an endless and tiring day.

Its size and physicality predict the undisclosed skills of the owners. They thought of training him in hate, aggression: dog fighting.

Lots of muscle, lots of fighting, lots of gains. Etna has embarked on a sad path, usually without a return, to war.

That irrational, illegal and immoral place, where dogs go bad for saving their lives and not tearing.

Here is Marco (known as Etna), a dog fighting to find a home

One fine day, in his many races, he was suddenly injured and suddenly abandoned on the side of the road, bleeding and panting, in pain and fear of the unknown.

Fortunately for him, a two-legged guardian angel who was passing by picked him up, gave him as much medicine as possible, and took him to the veterinary emergency room.

Etna risked her life, and had to amputate their legs to save her life.

Since the mutilation, the dog has been assigned to municipal volunteers in the village of Trekastagani, on the slopes of Etner in Catania.

In this welcoming and loving place, Etna began her new life created by her love, care, meeting with the veterinarian, visiting the volunteers.

Her heart, really very tired, began to throb again with happiness and anticipation, not fear, and that essential dose of rage to save the nation and save lives.

Now Itna is waiting for her second chance.

As is often the case after poisonous love, she is afraid. She is afraid to love, trust and surrender herself, she is afraid to suffer and be abandoned.

Her heart and her big body have been very tested and now they need a welcome home and another heart that wants and can repair her wounds.

Etna is afraid of other animals despite being her own, because they taught her disbelief and anger, but she loves people deeply and silently, especially those who saved her life. Use the silent language of love to repay so much care and wait silently for someone to decide to take it home with them.

From every wound of love, thanks to the right people and the right partner, one can heal and love again.

Etna will also have her second chance and will be able to make love again.

For information: Bianca 348.9317891, Giorgia Scuderi (dog educator) 349.5133056

* Valeria Randon is a psychologist, clinical sexologist in Catania and Milan (www.valeriarandone.it) and author of the book “The Repairer of Hearts – The Words That Repair”

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