45th International Under-18 Tournament “City of Florence”: The main draw begins

Country Club Dale on the third day of the competition Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters Three French tennis players took to the field: Benoit Pair (No. 61), Ugo Humbert (No. 48) and Benjamin Bunji (No. 63). All three emerged victorious from their respective first-round fights; The 32-year-old from Avignon surrendered to our Lorenzo Musetti in three sets, showing signs of a talented right-footed recovery – especially in the second half – but could do nothing against Pedro Martinez in the end (6-4 7-6, Spanish side) and finally Lucky loser Benjamin Bonzi could not overcome the hurdle of last year’s tournament’s amazing semifinalist British Dan Evans (6-0 7-6 at No. 27 in the world). At the post-match press conference, three players from across the Alps made some very interesting remarks.

Benoit talks about his problems and his difficulties in dealing with important moments in the match., Also touches on the difference between the level he manages to express in training and on the other hand he is not able to replicate in a match. When Ugo focused on the whole situation regarding the vaccine towards the end of last season, Then to focus on the lack of confidence in 2022 that began with the COVID positivity found in Australia. Finally lucky BenjaminBautista entered the scoreboard thanks to the flat rate, he wanted to remember how it is still Slightly accustomed to beating the earth, On which he says much needs to be improved; But it will definitely be ready for the next appointment.

Benoit Pair

Q: How do you feel after this match? The second set was good. You had a really good fight. You won that set. But then there was that duty shift after taking wrist treatment. What happened?

Benoit Pair: “Okay, losing isn’t bad. What I do in my workout is what interests me. I had a good session yesterday, but today I felt the pitch heavy, I couldn’t move. This has been happening since the beginning of the year. As soon as I have a match point or break point I feel a lot of pressure. I shouldn’t have this pressure, because I have a long career behind me. I don’t know why I am under this pressure. Of course I got injured and then I played three times. I also had an intrusion three weeks ago, but I came here and was very lucky to be able to play. It was a nice day with a little wind, But it’s hard because when I play a game, I don’t feel good about myself. I don’t understand why, because I train well, I play well when I train, but games are hard for me.

Q: Can you explain this tension?

Benoit Pair: “No, I have no words for this situation. I only see what happens when I have a chance to win a point, which means set points. I need to make the opponent wrong, otherwise I can never partially stop. I was ready for the last few games I played and I was going to win them, but in the end I lost them. I remember the same thing happened in South America. Sometimes I stay 5-4 in the last set and I lose it, and so on. 6-2, 5-2 and I lost. In Miami, the same thing. I lost a lot like them. But when I train, my level is quite high. I feel safe during training. But in a game, if I can recover a break, in subsequent innings of service, I make three double failures.The. Here in the third set of the match in Monte Carlo, everything depends on my survey. I made two double fouls in the beginning and lost the game

Q: When you say your career is behind you, it means something.

Benoit Pair: “I have ambitions. I’m happy with what I’m doing. But I’m just watching. I’m trying too hard, so I can’t be criticized for not doing what I was supposed to do. I train twice a day. I go to the gym. But you can practice as much as you want. If you do not feel good on the pitch to play a match, then it is useless. In the end, I played better when I took less training. I always hated losing, but now I don’t get angry when I lose. It’s pretty frustrating. Yesterday I was pulling hard and running during the training session. Today, of course, I could not run on the pitch


Norma: I think there is a lot of frustration and disappointment, especially after the second set. You made a good start, you dominated, now how about you lose?

Ugo Humbert: “Given what I’ve been doing for the last few weeks or months, Overall I am quite satisfied with my level. I’ve been able to express a level of tennis that I haven’t seen in a long time. Today there have been ups and downsBut for him from 1-0 to 5-2 for me I played well in the second set. I was trying to take a step forward, but unfortunately at that very moment I lost my concentration. That’s because I haven’t played many games. I didn’t play well and that was the serving game I was disappointed not to be able to take the match to the third set. Congratulations to him, but I played two good sets. Now I will just remember the positive aspects of this match and try to do better next week

Q: Can you say that it was last season, at the beginning of this season you felt very tired? How do you manage to find your strength and mobility now? How do you handle situations?

Ugo Humbert: “This is a very difficult challenge. I had a very difficult time. I’ve played a lot, I don’t like playing a lot and I feel like I lack confidence. While I was feeling good, there were a few points where I had no doubt about how to play them.. But then, I began to think then began to hesitate, So finding the strength and mobility of the past is a very difficult challenge. I try to find solutions day after day, and I try to focus on the present without thinking about what happened in the past. This is what I did in the second set today. At the moment I face the biggest challenge

Q: Can you explain the situation with the vaccine? Are you sure it was a bad reaction to the vaccine? Your communication was a little vague. We didn’t know if it was a vaccine, but your last season was ruined by something that isn’t clear.

Ugo Humbert: “It is very difficult to explain. I am definitely not a doctor. I tried all the possibilities and we found nothing. It was madness. Doctors say there may be a link to the vaccine, but it is useless to look for it, because we still do not know enough about the vaccine.. But ten days after retiring in Toronto, of course, I played a lot, but 45 minutes or an hour later I don’t remember exactly where I was all over. This is why training at the end of the season was so difficult for me. An hour later I was exhausted. I had to stop for three weeks. I got covid again when I was in Australia. I don’t think my body has recovered enough

Benjamin Bonji

Q: Can you talk about the losing game against Evans?

Benjamin Bonji: It was complicated. I have to get used to my condition and play physically. It doesn’t give you any rhythm. With his backhand he forces you to play very little. He keeps you off-guard, so his game is hard to read. So the start of the match was difficult. I wasn’t controlling the situation in terms of the situation, but in the second set I was able to be more physically present. It’s a shame we didn’t make it to the third set

D: Maybe the earth is a good surface for you. You played a good match against Khachanov last year, but you don’t have much experience in the conditions of this game. Do you like this page?

Benjamin Banji: “I like But the transition from concrete to clay is a bit difficult. I’ve been on the surface quickly from last year without any interruptions until before Monte Carlo, so I need some time. The game is a little different on the ground and I’ll work on it

Q: Here is your first Masters 1000. You had to wait before you knew if you could go in. Did it bother you or did you not think about it?

Benjamin Banji: “No, it didn’t bother me, But I would have preferred to qualify immediately. I knew yesterday morning that I was going to enter the tournament and the match today, so I had time to adjust. This is my first big clay tournament. I should have played better in the qualifying round. But I am learning, and next time I will definitely be more prepared

Complete draw of Monte Carlo

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