Angelo Binaghi: “Now let’s lose France and prove ourselves great”

Alghero He has led the Italian Tennis Federation for 21 years. Angelo Binaghi, an engineer from Cagliari, is leaving for Monte Carlo. The tournament will be followed by a match between Italy and France scheduled for Friday and Saturday at Tc Alghero Fast. The President is a straightforward, straightforward person, he says what he thinks without shield, always defending his ideas in a constructive way. A man who is devoted and dedicated to sports. He also confirmed this in the chat, where he talks about Neil’s next challenge, the health status of tennis in Italy and the silence in a decisive way, rumors that he wants to be a successor candidate. In the presidency of Malago Connie. Clearly cancels out what could happen.

President, how and who came up with the idea of ​​bringing the Jin King Cup to Alghero?

“Anyone who knows me knows that I always tell the truth. The event had to go to Bari because it won the tender. During the inspection conducted by our director Palmiri, criticism arose about the size of the field. Unresolved issues. All the proposed Fed Cup matches have always been organized in a great way. I phoned the president of the Foys Tennis Club, I asked him about his desire to host the event. He did not immediately say yes, he jumped for joy. I had no doubt that Will go. “

Did you choose Tatiana Garbin as the captain of the women’s national team because she was in the ranks?

“Working in the ranks is always good because humility is fundamental in the sport, it helps to improve. As a sports manager, I have done it.

What will be the Easter Eve challenge against the French?

“Very tough, balanced. Italy-France is a classic of the world sport, there is always a great rivalry. There is a lot of waiting.”

Favorite of your opponents?

“Yes, but ranking is relatively important in a team match. The calendars are full of inverted prophecies. Of course we hope it will go the same way on this occasion.

What is the health status of Italian tennis?

“She is OK. One of the positive factors was a coincidence that is difficult to replicate. The men’s achievement has brought us to the forefront of tournaments around the world. The woman has regained her height. Managing important global events removes turnover levels. After football, our federation is the best balance sheet. We have come out stronger with more than 100,000 members. And then there’s the paddle, which has become a social phenomenon. Fields are being born everywhere and the circuit is being filled with growing events.

How are you in Sardinia?

“Last year, two ATP tournaments were held here, which was unthinkable until a few years ago. Increased numbers are present in this area. The difference from the past is that both Cagliari and the rest of the island have high-level technical solutions. After decades of complete disaster, we have schools, technologists, and programs with perspectives. The path that has been marked is the correct one.

You’ve been president of Fit since 2001, did you get the same motivation to start this adventure?

“If we look at this 21-year index, there is a steady increase. It does not give us time to stop and think, it puts us in front of the new motives by which we are overwhelmed. Suppose our brain is always working. We invest in economic resources with a view to the future, stepping into our sport which is making great progress.

Whispers: Is there any truth in Connie’s next candidacy for president when Giovanni Malago leaves?

“Right now I want to be clear: these are rumors that have no basis. I have no intention of doing this.”

Apart from tennis, which sport do you enjoy the most?

“My passion is skiing but I have less and less time to practice it and I’m a little sorry. I really like to watch rugby on television, I’m excited even though I don’t understand all the rules. It’s a fun game that catches you instantly.”

Do you have a world champion that you especially admire?

“Rafael Nadal. I have had the privilege of seeing so many aspects from behind the scenes. Those who are arrogant, who claim what they deserve and do not weigh their names and notoriety. Never Nadal, the Spaniard is a quiet, humble, respectful boy and never asks for privileges. An example of pitch on and off. A model for the youngest to follow.

Coming back to the match against France, what could make the difference?

“The shape of Camilla Giorgio. On that surface she has a way of losing to anyone in the world. At the moment I don’t know if she is in the top spot.

Captain Garbin said the public push could be decisive, do you agree?

“People do not win or lose. I always thought so. However, I acknowledge that young people like us can be carried away with joy. I hope the grandstand is completed in two days.

Is there an answer on ticket pre-sale?

“There’s a lot of interest, we’re realizing it. The symptoms are positive. On the other hand, Sardinia has always responded with enthusiasm when we’ve brought tennis to a higher level here. The examples speak for themselves.”

Is the prediction made of tennis?

“After football, we play the game where the most bets are made.”

Well, then what do you have for Italy-France?

“I can’t do that. I’m the number one fan of our national team and not just for my role. I will say: Come to Italy.

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